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LFR 13 Aug Number 606

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 

A Child of the Twenties

A suburban childhood of the Twenties 

seen from the Ninteen Nineties

by  my late father

John Robert Laws 1921-2008

Part 7


The tradesmen were the people who are impressed on my memory. Delivery was order of the day despite shopping on an almost daily basis. The milkman had an open backed float with churns in it and would dip the milk out with a long handled measure into your jug. It was not long till he graduated to a horse and cart with four wheels and milk in glass bottles with cardboard tops but in very hot weather, despite two deliveries a day, you still had to boil the milk soon after delivery before it went off. 

My mother used to tell me that when she lived in Devon as a child they had their own cow and that after milking she would separate the cream which she loved and churn the butter. That was all gone for town dwellers of course, but in the grocers shop the butter would still be scooped up and patted into shape instead of arriving in oblong paper packets.

The grocer delivered as well and his man would arrive at the door step and jog the memory with a verbal list of commodities delivered in a rapid fire voice rather like a market auctioneer."Salt - Pepper - Vinegar-Mustard" he would fire away and then take up his list at the same point after he had been interrupted with an item. 

The baker's man pulled a two wheeled handcart with a rounded top and a leg at the back so that it didn't tip up when he let go. He would delve into this for the loaf you wanted, warm and crusty and certainly not wrapped or sliced! The postman was distinctive in his blue uniform with red piping and his odd little flat hat, almost a helmet. He did not bring a load of junk mail for the dustman to take away again, and what he delivered today had been posted yesterday except from foreign parts.

It is odd to have no memory of a butcher delivering at that time, perhaps my mother preferred to select our meat in the shop. There were certainly butchers boys to be seen on their delivery bicycles with a basket on the front, whistling their way around the streets. Later, in the thirties we had a butcher who would call early and then would come back with the meat in time for lunch. Going by the name of Sam Collins he was a big beefy fellow with a perpetual grin who was everybody’s friend.

There were street traders in the twenties as throughout the ages. A muffin man came along the street at weekends ringing his handball with a cloth covering a tray of muffins and crumpets on his head. From time to time a knife grinder would come along with a grinding wheel attached to the front of his bicycle and worked in some mysterious way from the pedals. He called as he came, offering his services and out would come the women with their carvers and kitchen knives to sharpen. Most doorsteps were sandstone anyway so there were plenty who managed well without him.

In the High Street there were those who offered oddments from doorways, matches and lemons spring to mind. Along the gutters the sandwich board men, walked, enclosed in their advertising matter or calls to repentance, sometimes singly sometimes in threes or fours in a straggling crocodile. Occasionally there was an organ grinder on the corner of a side street, winding his handle and his mechanical music would add to the general street noise. 

There is an impression of noisiness in the High Street. Apart from the street traders there were trams clattering on their steel rails, horses were iron shod and so were the wheels of most of the carts. Lorries vans and cars were less well silenced and there was even the occasional Steam traction engine. However there were no motor scooters and the few motorbikes did not roar around.    

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Family Events from our database for today August 13th

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Family Events
1663 - Marriage: Robert ALLEN-1433 and Abigail LAWES-1434, Norwich NFK UK

                                                       The Cathedral Norwich NFK UK

1686 - Baptism: Mary LAWES-49893, North Bradley WIL UK
1713 - Will Proved: Nicholas LAWS - 29814 (Mariner HMS "Tyger")
1749 - Christen: Betty LAWES-330, Martin WIL UK
1798 - Marriage: John DEWING-123827 and Mary LAWS-123828, Guestwick NFK UK
1803 - Birth: Hosea LAWS-124763, Westminster, Worcester Co. MA United States
1826 - Baptism: Richard Willoughby LAWS (C J Navy Retired) -55048, Bengal INDIA 
           (British Subject)
1831 - Will Proved: John LAWS (Innkeeper or Victualler)-39578, Greenwich KEN UK

                                                            Greenwich KEN UK

1833 - Birth: Francis Edwin LAWES (Reverend) -204, Aldermaston BRK UK

                                                           Aldermaston BRK UK

1834 - Burial: Jane LAWS-55390, Washbrook SFK UK
1842 - Birth: Agnes Isabella LAWS-4174, Portsea HAM UK

                            Admiral Horatio Nelson's HMS Victory in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1851 - Birth: Michael Grahame LAWES (Horologist) LAWS-5005, St Pancras MDX UK
1854 - Immigration: Sarah LAWS-57078, Moreton Bay, QLD AUSTRALIA
1865 - Baptism: Ruth LAWS (Spinster)-3808, Bedlington NBL UK
1868 - Marriage: John EHRET-41371 and Elizabeth LAWS-41372, Gilmer Co WV USA
1876 - Birth: Thomas Andrew LAWS (Motorman of Electric Tram) -3088, West Hartlepool DUR 
1877 - Marriage: Joseph W LAWS-49176 and Sarah Margaret TIPTON-49183, Mitchell Co NC
1894 - Marriage: Robert Carmichael LAWS (Coal Miner) -5201 and Sophia CORBETT-54181, 
1898 - Marriage: Edward Ernest GREEN-123175 and Emily Ward  LAWS-5155, Great Clacton                    with Little Holland ESS UK
1900 - Birth: john Thomas LAWS-167702, 
1906 - Birth: Norah LAWS-167887, 
1906 - Birth: William LAWS (Australian Army - Acting Corporal Corporal NX41939 )-32378,                      Leichhardt, NSW AUSTRALIA
1907 - Marriage: William HALL-55271 and Hannah LAWS-6219, 
1907 - Birth: Ivy Ada LAWES-118695, 
1909 - Birth: Walter LAWS-119428, Derby DBY UK
1913 - Residence: Charles Edward LAWS (Lithograph Artist) -45782, Coshocton OH USA
1914 - Birth: Robert Messiter LAWES-125392, 
1914 - Enlistment: James Warren LAWS (ARMY Private 1891) -54458, 
1915 - Enlistment: James Robert LAWS (Slater & Roof Tiler)-43211, Farringdon London
1915 - Death: William LAWS (ARMY Private SS/14010)-7906, At sea
1927 - Death: G W LAWS-38382, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK USA

