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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today August 4th

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Family Events

1765 - Baptism: James LAWS (Merchant Life)-3618, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                     Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1779 - Marriage: William LAWS-3916 and Sarah TAY-3921,
1787 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-119723 and Mary LOCKE-119724,
1799 - Marriage: John LAWES-32278 and Ann BATH-32279, Allington, Chippenham WIL UK
1809 - Burial: Martha WILKINSON-4806, Rackham NFK UK
1821 - Baptism: Samuel LAWS-33084, Ormesby St Michael NFK UK

                                                        Ormesby St Michael NFK UK

1822 - Baptism: Christopher LAWS-4711, Norwich NFK UK

                                                       The Cathedral Norwich NFK UK

1822 - Birth: Ann LAWS-3403, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                           Folkestone KEN UK

1823 - Marriage: William James LAWES (Shepherd) (Annuitant "Isaac Bawcombe") -595 and Mary             UPJOHN- 596, St Marylebone MDX UK (See (Issac BAWCOMBE in "A Shepherds Life by              W H Hudson" modelled on W J LAWES' family)
1839 - Baptism: John LAWS (Railway Porter) -6914, Hellesdon NFK UK
1853 - Birth: Eliza LAWS-55532, Gateshead DUR UK
1856 - Residence (family): Charles William LAWS-61758 (Merchants Clerk/Ship Agent)  and                      Caroline Elizabeth Kett PUNCHER-61759, Newgate Street, City of London
1856 - Death: Charles Horace LAWS-3006, Newgate Street, City of London  Burial: Kensal Green                Cemetery, Harrow Road MDX
1864 - Birth: William Bernard LAWS-40916,
1865 - Birth: Thomas Little LAWS (Coal Miner) -6290, North Backworth, Earsdon NBL UK
1873 - Birth: Harold Lionel LAWS (Dr M R C s L R C P) -4840, East Islington MDX UK
1877 - Marriage: George LAWES (HM Royal Marines) -593 and Jemima BOND-577, Broad Chalke           WIL UK

                                                           Broad Chalke WIL UK

1877 - Birth: William Wilbur LAWS-40947, IL USA
1878 - Death: Caroline LAWS-48536,
1878 - Baptism: Henry LAWS (Infant / Not grandson but illegitimate son) -3815, Bedlington NBL
1884 - Marriage: John YOUNGS-50966 and Eliza LAWS-45282, Littleport CAM UK

                                                               Littleport CAM UK

1889 - Birth: Ellen Florence LAWS-56516, Gaspe, Quebec CANADA
1892 - Birth: Percy Bankston LAWS-31608, Greenwood MS USA
1896 - Birth: John Franklin LAWS-41226, Kansas USA
1897 - Marriage: James Milton LAWS (Farmer) -41184 and Mary E QUINN-41225, Burlington,                  Osage Co Kansas USA
1905 - Marriage: William Reuben LAWS-49146 and Lou Reanie EDWARDS-49147,
1907 - Birth: Margaret LAWES-118778,
1909 - Marriage: Bertie John William BRODIE (GPO Porter) -120904 and Sally LAWS-8726,
           West Ham ESS UK
1913 - Marriage: Arthur Augustus DAYSON-124347 and Ada Laura LAWES-52043,
           Battersea SRY UK
1919 - Birth: Frances Blanche LAWS-121556,
1921 - Birth: Margaret Eastmuir LAWS (RAAF 98506) -31856, Armidale NSW AUSTRALIA
1923 - Residence: Ada Laura LAWES-52043, Wimbledon SRY UK
1923 - Marriage: Ernest Samuel HALL (Engineer) -124348 and Ada Laura LAWES-52043,                          Wimbledon SRY UK
1926 - Birth: Vaughn David LAWS (S1C US Navy)-38088,
1927 - Burial: George William LAWS-38383, Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK USA

                                                         Broken Arrow OK USA


1933 - Will  Proved: Frederick LAWS (Corn Merchant)-120227,
1940 - Death: Roland Sydney LAWS-88483, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                      Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1940 - Birth: Joseph Harold LAWS (AD1 US Navy) -38018,
1942 - Miscellaneous: Mabel Florence LAWES-42986,
1942 - Miscellaneous: Elizabeth Poliiard LAWES-122892,
1942 - Birth: Jennifer LAWS-43809, Atherton Queensland Australia
1945 - Miscellaneous: David William LAWS (Linotype Operator) -122844,
1945 - Miscellaneous: Phyllis Mary LAWS (Musician Violin/Celloist Spinster) -3130,
1948 - Birth: Joseph Smith LAWS-40992, CA USA
1950 - Marriage: Clarence A SELLARS-45934 and Maudine LAWS-31876,
1953 - Birth: O'Hara Laneir LAWS-40346, TX USA
1959 - Admon: John Frederick LAWES (Mayor of Bath?) -35022,
1960 - Burial: William Henry LAWS-43369, Townsville QLD AUSTRALIA
1967 - Birth: Jacqueline Coral LAWS-43267,
1969 - Burial: Robert G LAWS-167707, Kearney, Buffalo County, NE USA
1976 - Death: Bill LAWS-46917, Canberra NSW AUSTRALIA
1978 - Death: Martin LAWS-42216, Aldershot HAM UK
1981 - Death: Jessie Gladys LAWS-167477,
1994 - Cremation: Thomas George Ernest LAWS-53562, Kent & Sussex Crematorium
1996 - Death: Edwin John LAWS-31831, Kingsgrove NSW AUSTRALIA

1710 - Baptism: Elizabeth FISHER-39037, Lowestoft SFK UK
1765 - Marriage: Christopher HORTON-4908 and Anne LUTTRELL (Duchess of Cumberland and            Strathearn) -4926, Mayfair MDX UK
1858 - Birth: John YOUNGS-50966,
1884 - Marriage: William Frederick CLEGG (Clockmaker) -7565 and Mary Eleanor JONES-                      118944,
1893 - Birth: Robert Charles BODIE-11961, Old Machar Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
1933 - Miscellaneous: Elizabeth BOWMAKER-120228,
1935 - Marriage: Frederick William HOCKNELL (French Polisher)-46078 and Ivy BRANT-34730,            Edmonton MDX UK
1944 - Birth: Margaret Elizabeth CHAPMAN-52094, Bengeo HRT UK
1960 - Birth: Stephen William HAYCOCK-46093,

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