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LFR 15 Sept Number 639

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today Sept 15
If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1611 - Marriage: John FLOCKTON-1163 and Annis LAWES-1162, Lammas NOFK, IGIAUG78
1761 - Birth: Mary LAWES-822, Drayton NFK
1820 - Christen: William K LAWS-7601, Northfleet KEN UK
1831 - Marriage: Henry LAWS-5508 and Sarah GOLTRIP-5509,
1853 - Marriage: James A ALLEN-45322 and Margaret LAWS-45321,
1855 - Occupation: E LAWS (2nd Ships Steward) -51776,
1868 - Military: Mathias Robert Seppings LAWS (Army Officer) -8841,
1870 - Birth: Isabella LAWS (General Servant) -3795, Bedlington NBL UK
1881 - Birth: George Malcolm LAWS (Physician) -39255, Paulsboro NJ USA
1882 - Death: Henry O LAWS-34293,
1886 - Birth: Elizabeth Ann LAWS-45366, Sunderland DUR UK

                                                            Sunderland DUR UK

1889 - Birth: John William LAWES-122140,
1891 - Birth: Beatrice E LAWS-38421,
1905 - Miscellaneous: Curtis Lee LAWS (President of a Newspaper) -45793,
1906 - Birth: Alice LAWS-42415, Tama Co IA USA
1911 - Birth: Donald Edward LAWES-121884, Andover HAM UK
1913 - Death: James LAWS -6975, Higham KEN UK
1914 - Birth: William Frederick LAWES-122341,
1914 - Birth: Robert Franklin LAWS (Advertising agency executive) -39386,
           Oklahoma City OK USA
1916 - Death: Thomas LAWS- (ARMY Private 13952) 45139,
1916 - Death: Sydney Harold LAWS (ARMY Private 15658) -45134, Stradsett NFK UK

                                                    Stradsett NFK UK (St Marys)

1916 - Death: G LAWES (ARMY Private 16404) -44984,
1916 - Death: Stephen LAWS (Accountant's Clerk) -3204, FRANCE & FLANDERS
1926 - Emigration: Patricia Muriel J LAWS-120803,
1927 - Emigration: Hugh Douglas Willoughby LAWS (Merchant Navy) -38660, Liverpool LAN UK
1937 - Death: William LAWS-117359, The Middles, South Moor, Stanley DUR UK
1942 - Residence: Frank Leslie LAWS (Plasterer)-30908, 90 Rankins Road, Kensington, VIC
1949 - Birth: Joel Wilburn LAWS- (Jnr) 40290, Harrison Co TX USA
1953 - Will  Proved: Osmond LAWES (House Painter) -117445,
1959 - Birth: Jeffery Wayne LAWS-40414, TX USA
1962 - Marriage: Edward Raymond LAWS (Neurological surgery educator)-39245 and Margaret                  Patricia ANDERSON-39246,
1969 - Marriage: George R MARES-114923 and Judith Ann LAWS-114922, Las Vegas NV USA
1974 - Birth: Isela LAWS-40580, TX USA
1983 - Death: Vivian William LAWS (Sewing Mechanic) -35424, Hawea NZ
1990 - Birth: Matthew Harding Curtis LAWS-40825, TX USA
1990 - Death: Vaughn David LAWS (S1C US Navy) -38088,
1998 - Death: Russell Gary LAWS (DC3 US Navy) -38078, VIETNAM
2000 - Burial: Homer Huston LAWS-115390, Nashville TN USA
2002 - Death: Earl William LAWS-27697, Panther Drive, Connelly Springs, Hickory NC United                  States
2003 - Burial: Edward George LAWS (Turbine Engineer) -31963, Oak Hill Cemetery. Springfield IL

1812 - Birth: Henry ROGERS-117055, Bombay, INDIA
1854 - Birth: John James GARDINER-118855, West Hartlepool DUR UK

                                       HMS 'Trincomalee' in dock at West Hartlepool DUR UK

1905 - Birth: William John ADAMS-119452, Stoke on Trent STS UK
1920 - Birth: Brian Leslie PARISH-55414, 
1926 - Emigration: Edith Maud WILLIS nee' ALLEN-120799, 
1931 - Birth: John Martin BRANT-43459, Enfield MDX UK
1939 - Birth: John McLaws DENNISON-57169, Gifnock LNK UK
1953 - Miscellaneous: Agnes Beatrice DRAPER-117446,

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