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LFR 16 Sept Number 640

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today Sept 16
If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1730 - Burial: Edward LAWES-1619, St.Vedast Foster lane MDX, In Ye New Vault
1735 - Burial: John LAWES-2263, St.James Clerkenwell MDX
1743 - Burial: Thomas LAWS (Prisoner in Newgate) -8045, Christ Church, Newgate Street MDX
1796 - Death: Robert LAWS-116917,
1810 - Baptism: Edward LAWS-47418, Whickham DUR UK
1811 - Marriage: Thomas TRIGG-7581 and Sarah LAWS-8525, Guildford SRY UK
1828 - Baptism: Kezia LAWS-52216, Alkham KEN UK
1850 - Birth: William Hart LAWS-34171, Weeting with Bromhill NFK (St Mary & All Saints,                      Brandon)
1857 - Birth: Swinburn J LAWS-44100, Crown Point, Lake Co IN United States
1862 - Birth: James LAWS (RN 106317) -47658, Plumstead KEN UK
1865 - Birth: John LAWS-56923, Mercer Co KY United States
1865 - Death: Rebecca LAWS (Widow) -8433, Southwold SFK UK

                                                        Southwold SFK UK

1868 - Birth: Robert George LAWS (Stockbroker) -96272, Kensington MDX UK
1868 - Death: Frederick LAWES-49747,
1870 - Birth: Jessie LAWS-38443,
1882 - Birth: Maud C LAWS-56627, TN United States
1886 - Baptism: Annie Louise Mary Elizabeth LAWS-46007, Elham KEN UK
1891 - Marriage: Edwin BUMP-48508 and Cynthia LAWS-48507, Lake IN USA
1891 - Death: Sarah LAWS (Widow) -8889, Framlingham SFK UK

                                                  Framlingham Castle SFK UK

1894 - Birth: Wilfred LAWS-54771, Bedlington NBL UK
1894 - Birth: Isabella Dora Harrison LAWS-48784, Cowra QLD Australia
1897 - Admon: William LAWS (Gentleman) -9200,
1902 - Marriage: Lorenzo Jewell ROWLEY-118915 and Jennie Alfreda LAWS-34207,
           Chihuahua MEXICO
1907 - Birth: George Edward LAWS (Machinist)-48477,
1909 - Birth: Leslie Charles LAWS-117373, Chelsea MDX UK

                         The Royal Hospital (Home of the Chelsea Pensioners) Chelsea MDX UK

                                                               Chelsea Pensioners

1909 - Admon: Walter Saul LAWS (Cabinet Maker) -8449,
1910 - Admon: Charles Ernest LAWS-66110,
1910 - Miscellaneous: William Maitland LAWS (Grocer Provision Dealer)-35732,
1911 - Birth: & Death of Kenneth Osbern LAWS-48177, Mill Grove, Washington, Mercer Co MO
1913 - Marriage: William Henry LAWES (Railroad Surveyor & Miner)-48842 and Edith Jane                      SHANKS-48850, Rockhampton QLD AUSTRALIA
1914 - Marriage: Charles LAWS (Farmer) -30819 and Lily SKEELS-30820, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                              Chatteris CAM UK

1916 - Death: Edward LAWS (ARMY Private 6068) -45055,
1916 - Death: Myrtle LAWS-41219,
1919 - Birth: Mildred LAWS-122255, IL United States
1919 - Death: Thomas LAWS-9184, Willington DUR UK
1921 - Birth: Olive Morwenna LAWES-122339,
1922 - Death: Sydney Hay LAWS-124862,
1923 - Miscellaneous: Annie LAWS (Spinster) -45775,
1926 - Marriage: Chester HOUK-45353 and Gladys Lela LAWS-45352,
           Princeton, Mercer Co MO USA
1933 - Death: Alice Annie LAWS (Widow) -17960, East Finchley MDX UK
1943 - Birth: Anthony John LAWS (Company Director) -46475,
1943 - Miscellaneous: Benjamin John LAWS (Australian Army) -32309,
1950 - Marriage: Leslie Edward LAWS-43858 and Betty JONASSEN-43928,
1950 - Death: Norman Alford LAWS-41025, San Mateo CA United States
1950 - Death: Lewis Greer LAWS-41022, Los Angeles CA United States
1960 - Residence: Matthew LAWS-123236, Blyth NBL UK
1960 - Death: Matthew LAWS-123236, Ashington NBL UK
1963 - Burial: Annie Grace LAWS-30903, Fawkner Crem & Memorial Park, VIC AUSTRALIA
1965 - Birth: Jane Sarah LAWS-46920, Queanbeyan NSW AUSTRALIA
1966 - Death: Milton R LAWS (Navy Veteran) -37728,
1972 - Marriage: Peter GLEESON-56072 and Majella Anne LAWS-55744, Sale VIC AUSTRALIA
1972 - Marriage: Douglas RUSTELL-55570 and Janet LAWES-55569,
1974 - Birth: Kylie Gay LAWS-3474,
1975 - Birth: Tara Elizabeth LAWS-123975, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1976 - Birth: Steven Ralph LAWS-38162, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1978 - Marriage: William H N LAWS-38748 and Sandra DENNY-38749, Bexhill on Sea SSX
1978 - Residence: Wilfred LAWS-38747, Llandrindod Wells RAD UK
1988 - Death: Leonard Owen Maxwell LAWS-35304, Dubbo NSW Australia
1991 - Death: Robert Franklin (Advertising agency executive) LAWS-39386, Los Angeles CA United States
1992 - Death: Elwood Wayne LAWS-45629, Price UT
1993 - Death: Wilfred Athey LAWS-119029, Hexham NBL
1993 - Death: Wilfred Athey LAWS-119029, Hexham NBL
1996 - Probate: Winifred LAWS-125116, LONDON
1997 - Death: Barbara Ann LAWS-31820, Forster, NSW AUSTRALIA
2000 - Marriage: Granville James (Archaeologist) LAWS-42837 and Marion SIMMONS-42838, Cumnor OXF
2006 - Marriage: Christian FORTEY-52042 and Hannah Francis (Dental Nurse) LAWES-52041, Thornbury HER/WOR (St Peters)

1874 - Birth: Gertrude Mary RAPIER-31994, Leichhardt, NSW AUSTRALIA
1890 - Birth: Lily Mary GLENTWORTH-8613, South Bank NRY UK
1908 - Birth: Lyle Dennis BAILEY-118508, Dale, Douglas Co NE United States
1978 - Residence: Frederick DENNY-38750, Llandrindod Wells RAD UK

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