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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today Sept 23rd
If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1588 - Marriage: Thomas BROTHER-1836 and Cycele LAWES-1837, Norwich NFK UK

                                                    St Peter, Mancroft Norwich NFK UK

1621 - Baptism: Ellinor LAWS-6832, Holbenton DEV UK
1747 - Marriage: Samuel LAWS-5012 and Margaret ALGERS-5013, Roydon by Diss NFK UK
1856 - Marriage: John Wesley LAWS-29786 and Susan Jane WILLIAMS-29787,
1856 - Birth: William John LAWS (RN 88527) -47612, Landport HAM UK
1866 - Occupation: Octavius LAWS (2nd Mate on ship "Racehorse") -51781,
1875 - Birth: Frederick William LAWES (RN 278717) -47695, Hornington WIL UK
1893 - Death: William LAWES (Gentleman) -1351, Quemerford, Calne WIL UK
1899 - Burial: Abbet Eli William LAWS (Infant 8 mths old)-119584, Newtown, Kinson DOR UK
1905 - Birth: Elizabeth Storey LAWS-47365, North Seaton Colliery NBL UK
1908 - Birth: George Henry LAWS-111693, South Shields DUR UK
1910 - Marriage: Frank James LAWES (Artist & Designer) -37010 and Florence Beatrice                              WIDDOWS-119887, Romford ESS UK
1913 - Death: Richard William LAWS (Clerk to Copper Mining Company) -4609, Brighton SSX UK

                                                             Brighton SSX UK

1916 - Marriage: Albert SPINK (Gardener)-1337 and Lily Maria LAWES-1338, Felthorpe NFK UK

                                                    Felthorpe St Margarets NFK UK

1922 - Marriage: William Gerald LAWES-6 and Rosa Annie Eleanor INGRAM-7, SRY Southfields
1922 - Birth: Cyril James LAWS-103997, Kensington MDX UK
1923 - Death: Gwendoline May LAWES-49758,
1924 - Birth: Charles Reuben LAWS (RAAF)-32316, Cobar, NSW Australia
1924 - Will  Proved: Charles Robert LAWS-8149,
1924 - Birth: Charles LAWS-3976,
1926 - Birth: Beryl Elizabeth LAWS (Company Director) -30892, Forest Hill KEN UK
1928 - Death: Joseph Parry LAWS (Analytical Chemist)-4846, Bayswater MDX UK
1933 - Marriage: Romie Marion LAWS-56622 and Mrs Mary DAVIDSON-56626, Weakley Co.,                  TN USA
1933 - Death: George Herbert LAWES (Ag Lab) -797, Fletchers, Coombe Bissett WIL UK

                                                          Coombe Bissett WIL UK

1934 - Birth: Eric N LAWS-118322, Surrey Mid Eastern UK
1934 - Birth: Charles Reuben LAWS (ARMY 432622) -117564, Cobar, NSW Australia
1936 - Death: William Wilson LAWS (Grocers Traveller) -8125, Somersham SFK UK
1938 - Birth: Ronald D LAWS (MSgt US Air Force)-38073,
1944 - Marriage: Harley ARMITSTEAD-30099 and Clare LAWS-30089, Toowoomba, Warwick                QLD AUSTRALIA
1946 - Birth: Bruce Frederick LAWS (Company Director)-46452, Ipswich SFK UK

                                                    St Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK UK

1950 - Death: Hilda Nellie LAWES (Sampler) -55417, Chiswick MDX
1950 - Death: Hilda Nellie (TWIN) LAWES-313, No relation to above
1953 - Birth: Robert Keith LAWS-43223, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1955 - Birth: Shiela LAWS-53071, Norwich NFK UK

                                                       The Cathedral Norwich NFK UK

1961 - Death: Leonard Gilbert LAWES-120999, Surbiton SRY UK but burial Kingston Upon Hull                ERY UK

                                                      Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK

1961 - Marriage: David DODDS-37583 and Francesca LAWS-37582, Middlesborough NRY UK
1962 - Death: Cuthbert F LAWS-116880, Sonoma CA USA
1972 - Death: George Cruse LAWS (Burser of Lincoln Coll OXF since 1953) -96281, Oxford OXF              UK
1972 - Birth: Clarise Michelle LAWS-40558, TX USA
1982 - Death: Walter Leslie LAWES (Baker) -47875, Penrith NSW AUSTRALIA
1985 - Death: Leonard George LAWS-120251, Northallerton NRY UK
1985 - Death: Katie Pearl LAWS-41230,
1994 - Death: Staci Michelle LAWS-42304, Fort Smith, Sebastian AR USA
1998 - Birth: Benjamin James William LAWES-53843, Slough BKM UK
2000 - Burial: Ivy Gloria LAWS (Cashier) -49568, Christchurch NZ
2004 - Birth: Logan Hope LAWS-124675, NC United States

1852 - Birth: Jemima Elvina PEARSON-115434, Henderson Co NC USA
1852 - Birth: Mary Penelope PEARSON-34215, Henderson Co NC USA
1878 - Birth: Harry Charles LAMPORT-53865, Hale, Farnham HAM
1900 - Birth: Alwyn Keith WARREN (Reverend) -49619, Wellington NZ
1905 - Death: Marian FORSYTH (Widow Independent means) -7876, Tynemouth NBL UK

                                                           Tynemouth NBL UK

1912 - Birth: Lavinia HUNTER-125008, 
1922 - Birth: Kathleen Annie WEIS-115410, 

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