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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events
1668 - Marriage: Thomas LAWES-1109 and Mary Abley ABBOTT-1110, West Acre NFK UK
           (All Saints)
1690 - Marriage: John HARENDEN-4892 and Mary LAWSE-4891, High Halden KEN UK
1795 - Marriage: Issac BOAR-41981 and Susannah LAWS-41980, Lopham NFK UK
1821 - Baptism: Arthur LAWS-119928, Ipswich SFK UK

                                       Old Houses in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK UK

1826 - Death: Edward LAWS-5797, Feltwell NFK UK

                                                         St Nicholas, Feltwell NFK UK

1832 - Marriage: Crispen FOWLEY-48249 and Mary LAWS-48250, Hilgay NFK UK
1838 - Marriage: Henry LAWS (Farmer 230 acres employing 10 men )-5629 and Mary Ann                          WILSON (Farmer 400 acres 10 men 4 boys) -5636, St Ossyth ESS UK
1854 - Marriage: Charles Lewis ROPER-56535 and Margert Elizabeth LAWS-56534, Greenville,                Bond Co IL United States
1855 - Marriage: David Barnabas LAWS (Jappanner) -107658 and Ann DEVERAUX-167389,                    Wolverhampton STS UK
1855 - Will: Ralph LAWS (Farmer 13 acres)-18883, Pond Lane, Clapton MDX UK
1858 - Marriage: John James LAWS (Labourer) -6991 and Rhoda MICKLEBOROUGH-6992,                    Litcham NFK UK

                                                            Litcham NFK UK

1859 - Marriage: William PICKETT-45177 and Honor LAWES (Ag Lab) -33422, Hilgay NFK UK
1860 - Marriage: Charles JOHNSON-8623 and Hannah Maria LAWS-7816, Alverstoke HAM UK
1861 - Marriage: William LAWS (Ag Lab) -14834 and Mary BURGESS-41061, Macquarie Plaines              NSW AUSTRALIA
1863 - Marriage: William LAWS (Labourer & Excavator) -54032 and Elizabeth Wilson                                GREASLEY-54956,

1866 - Marriage: William LAWS (Cathedral Timekeeper) -3187 and Ann ROBERTS-7123,                          Chatteris CAM UK

                                                            Chatteris CAM UK

1876 - Birth: Gertrude Francis LAWS-5056, Peckham SRY UK
1878 - Death: John LAWS (Manager of Cement Works) -7787, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                     Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK

1879 - Marriage: Samuel James LAWS (Farmer)-48223 and Mary Elizabeth HARNER-119547,
1883 - Burial: Emma Elizabeth LAWS (Kitchen maid) -3669, Horstead NFK UK
1884 - Burial: George LAWS-119604, Poole DOR UK
1889 - Birth: Mark William LAWS-49197, Green Mountain, Yancey Co, NC United States
1893 - Birth: Constance Caroline LAWS-122030,
1896 - Birth: Sidney LAWS (RN F5468)-47650, East Ham ESS UK
1898 - Death: William Samuel LAWS (Bookseller's Shopman) -35539, Kensington MDX UK
1900 - Marriage: William Henry ARMOUR-33898 and Anna G Mead LAWS-33894, Bungay SFK              UK

                                                         Bungay SFK UK

1900 - Enlistment: Bertram LAWS (ARMY 5895) -50215, Croydon SRY UK
1906 - Death: Peter Maitland LAWS (Photographer) -66018, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
1907 - Birth: Emily LAWES-118738,
1910 - Marriage: Ernest Stephen PHYTHIAN (Gunner RFA) -121519 and Emily LAWS-121518,                Plumstead KEN UK
1912 - Admon: Robert LAWS-7781,
1912 - Miscellaneous: Ephraim LAWS (Miner)-7763,
1914 - Death: John LAWS (ARMY  L/ 10176 Private) -5494, FRANCE, 4th Btn Royal fusiliers
1922 - Birth: Jessie May LAWES-58737, Witney OXF UK
1933 - Death: William M LAWS-45966, Mt Vernon, Franklin Co TX United States
1933 - Death: Robert Graham LAWS (Acting Resident Railroad Engineer) -38536, Glendale,                        Los Angles CA USA
1934 - Birth: Tobie LAWS-34080, IL United States
1937 - Birth: Leslie Keith LAWES-124059, Montreal, Quebec CANADA
1940 - Birth: Benny Lee LAWS-119181, TN USA
1946 - Birth: Alan Leslie LAWS (Company Director)-46318, Lincoln LIN UK
1958 - Birth: Cynthia Ann LAWS-98023, TX UK
1960 - Burial: Granville Carey LAWS (Farmer on own account) -168010, Locust Hill, Middlesex,                VA, United States
1963 - Death: Garnett LAWS (Cpl US Army) -37957,
1964 - Death: Edward LAWS (Boot Repairer retired) -49563,
1966 - Birth: Carla Yvette LAWS-38205, TX USA
1968 - Death: Maud C LAWS-56627, Palmersville, Weakley Co., TN USA
1970 - Death: Eva Irene LAWS (deaf) -41203,
1976 - Burial: Scott L LAWS (PFC US ARMY) -38082, Williamette National Cemetery, Portland                OR USA
1983 - Death: Norah Irene LAWS-122327, Norwich NFK  but burial at Hoxne SFK UK
1997 - Probate: Wilfred Henry Bernard LAWS-120174, Ipswich SFK UK
2001 - Death: Michael Stuart Eldon LAWS-7180, Bracebridge ONT Canada
2003 - Burial: Robert M LAWS-32087, St. Dennis Cemetery in Galena MD USA

1793 - Birth: William Frederick CLEGG (Watchmaker) -44034, Manchester LAN UK
1864 - Death: Jane HODGSON-51025, Egton NRY UK

                                                               Egton NRY UK

1864 - Birth: Maria Rose CARPENTER-43240, Wilton WIL UK
1874 - Burial: Joshua RUMBLE-33631, Bowral, NSW AUSTRALIA (Burradoo Wesleyan                            Cemetery)
1898 - Burial: Lucy Jane DAVIS-56922, Springhill Cemetery
1925 - Birth: Beverley Ann RISHER-168038, Detroit, Wayne Co MI United States
1943 - Marriage: Presley Arthur DUVALL-54826 and Marie BLACK-39359, Salt Lake City UT                  United States
1954 - Death: Charles WILSON-3552,
1957 - Death: Melissa Scott CAMPBELL-167698, North Platte NE USA

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