                                                            Broken Arrow  Tulsa OK USA

1928 - Birth: Cyril Edward LAWES-122345, 
1931 - Will Proved: James LAWS-47318, 
1931 - Miscellaneous: John James LAWS (Joiner) -7774, 
1931 - Will  Proved: Hudson LAWS (Shipbuilders Clerk) -6865, 
1935 - Admon: James Valentine LAWS (Railway Locomotive Fireman) -6720, 
1939 - Birth: Angela Laura LAWS (Company Director) -46337, 
1939 - Birth: Ira Lucille LAWS-42280, 
1946 - Birth: Roger Wayne LAWS-123881, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1946 - Birth: John Leslie LAWS-97832, Travis Co TX USA
1947 - Admon: Frank Burgess LAWES (Ironmongers Assistant) -858, 
1947 - Birth: Keith LAWS-43915, Collingwood, VIC AUSTRALIA
1952 - Death: Caster LAWS-41455, Bell Co KY USA
1955 - Marriage: John LAWS-4268 and Frances KEEVILL-4269, 
1962 - Death: Esther M LAWS-123702, Orofino, Clearwater, Idaho, United States
1963 - Marriage: Eugene V LAWS-114898 and Edith P BROCK-114899, Clark NV USA
1963 - Burial: Edward Martin LAWS-37936, Baltimore MD United States
1965 - Admon: Arthur William LAWES-124123, 
1968 - Death: John Shields LAWS (Lt Col US Air Force) -38016, 
1970 - Marriage: Peter Robert LAWS (Consultant B.Sc) -34696 and Bernadette FOLEY (Company              Director) -7840, Hertford HRT UK
1971 - Marriage: Jimmie Marlin LAWS-114972 and Linda Kathleen HOLMAN-114973, Las Vegas            NV USA
1974 - Death: Anna Lavinia LAWS-42782, Hamersmith MDX UK
1979 - Death: Geoffrey  LAWS (Lt Colonel)-29209, Kings Langley but Burial: Sarrat HRT UK
1979 - Death: Reginald Edward LAWS-4153, Horndean HAM
1983 - Birth: Nicole Vanessa LAWS-40712, TX USA
1992 - Birth: Alanya Taylor LAWS-40845, TX USA
2001 - Death: David Hadley LAWS-34470, Manassas Park City VA United States
2002 - Death: Robert E LAWS-52525, 
2002 - Miscellaneous: Nancy LAWS-26570, 
2002 - Miscellaneous: William Webster LAWS (Grocer)-8458, 
2012 - Death: Ruby Maine LAWS (Mill Worker) -38150, Concord NC United States

1670 - Death: Thomas MORGAN-29437,
1844 - Baptism: Joseph CLARKE (Colliery Storekeeper) -50751, Lamesley DUR UK
1846 - Birth: William Robert EGGLETON-55419, South Creake NFK UK
1853 - Birth: George CROSS-37746, Ely CAM UK
1854 - Immigration: John Israel HARPLEY-57079, Moreton Bay, QLD AUSTRALIA
1870 - Birth: Elizabeth Jane WAKE-9295, Sunderland DUR UK

                                                          Sunderland DUR UK

1870 - Birth: Elizabeth POLK/WILLIAMS-54328,
1870 - Birth: Elizabeth Jane WAKE-9295, Sunderland DUR UK
1883 - Birth: Nancy Olive Legge NORBURY-115258,
1889 - Birth: William CHILTON-2851, Rock Springs, Sweetwater WY USA
1901 - Birth: Alice Annie COOK-42780, Hamersmith MDX UK
1928 - Death: Marie Amelia Rose FONTAINE-227, Piccadilly, London
1935 - Miscellaneous: Amelia Emily NUTTALL-6721, 
1941 - Death: Matilda DOUGLAS-41561, Ogden, Weber Co. UT USA
1944 - Death: Alice Beatrice MANNING-122930, Weston Super Mare SOM UK

1947 - Will  Proved: Ada Sarah BUCKLER-122954, Benefited in estate of late husband
1949 - Residence: Harriet ELLIS-116680, Wareham DORDeath at Poole DOR UK
1982 - Birth: Jennifer Ann BROWN-43829, Rugby WAR UK
2003 - Death: Nancy Cecelia VAN DUREN-31029, Beloit, WI United States (1123 Moore Street)

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