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LFR 16 October Number 670

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events
1603 - Baptism: Ann LAWES-53700, London MDX (St Martins in the Fields)
1693 - Baptism: Alice LAWS-34232, Mildenhall SFK UK
1694 - Marriage: Matthew MIDDLETON-8658 and Elizabeth LAWSE-7866, High Halden KEN                  UK
1808 - Christen: John Robert LAWES-48365, Stepney MDX UK

                                                         St Dunstan's Stepney MDX UK

1810 - Baptism: William LAWS (Silk & Cotton Weaver) -30470, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1815 - Marriage: James OVENS-42174 and Ann LAWES-42173, Coombe Bissett WIL UK

                                                   Coombe Bissett WIL UK

1845 - Marriage: Edwin George LAWES (Carpenter) -3884 and Sabina (Lately widow SIMMS)                  SARGEANT-3887, Parkstone DOR UK
1847 - Marriage: Samuel LOVETT (Master Mariner) -7710 and Lucinda Ann LAWS-7632,
          Stepney MDX UK (My Great Grand Aunt & her Spouse)
1850 - Christen: George Robert LAWS (Grocer) -6232, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                   Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1853 - Marriage: Josiah LAWS (Ag Lab & Innkeeper) -33522 and Betsy HURRY-33526,                              Chatteris CAM UK

                                                      Chatteris CAM UK

1862 - Marriage: William LAWS (Farmer 1170 acres) -5627 and Jessie FROST-4756,
           Little Clacton ESS UK
1862 - Birth: Joan Virginia LAWS-40922, CA USA
1869 - Admon: William Dempster LAWS (MasterMariner 42987) -66152,
1887 - Marriage: James Milton LAWSS USAansas
1890 - Death: Fielding LAWS-56528, Lagrange, Bond, IL USA
1892 - Marriage: Ernest AYERS-28605 and Caroline Gowler LAWS-28604, Little Raveley HUN
1893 - Death: James Slade LAWES (Traveller Bath Pack Brew Manufacturer) -294,
           Battersea SRY UK
1905 - Birth: Alton Brooks LAWS-29696, Mendoza, Caldwell, TX USA
1909 - Marriage: Richard Issac DRURY (Farmer) -48582 and Nellie Edith LAWS-9268,
           Beeston NFK UK
1910 - Birth: Madeline LAWS-50983, Horsham SSX UK
1913 - Birth: Ivy Winifred LAWS (Bookeeper) -48197, Camden Town MDX UK
1914 - Birth: Eileen LAWS-55282,
1914 - Death: Paulina Frances LAWS-45958, Sulpher Bluff Community, Hopkins Co TX USA
1914 - Enlistment: John James LAWS (ARMY Private 3052 for 38 days) -36347,
           Long Sutton LIN UK
1916 - Enlistment: Thomas Wake LAWS (ARMY L/Cpl 58761) -111706, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL            UK

                                              Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1916 - Residence: Harry James LAWS (Architect) -8028, Stamford Hill MDX UK
1916 - Miscellaneous: Edward George LAWS (Postman 1st Class) -7451,
1918 - Miscellaneous: John Bell LAWS (Boots Steward on Ship "Scotian") -8463,
1925 - Admon: William Edwin Ralph LAWES (Boat Builder) -2452,
1932 - Death: Mansfield Gibson LAWS (Farmers Son) -6195, Ladner, New Westminster BC                        CANADA
1937 - Marriage: Moses LAWS-124656 and Sophia MILES-124657, Thatcham BRK UK
1940 - Birth: Susan Mary LAWS (LFR 04009) -29095,
1942 - Death: William Franklin LAWS-52864,
1946 - Death: Charles E LAWS-37911,
1947 - Birth: William LAWS-55712, Denver TX United States
1952 - Birth: Barbara Katherine LAWS-40334, TX USA
1955 - Death: Frank Charles LAWS-30068, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1956 - Birth: Glenn Raymond LAWS-40385, TX USA
1957 - Birth: Robert Edgar (Jnr) LAWS-40397, TX USA
1964 - Marriage: V U LAWS-114910 and Linda Carol BARNETT-114911, Clark NV USA
1970 - Birth: Richard Franklin LAWS-43328, Statesville, Iredell County NC USA
1975 - Birth: Lisa Renee LAWS-40599, Harris Co TX USA
1980 - Death: Vera Constance Morgan LAWS-88481,
1992 - Birth: Logan Douglas LAWS-120696, Travis Co TX USA
1997 - Burial: Dallas LAWS (MSgt US Air Force)-95615, Quantico National Cemetery, Triangle VA
1998 - Burial: Richard Harrison LAWS (Sgt US Army) -38068, Williamette National Cemetery,                    Portland OR USA

1835 - Burial: John CHARTERS-7088,
1837 - Baptism: Sarah Ann FREEMAN-54850, Birmingham WAR UK
1856 - Birth: Florence Adelaide PRYOR-2793, Swindon WIL UK
1882 - Birth: John Charles TWEDDLE-3551, Baulkamaugh
1893 - Birth: Daisey Annie GRAY-1230, Tunstall SFK UK
1897 - Birth: Arthur TRUDGETT (Carton Maker) -118416, London S
1916 - Will  Proved: Olive PEARCE-4444, 
1923 - Birth: Kenneth Gordon DAVIES (Proffessor of History) -15617, Birmingham WAR UK
1925 - Miscellaneous: Florence Adelaide PRYOR-2793,
1932 - Death: Sarah Ann HOWARD-47855, Auburn NSW1923 - Birth: Kenneth                                            Gordon DAVIES (Proffessor of History) -15617, Birmingham WAR UK
1925 - Miscellaneous: Florence Adelaide PRYOR-2793,
1932 - Death: Sarah Ann HOWARD-47855, Auburn NSW AUSTRALIA

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