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LFR 15 Aug Number 608

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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A Child of the Twenties

A suburban childhood of the Twenties 

seen from the Ninteen Nineties

by John Robert Laws 1921-2008

Part 9.


Besides cars, the other result of the internal combustion engine was the increasing number of aircraft in the sky. With development forced ahead of WWI they had now become a practicable though expensive form of transport. Small air shows with two or three small aeroplanes would tour the summer holiday resorts seeking out a suitable field to set up their circus. They would offer a quick circuit of the town at five bob a go and give a little show of aerobatics. With a small charge for admission to the field they struggles on for a few years before going broke or in a very few cases managed to get an airline or charter business going.
As well as these little efforts, the RAF put up an annual show at Hendon which was very impressive at the time though very small beer by today’s standards. In my late schooldays I went there on my bike and found a hillside field overlooking the aerodrome where one could see it all for free. The highlight of the show was a low wing monoplane, probably a prototype Hurricane which came through a shallow dive at over three hundred miles an hour. There were still ten years to wait for the first jet engines.
Another lusty industry of my early years was the cinema. The silent screen with its overworked pianist trying to provide theme music was just beginning to give way to the ‘talkies’. Charlie Chaplin carried on without a word eating his boots in ‘The Gold rush’ but the soundtrack was with us and although it all continued to be black and white the musical was on its way and the cinema was moving into its few decades of boom years. One of the more treasured toys of my under ten years was a movie projector and its few cans of film. It had no motor and had to be cranked by hand, like the early movie cameras, but it was well made and worked well. The was no eight millimetre then and it used the full size 35mm so the films were short and ran perhaps five or ten minutes. I knew them all off by heart before long but this did not detract from the fascination of something that actually worked.   
Although the early thirties were just crawling out of depression there were more large houses being built than cheap semis. The extension to the Piccadilly Line of the Underground railway to Enfield West now called Oakwood, and then to Cockfosters which influenced our move to Southgate was an important event. Free tickets to try it out were given out to all households in the catchment area. A building project which interested me more was however was the new ice rink at Harringay. It was after we had moved to Southgate when I was able to get there, but Harry and I became regulars. Being already able to roller skate made it much easier to get going on ice though not without a few tumbles. At one of our first visits we were offered free admission to the evening ice hockey if we would take part in a farcical match with brooms and a football in the interval of the ice hockey. We accepted of course and I seem to remember it brought the house down. Next Monday a school I found that I had been observed was asked why I had been acting the clown.
Innovations in materials was less noticeable than other major changes but nonetheless on the way with enormous potential. Plywood soon replaced solid panels in all but the most expensive furniture. A brief reign of a few decades  before chipboard came, bring back the use of veneering which had existed a couple of hundred years earlier. In our old fashioned furniture the wood was solid and in our kitchen the knives were sharp, made before the new stainless steel became de rigour for cutlery. They had to be cleaned of course and the knife cleaner, a wooden machine with rotary brushes turned with a cast iron handle stood in the kitchen with its tin of abrasive powder nearby. There was no plastic except celluloid which was highly inflammable and used for little except toys, and ebonite which was used for a while in electrical goods. Even the plug tops for our new electric points were ceramic. Cooking pots and saucepans were iron, vitreous enamel or copper, aluminium on the way for a few years later and stainless steel way in the future. Plastic bags were a blessing yet to come. This means that few groceries were pre-packed, the grocer weighed out your biscuits from a large tin into a paper bag and the broken ones were sold off cheap.

To be continued tomorrow

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Family Events from our database for today August 15th

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Family Events
1633 - Marriage: Edward LAWES-1651 and Margaret GOOCH-1652, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1652 - Christen: Alyce LAWS-1205, North Walsham NFK UK

                                                       North Walsham NFK UK 
                             (Note the traffic-free street you'ld be ill-advised to stand there today) 

1773 - Marriage: James LAWS-31497 and Mary NICHOLLS-31496, Ealing MDX UK
1824 - Christen: William LAWS-3110, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                            Chatteris CAM UK

1841 - Marriage: Benjamin LAWS (Foundery Man)-35525 and Maria LINCOLN-35526, 
           Bungay SFK UK

