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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today Sept 11
If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1761 - Marriage: John LAWES-46872 and Ann SMITH-46875, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK

                                                          Bishopatone WIL UK

1773 - Marriage: Robert LAWES-1906 and Mary POOLEY-1907, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral,Norwich NFK UK

1812 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWES-53556, Tanfield DUR UK
1812 - Baptism: Robert LAWS (Coal Miner) -32676, South Shields DUR UK
1812 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-4250, Tanfield DUR UK
1847 - Marriage: Mary Ann LAWS-115388 and William WOOTTEN-115389,
           St Peter, Eaton Square MDX UK
1847 - Birth: George William LAWS (RN 48016) -47666, Buckland, Portsea HAM UK
1868 - Death: Emily LAWES (1 year 9 mths)-49746,
1873 - Birth: Mary Catherine LAWS-3414, Murchison VIC
1877 - Birth: George William LAWS-6234, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                          Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1878 - Birth: Charles Issac LAWS-52869, IL USA
1880 - Death: George LAWS (Beerhouse Keeper) -6519, Cliffe KEN UK
1883 - Birth: Lewis Edward LAWES (Warden Sing Sing Prison)) -2388, Elmion New York NY                    United States
1892 - Burial: Jane Elizabeth LAWS (Less than 1 yr old) -53487, Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
1892 - Birth: Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) LAWS-49200,
1908 - Birth: Mary LAWS-118575,
1909 - Birth: William James LAWS-54461, Borough SRY UK
1922 - Marriage: Walter Brunton AITKEN-124357 and Doris Edna LAWES-121912, Hersham SRY            UK
1922 - Birth: Margurite Gwendoline LAWS-118703,
1929 - Admon: Margaret Jane LAWS (Spinster) -7795,
1930 - Death: Charles Horace LAWS-3006, Westminster MDX and buried Hanwell MDX UK
1930 - Death: Henry Albert LAWES-2092, Beaulieu HAM
1945 - Admon: John William LAWS (Farmer) -116517,
1946 - Birth: Peter Robert LAWS-34696, Potters Bar MDX UK
           (My brother)
1948 - Birth: Christopher LAWS (Company Director) -46433,
1949 - Death: Mary Rose LAWS-41941,
1949 - Death: Wildia Margaret LAWS-41015, Ventura CA USA
1963 - Death: Ernest LAWS-49481, Darlington DUR UK
1963 - Birth: Corina LAWS-40452, TX USA
1966 - Death: Gladys Lela LAWS-45352, Princeton, Mercer Co MO USA
1967 - Burial: Gilbert Wilson LAWS-3179, Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
1969 - Marriage: John LAWS-43531 and Ann LYNN-43532, Ely CAM UK

                                                         The Cathedral, Ely CAM UK

1979 - Death: Harold Stanley LAWES-269, Mississauga ONT CANADA
1980 - Death: Albert Ernest LAWS-35280, Alexandria NSW AUSTRALIA
1983 - Death: Walter Garrard LAWS-117800, Begga
1985 - Death: Donald George LAWS-121963, Anglers Parradise Caravan Park
1986 - Marriage: Glen Lee LAWS-42105 and Edna SKIPPEN-42106, Glenfield, Sydney NSW                    Australia
1986 - Death: Margaret Eastmuir LAWS (RAAF 98506) -31856, Canberra NSW AUSTRALIA
1994 - Death: Dawanna LAWS-42247, Alabama USA
2000 - Death: Homer Huston LAWS-115390, Nashville TN USA
2006 - Death: Florence LAWS-46564, St. Francis Hospital, Greenville NC USA

1809 - Baptism: Mary Ann LOTHERINGTON-7645, Woolwich KEN UK
           (My Second Grear Grandmother)

                                             The Ferry, Woolwich Reach, River Thames

1853 - Birth: Ellen Louise MOONEY-58296, Islington MDX UK
           (My Great Grand Aunt)

                                                               Islington MDX UK

1870 - Birth: Alma B CHATBURN-45363, Harlan, Shelby Co, IA USA
1879 - Birth: Harry REED-2802,
1885 - Death: Polly SHOBERT-34121, Ridgefield, Clarke Co WA USA
1912 - Birth: Millie Viola STEELE-5600, West Chester PA USA
1920 - Birth: Dottie BLACK-34179, Monticello, San Juan UT USA
1926 - Birth: Richard Sperit MIDDLETON (Blacksmith in Mine) -112136, Shiremoor NBL UK
1932 - Death: Louisa BALKHAM (Widow of John Joseph Michael LAWES Master Mariner)                    -2422, Manor House, Dartmouth DEV UK
                                                       Dartmouth DEV UK

1934 - Birth: Audrey HAWKINS-43625, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK

                                                   Kingston upon Hull ERY UK

1943 - Death: Albert Charles TRUDGETT (Tram Conductor) -118412, London SW
1945 - Miscellaneous: Caroline WHITE-116518,
1946 - Death: Dorothy Keith ST.CLAIR HUGHES-124057,
1949 - Birth: Ian William Bernard MCLAREN-56060, Kensington MDX UK
2005 - Birth: Benjamin Samuel MARK-39949
           (My Grand Nephew)

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