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LFR Aug 7 Number *** 600 ***

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 

*** 600th EDITION***


A Child of the Twenties

A suburban childhood of the Twenties 

seen from the Ninteen Nineties

my late father
 John Robert Laws 1921-2008


The war had been over three years, the Kaiser's War that is. It was late afternoon on Christmas Eve and the sun had gone down for the day, the gaslight on and the fires lit, but of course I don't remember as I was the early Christmas present for my Mum.

When memory reaches back to it's furthest it is summer, there is a lot of summer in the early years, or so it seems. There are laburnams in flower in the garden and wooden toys with nodding heads, a swan and a rhino to be pulled along on wheels and always the sound of trains with smoke and steam.

Every morning just after ten there was the Flying Scotsman to watch go by and then there was shunting and banging all day and night that one slept soundly through, just as one now sleeps through the noise of the television. The smoke and soot annoyed my mum, but to an infant it was just an interesting smell which came and went, perhaps a little stronger when one climbed the railway fence to get a better veiw. A few missing palings made this easy even for the smallest child.

Over the fence was a narrow strip of unkempt grass often burnt in summer when a spark from a passing locomotive set it alight. at other times it was an unofficial path for railwaymen, children and burglars. The tracks lay about fifteen feet down from the grass, the land held up by a hefty retaining wall. Lots of tracks, maybe a dozen or so, with another track on a long bridge crossing them at an acute angle and takings trains from one side to the other without touching the fast line.

The land rose on the other side of the tracks, a steep tall grassy bank with a proper footpath along the top beyond the fence and even seats along the top. In the afternoon sunshine these would be occupied by mums and nannies with prams while the trains amused the vociferous offspring. It was not till later that I explored these distant parts, a sprawl of suburbia from the late nineteenth century broken here and there by parks and sports grounds.

We looked out that way one sunlit evening and saw the majestic airship the R101 floating gently south towards London, France and their appointment in Samarkand.

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Family Events from our database for today August 7th

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Family Events
1756 - Christen: James LAWES-58907, Knights Enham HAM UK
1764 - Marriage: Charles FINCH-8645 and Elizabeth LAWS-7860, Strood KEN UK
1805 - Christen: Elizabeth LAWS-4189, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                           Folkestone KEN UK

1820 - Marriage: Thomas DONISON-55738 and Catherine LAWS-55739, Gateshead DUR UK
1821 - Birth: Martin LAWS (Co I 15th Ill Cav) -42417,
1842 - Birth: Catherine Florentia LAWS-40146, Tynemouth NBL UK

                                                           Tynemouth NBL UK

1853 - Marriage: Edward SKINNER-124417 and Frances LAWS-124416, St Marylebone MDX UK
1855 - Occupation: Eager Rither LAWS (Apprentice Seaman)-51780,
1856 - Birth: Thomas LAWS-121257,
1862 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward) -51774,
1862 - Birth: William M LAWS-45966, Pike co IN USA
1862 - Birth: Madison J LAWS-45960, Pike co IN USA
1870 - Marriage: James Henry LAWS (Bricklayer) -3377 and Elizabeth Ann L BURVILLE-3378,                Folkestone KEN UK

                                                               Folkestone KEN UK

1872 - Birth: Wilford LAWS-40963,
1878 - Will Proved: Nelson LAWES Lace Cap Maker)-2970,
1911 - Marriage: Edwin LAWS (ARMY 48811) -54418 and Elizabeth WILLIAMS-54419,                          Darleston WRY UK
1912 - Birth: John LAWS-54474, South Shields DUR UK
1913 - Birth: Robert Woodford LAWS-33556, homesteaded land near Syracruse, Kansas USA
1915 - Birth: Thomas William LAWS (Carpenter) -53881, Wandsworth SRY UK
1916 - Birth: Howard Wilson LAWS-34476, Farmington, St.Francois Co. MO USA
1920 - Death: Claudius Francis Clement LAWES (Solictor) -848, Croydon SRY UK
1922 - Residence: Dorethy Muriel LAWES-56156, Aldershot HAM UK
1922 - Marriage: John Herbert George WARD (Assistant inspector of Taxes) -124358 and Dorethy              Muriel LAWES-56156, Aldershot HAM UK
1922 - Residence: Vera Alice Clare LAWES-54100, Aldershot HAM UK
1922 - Marriage: Walter Leonard TABOR (Fruit Importer) -124356 and Vera Alice Clare LAWES-              54100, Aldershot HAM UK
1930 - Death: Hubert LAWES (Airman RFC) -2063, Royal Air Force Hospital, Cranwell LIN
1931 - Death: John Wilkinson LAWES (Shipowner) -2444, Cleadon, Sunderland DUR UK

                                                      Sunderland DUR UK

1935 - Birth: Delma Lee LAWS (US Army) -31886,
1942 - Death: John William Folkes LAWS (Railway Engine Driver) -8972, Kings Lynn NFK UK

                                      The Port of Kings Lynn NBL UK on the river Great Ouse
1943 - Birth: Joe Augusta LAWS (Snr) -40161, Tarrant Co TX USA
1943 - Birth: Raymond Max LAWS-40156, Midland Co TX USA
1945 - Burial: John Barugh LAWS-53503, Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
1962 - Birth: Carol Ann LAWS-40441, TX USA
1964 - Miscellaneous: Jack LAWS (President North Norfolk Labour Party) -38708,
1965 - Marriage: Brian John LAWES-52165 and Shirley PAYMENT-52166,
1966 - Residence: William LAWES-123591, Birch ESS UK
1966 - Death: William LAWES-123591, Colchester ESS UK
1972 - Death: Allie Baxter LAWS-45338, Orofina, Clearwater Co Idaho USA
1974 - Birth: Vanessa Renee LAWS-40579, TX USA
1986 - Burial: Allen Ray  LAWS (PVT US Army)-37887, Willamette National Cemetery, Portland                OR USA
1989 - Death: Wanda LAWS-118507, Provo UT USA
1989 - Death: Amy G LAWS-38756, USA
1996 - Death: Madge JARROTT-30122, Drayton AUSTRALIA

1743 - Birth: Henry Lawes LUTTRELL (Earl Carhampton) -4907, Styled LORD CARHAMPTON,            ARMY CAREER
1852 - Birth: John  MOORE (Met Policeman)-5451, Calstock CON UK
1854 - Birth: Isabella DAVISON-6966, Kibblesworth DUR UK
1878 - Miscellaneous: Harriet CLARKE-2971,
1891 - Birth: Edith Alice SPOARD (Servant) -53316, Uxbridge MDX UK
1917 - Birth: Lucian BEDARD-167433,
1922 - Residence: Walter Leonard TABOR (Fruit Importer) -124356, Aldershot HAM UK
1934 - Birth: Jean Margaret Thompson DOWNIE-117802, Woonona NSW AUSTRALIA
1937 - Residence: Florence Emma FRANCIS-117320, Kingston on Thames SRY & 1937 -                            Death:  Knaphill, Woking SRY
1940 - Death: Edwin George WEBBER (House Furnisher's Manager) -57295, Belper DBY UK
1952 - Birth: Barbara CAMERON-43224,
1968 - Death: Valous Council BUSH-34234, Henderson TN USA

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