                                                                     Bungay SFK UK

1854 - Death: William LAWS-118089, 
1857 - Baptism: Thomas LAWS (Ag Lab) -5420, Copdock SFK UK
1868 - Burial: William Arthur LAWS (6 months old) -51818, 
1871 - Birth: Albert Edward LAWES (Foreman Pastry Cook) -172, Ringwood HAM UK
1872 - Birth: Pantha Della LAWS-38495, 
1877 - Marriage: Thomas Howard JACKSON-34567 and Susan Ida LAWS-34566, 
           Paris, Fauquier Co, VA United States
1880 - Birth: Thomas Davison LAWS (Farmer) -6972, Hunwick DUR UK
1885 - Birth: Samuel LAWS-42457, 
1887 - Birth: William D LAWS (Ag Lab) -113656, Ospringe KEN UK
1892 - Baptism: Herbert George LAWES-123773, Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
1894 - Birth: Dorcas LAWS-122031, 
1902 - Birth: Eulion Earl LAWS-42275, 
1908 - Marriage: Charles John BUCK (Jeweller & Silversmiths Clerk) -115025 and Edith Florence                LAWS-115024, Westminster MDX UK
1918 - Birth: Hugh Douglas Willoughby LAWS (Merchant Navy)-38660, Reading BRK UK
1918 - Will Proved: Arthur James LAWS (Letter Sorter) -4716, 
1920 - Will  Proved: Agnes Agnew LAWS (Spinster / Independent) -7130, 
1924 - Death: Louisa LAWES (Widow) -2077, Plaistow ESS UK
1927 - Burial: G W LAWS-38382, Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK USA

                                                       Broken Arrow Tulsa OK USA

1933 - Death: Ernest Charles LAWS (Bill Brokers Clerk) -6086, Watford HRT UK
1944 - Miscellaneous: Edith Ellen LAWES (Spinster) -120568, 
1944 - Death: Thomas Jefferson LAWS-56459, 
1947 - Death: Doyle Richard LAWS-41509, Pierce, Clearwater, Idaho, United States
1953 - Birth: James Marshall LAWS-40347, TX USA
1955 - Marriage: Harry Vanden LAWS-121435 and Myra Gay BLANKENSHIP-121436, 
           Corinth MS USA
1960 - Marriage: John Cecil LAWS-37602 and Hilda Marie KENNEDY-37603, Liverpool, Queens              County, Nova Scotia CANADA
1962 - Miscellaneous: Frederick William Derwin LAWS (Retired Engineer) -94147, 
1964 - Residence: Grace Margaret DAVIDSON-39907, Victoria BC CANADA but died Swanage                DOR UK
1966 - Death: John Edward LAWES-123584, Borden HAM UK
1967 - Birth: Rosie Lee LAWS-40497, TX USA
1968 - Birth: James Kenneth LAWS-40508, TX USA
1970 - Marriage: Alvin A LAWS-114954 and Frances M HENDERSON-114955, Reno, Washoe Co            NV USA
1976 - Death: Earl L LAWS (Sgt US Army) -37933, 
1986 - Birth: Lydia Everlyn LAWES-48079, Harlow ESS (Princess Alexandra Hospital) UK
1988 - Death: Mildred LAWS-122255, Chicago IL United States
1990 - Death: Billy Ernest LAWS-34096, Shreveport, Caddo LO United States
1992 - Birth: Brandon Alan LAWS-40846, TX USA
2000 - Marriage: Randy LAWS-48631 and Lori  ???-48632, 
2003 - Death: Johnnie Seldon LAWS (PVT US Army) -38017, 

1830 - Baptism: George PENNY (Ag Lab) -20370, Broad Chalke WIL UK

                                                          Broad Chalke WIL UK

1839 - Christen: Ann (Widow) CLIFFORD-30165, Whitby NRY UK

                                                             Whitby NRY UK

1849 - Birth: Jerome Corelius FITZ (retired farmer) -31202, St Thomas, Franklin Co PA USA
1885 - Death: William WALTON-47110, Forster Pit, Horton Delaval NBL UK
1889 - Will  Proved: Mary MATHIAS-3031
1933 - Birth: Nancy Cecelia VAN DUREN-31029, New Holstein, WI USA
1939 - Miscellaneous: Mary Jane GOATER-37105,
1940 - Birth: Jacqueline LINES-53804, Birmingham WAR UK
1944 - Will  Proved: Jane MILLINGTON-119445, 
1954 - Death: Alice Maud Mary HARDING (Boarding House Keeper) -7708, Brixham DEV UK
           (My grandmothers sister)
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