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LFR 04 Sep Number 628

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today Sep 04

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Family Events 4 Sep
1640 - Christen: Elizabeth LAWES-1797, Benets Wharf MDX UK
1738 - Marriage: John LAWS-5709 and Janet CHESSING-5710, Weeting NFK UK (St Mary)
1748 - Christen: Ann  LAWS (base born dau)-8800, Stourton WIL UK
1785 - Marriage: Thomas POST-51516 and Anne LAWS-51517, Lympne KEN UK
1787 - Marriage: John CLARKE (widower) -45744 and Ann LAWS (Widow) -45745, Strumpshaw              NFK
1808 - Burial: Alexander LAWS-118350, South Shields DUR UK
1825 - Baptism: Harry James LAWES (Commercial Traveller) -264,
1856 - Death: John LAWES-117110, Montevideo URAGUAY
1869 - Marriage: George LAWS (Coachman Dom) -5129 and Catherine Jane MERRITT-5124,                    Shedfield HAM UK
1871 - Occupation: David C  LAWS (Master Mariner)-38477, Mauritius - Sydney
1880 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS (Fancy Draper) -8005,
1884 - Birth: Clifton F LAWS (PVT US Army) -37918,
1884 - Birth: Nellie Edith LAWS-9268, Weasenham All Saints NFK
1887 - Marriage: James Lawn LAWS (Waiter in City) -31593 and Alice BUTT-36383, St Pancras                MDX UK
1889 - Birth: William Frederick John Littleton LAWS (RN 233462 AB) -40109, Saltash CON UK
1899 - Birth: Frances LAWS-118758,
1900 - Burial: John Bennett LAWES-224, Harpenden HRT
1904 - Christen: James Arthur LAWS-167857, Carlow DBY UK
1904 - Death: Francis LAWES-31868, Michel BC CANADA
1906 - Death: Charlotte E LAWS-124876,
1906 - Marriage: Robert James LAWES-43593 and Beatrice Maud EWLES-43594, Norwich NFK              UK

                                                    Elm Hill, Norwich NFK UK

1906 - Will  Proved: Mary LAWS (Widow) -20849,
1910 - Marriage: Joseph WHITMORE (Motor Conducter) -125079 and Elizabeth Jane LAWS-                    125080, Pimlico MDX UK
1911 - Miscellaneous: Henry Parker LAWS (Engineer)-6851,
1912 - Burial: William H LAWS-168042, Erie, Erie Co PA United States
1917 - Death: A G LAWES (ARMY Private 41685)-44897,
1917 - Birth: Florence LAWES-37871,
1919 - Marriage: William Herbert James LAWES (Builder) -1229 and Daisey Annie GRAY-1230,              Eye Register Office SFK, Wetheringsett SFK, Stn View Brock
1920 - Marriage: James CUMMINGS-43109 and Mary Lizzie LAWS-43108,
1922 - Death: George Richard LAWES (Master Miller) -492, Vernon BC CANADA
1923 - Will  Proved: Charlotte Fanny LAWS (Widow)-9196, Kensington MDX UK
1926 - Birth: William Arthur LAWS (RAIC Corporal) -32380, Carlton, VIC Australia
1928 - Death: Henry LAWS (Chalk Quarry Labourer) -63598, Tilbury ESS (33 Sydney Road)
1930 - Death: Charles Watson LAWS (Fancy Draper) -3168, Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
1934 - Birth: Thomas W LAWS-56057,
1935 - Birth: John LAWS (Bricklayer) -3257, Ashington NBL UK
1938 - Marriage: Howard Leslie BARRATT-30987 and Janet Alma Scott LAWS (Shop asst)                       -30985, Walthamstow ESS UK
1940 - Miscellaneous: Albert Vincent LAWES (Bank Manager) -56411,
1940 - Miscellaneous: Ernest Harold LAWES (Furniture dealer)-56410,
1940 - Will  Proved: Harold William Allen LAWES (Landscape Artist) -56407,
1942 - Marriage: Elwood Wayne LAWS-45629 and Lola Jean KARTCHNER-54835, Salt Lake                  City UT United States
1945 - Residence: William Henry Bateman LAWES (Mech Eng Apprentice) -200,
           New Milton on Sea HAM UK died Milford HAM
1946 - Birth: Beverley Jean LAWS-123898, Moorsville NC United States
1949 - Birth: George Edward LAWS-33906,
1951 - Birth: Rollin Joseph LAWS-119050,
1960 - Burial: James Dee LAWS-45616, Huntingdon UT USA
1962 - Estate to: Thomas LAWES (Retired Omnibus Inspector)-124225,
1968 - Burial: John Thomas LAWS-167702, Minatare, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, United States
1970 - Burial: Ann LAWS-55741, Mere Knolls Cemetary, Sunderland (Fullwell) DUR
2000 - Death: Richard Bernard LAWES (Cost Accountant (retired) -35204, Galston, Terry Hills                    NSW (Glenorie) AUSTRALIA
2000 - Death: Lillian LAWS-31853, Campleltown NSW AUSTRALIA

1803 - Christen: Charlotte Lucy SEPPINGS-122565, Chatham KEN UK
1843 - Birth: Samantha HOPPER-34243, Ruswarp NRY UK
1899 - Will Proved: Sarah Laws FRASER (Spinster) -8843, Kensington MDX UK
1904 - Birth: Samuel Harry HAMMERSLEY-119471, Stoke on Trent STS UK
1908 - Burial: Jessie CLEGG-49740, Outwood WRY
1934 - Death: Mary Therasa FORESTER (Widow)-21311, Le Zoutle BELGIUM
1977 - Birth: Paul OSBORNE-53689, Rochford ESS
1977 - Birth: Alex HAYCOCK-46096, Stoke Manderville BKM
1980 - Birth: Isabelle Catherine HERON-48621,
1985 - Death: Martha Ann JOHNSON-118632, Lenoir NC
2003 - Death: Mary E VANMILLER-32082, The Laurels, Sandy Creek, Wayland MI USA

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