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LFR 05 Sep Number 629

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today Sept 5th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events 5 Sep
1685 - Marriage: Johannes HODGSON-27512 and Barbara LAWS-27511, Longbenton NBL UK
1689 - Marriage: Johannes SUMMERBELL-51457 and Dorethea LAWS-51458, Ponteland NBL

                                                      Ponteland NBL UK

1784 - Baptism: Sally LAWS-41254, Billerica, Middlesex Co. MA (First Congregational) USA
1786 - Baptism: Francis LAWS-41205, billerica, Middlesex Co. MA (First Congregational)
1829 - Marriage: William LAWS- (Chief Manager at Distillery) 28682 and Eliza BRIGNELL-                    28688, London MDX (St GHS)
1831 - Birth: Jemima LAWS-30594, Hevingham NFK UK

                                                             Hevingham NFK UK

1832 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS-34223, Hockwold cum Wilton NFK UK

                                                 Hockwold cum Wilton NFK UK

1854 - Death: William Henry LAWS-41261, Ripley IN USA
1862 - Death: John LAWS-7289,
1869 - Marriage: John COLLIER-7682 and Elizabeth LAWS-7683, Lambeth SRY UK
1871 - Birth: Hannah LAWS (Servant)-3331, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                            Chatteris CAM UK

1885 - Marriage: Joseph Samuel Arthur LANGHAM-30070 and Lillian LAWS-30064, Cowra QLD            Australia
1891 - Death: Sarah LAWS (Spinster) -3200, Edinburgh MLN UK
1894 - Birth: Anthony John Knight LAWS (Australian Army Private V4815) -32303, Rochdale LAN            UK
1894 - Birth: Alice Edith LAWS (Apprentice dressmaker) -3696, NFK
1896 - Marriage: James Henry  LAWS (Railway Clerk)-5504 and Lilly CHILDS-5505, Campden                Road  Islington MDX (Baptist chapel, Frederick St)

                                                                Islington MDX UK

1896 - Death: Abner LAWS-119986,
1902 - Birth: William Bryan LAWS-45948, Burkett, Coleman Co TX USA
1904 - Birth: Jessie Murray LAWS-6296, Backworth NBL UK
1906 - Birth: Ivy LAWS-118658,
1906 - Miscellaneous: Curtis Lee LAWS (President of a Newspaper) -45793,
1908 - Marriage: Stephen LAWS (Gardener) -57847 and Lucy Alethea BRITCHFORD-57848,                    Highgate MDX UK
1908 - Residence: Stephen LAWS (Gardener)-57847, Broadbents Yard, High Street, Highgate MDX
1914 - Marriage: Parker Garth LAWES-47892 and Una Lily Ann MARTIN-47893, Kingston SA                  Australia
1914 - Enlistment: George LAWS (ARMY L/Cpl 3545) -54427, St.Pauls Churchyard
1916 - Death: Ernest George LAWES (ARMY Private 234130) -44980,
1917 - Marriage: Ralph Wilson LAWS-29130 and Mabel Isabel TAYLOR-115014, Lewisham KEN           UK
1919 - Birth: Arthur George LAWS-116166, Penang MALAYA
1920 - Birth: Arthur George LAWS-119164,
1924 - Marriage: Clarence Lauback KIMBER-48476 and Wilma Elenora LAWS-48475,
1926 - Birth: Margaret May LAWS-120149,
1926 - Death: Sarah Margareta LAWS-48474,
1928 - Admon: John Milligan LAWS (Navy Officer) -3035,
1929 - Birth: Russell Walter LAWS (RAF J/T 4022553 RAF Hullavington) -50830, Somerleyton                  SFK UK
1930 - Admon: Hubert LAWES (Airman RFC) -2063,
1932 - Birth: Robert Alva LAWS-38184, Medford OR USA
1933 - Military: Frederick Charles Victor Killbronnau LAWS (Army Major/RAF Wg Cmdr OBE CB            CBE) -7905, Placed on retired list at own request
1936 - Marriage: Archibald Alfred LAWS-104681 and Elsie MOULE-104682, Wolverhampton STS            UK
1937 - Burial: James Milton LAWS (Farmer) -41184, Lebo, Coffey Kansas United States
1937 - Birth: James Edward LAWS-37601, Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia CANADA
1942 - Marriage: Arthur Benjamin CULLINGFORD-50971 and Ivy Doris May LAWS-50970,                    Harwich ESS UK
1943 - Death: George Henry LAWS-36882, Thornton Heath SRY UK
1944 - Death: Thomas LAWS-40945, Los Angeles CA United States
1947 - Birth: Josephine Eleanor Mary LAWS-37605,
1949 - Residence: John Frederick Albert LAWS (General Salesman) -54478, Peckham SRY UK &
           Died Camberwell SRY UK
1949 - Birth: Jerry Dee LAWS (US Army) -31889, Price UT USA
1951 - Marriage: John Dudley LAWES -59283 and Florence Roma CROMPTON-BROWN-505,                Southend-on-Sea ESS UK

                                        Southend on Sea Longest Pleasure pier in the World

1963 - Birth: Virginia Louise LAWS-40451, TX USA
1963 - Birth: Hugh Richardson LAWS-40450, TX USA
1966 - Death: William George LAWS-115423, Helston CON UK
1979 - Residence: Victor Sidney Lawrence LAWES (Retired Dairyman) -115991, Romsey HAM                  UK & death Southampton HAM
1997 - Burial: Le-Mon L LAWS (PV2 US Army)-38024, South Minneapolis MN United States
2002 - Death: George Jamieson LAWS-41426, AR (Newspaper - The Sun - Yuma)

1602 - Baptism: Leonard MATON (Reverend Vicar of Durrington WIL) -30956, Milston WIL UK
1773 - Baptism: Thomas CHARTERS-34582, Torpenhow CUL UK
1878 - Burial: Maria NEWELL-35520, South Acton MDX UK
1898 - Birth: John RICHARDSON-45319, 
1908 - Death: Edward George BRITCHFORD (Salesman) -57849,
1908 - Residence: Lucy Alethea BRITCHFORD-57848, The Eagles, West Hill, Highgate MDX
1928 - Burial: Hugh Walter DICKSON (Engraver) -3898, Williamsburg, Franklin Co, Kansas Mt.                Hope
1930 - Miscellaneous: Frances Maria MURSELL-2074, 

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