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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 


If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered,

Come and join us, theres no better time than now.

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We reach out to all, regardless of race, colour, creed or national origin with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1724 - Marriage: Edward LAWES-1672 and Mary JEX-1673, Stanhoe NFK, IGI AUG 78
1743 - Baptism: Alice LAWES-46843, Bower Chalke WIL UK

                                                      Bower Chalke WIL UK

1768 - Marriage: Christopher LAWS-34418 and Jane HOLLAND-34422, Padiham LAN UK

                                                          Padiham LAN UK

1771 - Marriage: James LAWES-2098 and Eliz Ann WILLIAMS-2099, Portsea HAM UK

                           Nelson's Flagship HMS 'Victory' moored in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1776 - Marriage: John BROOKS-22261 and Martha LAWS-56800, Appledram SSX
1776 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWES-46881, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK

                                                              Bishopstone WIL UK

1782 - Baptism: Elam LAWS-3899, billerica, Middlesex Co. MA (First Congregational)
1793 - Marriage: Edward LAWES-30322 and Ann FOX-125466, Norwich NFK UK

                                                 St James Pockthorpe, Norwich NFK UK

1799 - Marriage: Jacob Wing LAWS (Ag Lab) -120517 and Anne NICHOLS-120518, Hilgay NFK

                                                                Hilgay NFK UK

1817 - Birth: Mary LAWS-3246, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                            Chatteris CAM UK

1833 - Christen: Joannes LAWS-7403, Isleworth MDX UK

                                    On the bank of the River Thames stands Iselworth MDX UK

1856 - Birth: Albertina LAWS (Cook & Spinster) -7206, Hainford NFK
1863 - Marriage: Henry LAWES-33128 and Elizabeth COOPER-33130, Whitchurch HAM UK

                                                           Whitchurch HAM UK

1864 - Marriage: James LAWS-7000 and Adelaide Victoria ATKINS-7001, St.Mary, Portsea HAM
1875 - Death: Jane Ann LAWS-43758,
1875 - Death: Jane Ann LAWS-4977, Willington DUR UK
1877 - Marriage: John William Middleton LAWS (Ag Lab)-6881 and Sarah Jane BARNES-6883,                Hilgay NFK UK
1885 - Birth: Arthur LAWS (Farmer) -3424, Kialla VIC AUSTRALIA
1890 - Birth: Benjamin Early LAWS-45332, Carroll Co MS United States
1892 - Birth: Frederick LAWS (ARMY Private 30228) -54425, Bournemouth HAM UK

                                                         Bournemouth HAM UK

1893 - Birth: Hilary Bowers LAWS-118639, Wilkes Co NC USA
1893 - Miscellaneous: Jane LAWS (Waitress) -4834,
1893 - Will  Proved: Glaister LAWS (Innkeeper) -4831,
1903 - Baptism: Elsie Mary LAWS-121923, Stepney MDX UK

                                              St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney MDX UK

1904 - Marriage: Harry John BENNETT (Head Gardener) -5853 and Kate Elizabeth LAWS (Ladies            Maid) -5852,
1906 - Burial: Mary LAWS-119599, Portland DOR UK
1906 - Miscellaneous: Arthur Frederick LAWS (Doctor) -45777,
1910 - Burial: Hugh LAWS (Farmer) -48168, Farmington MO USA
1913 - Birth: Edward John LAWS-119210, Nottingham NTT UK
1917 - Birth: Bert N LAWS (PFC US Army) -37901,
1918 - Death: Isaac LAWS (ARMY Private 51150) -45087,
1919 - Birth: Kenneth Jack LAWES (Australian Army) -32399, Jeparit VIC AUSTRALIA
1921 - Marriage: Archibald Centenial LAWS-35373 and Rose JUDD-35374, Petersham NSW                      AUSTRALIA
1938 - Occupation: Leonard Samuel  LAWS (Able Seaman)-168153, Immingham LIN UK
1943 - Death: John LAWS-49235,
1945 - Marriage: Douglas LAWES-167603 and Ruth Arline MOORE (Weaver) -117193, New                    Brunswick CANADA
1946 - Birth: Patricia Ann LAWS-123889, Moorsville NC United States
1948 - Birth: Geneva LAWS-45632, Monticello, San Juan, UT USA
1948 - Birth: Gregory LAWS-40259, Marion Co TX United States
1950 - Admon: Tom LAWS (Railway Platelayer) -119973,
1954 - Birth: David William LAWS-42794, Hammersmith MDX UK
1954 - Birth: Brian Thomas LAWS-42793, Hammersmith MDX UK
1956 - Birth: Wanda Paulette LAWS-97997, TX USA
1956 - Death: James Charles LAWS-49190,
1963 - Birth: Janice LAWS-55388,
1965 - Death: Ethel May LAWS-117813, Bega NSW AUSTRALIA
1982 - Death: Hugh Douglas Willoughby LAWS (Merchant Navy) -38660, Reading BRK UK
2001 - Marriage: Paul SUTTON (Staion Customer Assistant) -44189 and Clare Ann LAWS-44190,              Dagenham ESS UK
2008 - Death: Thomas William LAWS-115193,
2011 - Death: Cyril James LAWS-103997, Cowbridge GLA UK

1688 - Birth: Mary KITTSON-47283, Mildenhall SFK UK
1822 - Baptism: Eliza CLEGG-49724, Manchester LAN UK
1830 - Birth: Emma Selina T MURRAY-58754, Stinsford DOR UK
1850 - Baptism: Frederick HERRINGTON-42229, Bower Chalke WIL UK

                                                   All Saints, Bower Chalke WIL UK

1855 - Marriage: William MUMBERSON-53241 and Mary CHARTERS-53240, Crosthwaite CUL
1862 - Residence: Mary MATHIAS-3031, Binfield BRK UK
1879 - Enlistment: Edward Percival MOONEY (Policeman 63391) -48328, 
1889 - Burial: Albert JENNINGS-43516, Stanley WRY UK
1909 - Birth: Muriel M BARTLETT-30982, 
1927 - Birth: Michael Henry JOHNSON-51000, 
1948 - Birth: Stephen BLANCHARD-57211, Scunthorpe LIN UK
1951 - Death: Andrew O'NIELL-119749, Mullumbimby, NSW Australia
1956 - Death: Siddie Emma BRANDON-56185, Carroll Co TN United States
1965 - Death: James Herbert LOGAN-30986, Bournemouth HAM UK
1978 - Burial: George Close DACRE-46599, Stanley WRY UK
1985 - Death: Gail F CARTY-167983, Syracuse, Onondaga County NY USA
1997 - Death: Doris K Evelyn MURRAY-45185, Bromley MDX UK
2014 - Death: Lillian HANNAFORD-125155, Cumberland Beach ONT CANADA

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