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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events
1603 - Marriage: Henricus LAWSE-7025 and Elizabeth MYLLER-7026, Weeting NFK (St Mary)

                                           Weeting Church from the Castle NFK UK#

1611 - Marriage: Richard DERRYE-1365 and Agnes LAWES-1366, Plymouth DEV UK

                                     Plymouth Hoe DEV UK ( Where Drake played Bowls)

1616 - Marriage: Thomas WAKE-1467 and Amy LAWES-1468, Lammas with Lt.Harbois NFK UK

                                                             Lammas NFK UK

1689 - Christen: Elizabeth LAWS-7329, Swanton Morley NFK UK

                                                 Swanton Morley NFK UK

1762 - Baptism: Jane LAWES-46876, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK

                                                             Bishopstone WIL UK

1779 - Birth: Charlotte LAWS-29575, Fauquier VA United States
1800 - Marriage: John LAWS-7334 and Fanny BOOKHAM-7335, Dartford KEN UK
1811 - Marriage: Joseph LAWS-52154 and Ann DAWSON-52155, Newburn on Tyne NBL UK
1828 - Death: James Townsend LAWES (Reverend BA) -2062, Easton WIL UK
1831 - Marriage: Edward RUSHTON-33523 and Hannah LAWS-91378, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                             Chatteris CAM UK

1842 - Marriage: Anthony SAUNDERS (Farmer) -121467 and Mary LAWES (Spinster) -121468,                Eggesford DEV UK
1856 - Death: Charles Henry LAWES (Cabin Passenger) -118328, Ship "Orivell"
1872 - Birth: Kate LAWES-33137, HAM UK
1878 - Marriage: William GODBED (Gardener) -50852 and Emma LAWS (Servant unemployed)              - 35895, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                  Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1879 - Marriage: Edgar WHITTON (Tailor & Shopkeeper) -47208 and Mary Ann LAWS-47207,                Hoxne SFK UK
1882 - Marriage: William LAWS (Ag Lab) -28603 and Emma GOWLER (Servant) -28602,                          Chatteris CAM UK

                                                               Chatteris CAM UK

1882 - Death: Dorothy LAWS-116909, Durham DUR UK

                                    Durham, Castle Cathedral & River Weaver DUR UK

1883 - Marriage: George John LAWES (Groom & Dairyman) -43239 and Maria Rose                                    CARPENTER-43240, Homington WIL (St Michaels) UK
1884 - Birth: Mary LAWES-45400, C6 Lot 9 Brooke Twp., Lambton County, Ontario
1887 - Marriage: Charles LAWS (Horseman on Farm) -36764 and Alice SEXBY-36765,
           Cratfield SFK UK
1889 - Birth: Lucious Cubye LAWS-42269, Franklin Co KS United States
1894 - Birth: Courtland Lorenzo LAWS-167479, Malhide Tnsp, Elgin ONT CANADA
1901 - Marriage: Granville Carey LAWS (Farmer on own account) -168010 and Louise                                  WILLIAMSON-168011, Matthew VA United States
1901 - Baptism: Charlotte Mary LAWS-116106, Deptford KEN UK
1901 - Marriage: John Arundel Stead LAWES (Engineers Labourer) -54118 and Jane Heywood                    SADLER-54119, Hunslet WRY UK
1906 - Admon: Robert LAWES-2598,
1911 - Death: Thomas Roger LAWS (Ag Lab) -4596, Samford (RD) SFK
1912 - Birth: Arthur Edward J LAWS-58690,
1921 - Death: Edward Thornton Hill LAWES (Barrister) -2455, Bath SOM UK

                                                            The Cresent, Bath SOM UK

1922 - Death: Isabella Catherine LAWS-55045, Dulwich SRY UK
1922 - Admon: James Albert LAWS (ARMY Private 871424) -6866,
1924 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869,
1925 - Death: Arthur Herbert LAWS (Postal worker) -4718, Goodmayes ESS UK
1927 - Birth: Ronald Kelvin MCLAWS-122584, Katoomba, NSW Australia
1929 - Birth: Eileen Hetty LAWS-120159,
1937 - Death: Henry William Frederick LAWS-122900, Aberdeen, Cape Province, South Africa
1940 - Death: John David LAWS (Civilian War Dead) -45105, Lambeth SRY UK
1941 - Birth: Christine LAWS-54011, Perry Vale MDX UK
1941 - Miscellaneous: Eric John LAWS (Art Director Nottingham Castle) -9308,
1946 - Birth: Joyce Ann LAWS-43287, McDowell County NC United States
1951 - Residence: John Henry LAWS-122865, Hellesdon NFK UK
1951 - Death: John Henry LAWS-122865, Norwich NFK UK

                                               Elm Hill, Norwich NFK UK

1952 - Birth: Helen Marie LAWS-40333, TX UK
1954 - Burial: George Washington LAWS (Tyre Clerk) -124008, Williamette National Cemetery,                  Portland OR United States
1964 - Birth: Daniel Spencer LAWS-40465, TX USA
1965 - Miscellaneous: Leslie Clifton LAWS-124153,
1965 - Estate to: Walter Clifton LAWS (Railway Ticket Collector) -5847,
1965 - Birth: Tangela Heen LAWS-42460,
1970 - Death: Earl Grant LAWS-31730, Ceres, Stanislaus CA USA
1971 - Birth: Robert Jason LAWS-40544, TX USA
1972 - Birth: Andrew Robert LAWS (Company Director) -46336,
1973 - Death: Mattie LAWS-41239,
1989 - Birth: Roshun Jaray LAWS-40812, TX USA
1990 - Birth: Joshua Comp LAWS-40826, TX USA
2008 - Burial: Thomas William LAWS-115193, Biddulph STS UK

1874 - Death: James MURRELL (Silk Manufacturer) -51831, Walthamstow ESS UK
1874 - Death: Joshua RUMBLE-33631, Bowral, NSW AUSTRALIA
1882 - Death: Lewis MATHIAS (Gentleman JP & DL) -18591, 
1893 - Birth: Mary Ellen COLLINS-118832, Toongabbie NSW AUSTRALIA
1907 - Death: Samuel Brewster WOODHULL-123497, Long Island NY United States
1921 - Birth: Edward SAUZER-45456, 
1941 - Admon: Mary Ann JOHNSON (Schoolmistress) -38963, 
1946 - Death: Charlotte Emily ENGLAND-26357, Waikaraka, Auckland NZ

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