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Family Events from our database for today August 3rd

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1699 - Marriage: Issac LAWES-2258 and Ellinor COPSON-2259, St.Giles Cripplegate MDX UK
1814 - Marriage: Samuel LAWS (Journeyman Brewer) -48311 and Martha READ-50576,                              Ditchingham NFK UK
1817 - Christen: Benjamin Stephen LAWS-167851, Chatham KEN UK
1824 - Birth: William Ernest LAWES-116865, Fulham MDX UK
1824 - Birth: Robert Bartholomew LAWES (Army Major) -58753, Fulham MDX UK
1825 - Burial: Mary Ann LAWS-5756, Boston LIN UK
1827 - Birth: Charles James LAWS (Letterpress Printer/Compositor) -63906, London MDX UK
1828 - Marriage: John LAWS (Weaver) -4222 and Ann SHERRY-4225, Shoreditch MDX UK
1834 - Burial: Richard Lloyd LAWS (HEICS Master Mariner "Andromache") -2998,
           Calcutta INDIA
1840 - Marriage: Joseph LAWS-40033 and Sarah MELLOWS-40034, Skellingthorpe LIN UK

                                                             Skellingthorpe LIN UK

1847 - Birth: Charles Westley LAWS-124316, NY NY United States
1860 - Birth: Christine Clementine LAWS-40956, CA USA
1869 - Birth: James Watson LAWS-123762, York ONT CANADA
1869 - Burial: Augustus James LAWS-121713, Islington MDX UK
1871 - Marriage: Charles LAWS (Farmer) -3410 and Catherine CARLYON-3411, Arcadia  VIC or              Murchison VIC AUSTRALIA  or Breage CON UK
1876 - Marriage: Graham Eden William HAMMOND-GRAEME  (4th Baronet) -58756 and Evelyn            Emma Murray LAWES-58755, Dover KEN UK

                                                       Dover Castle KEN UK

1880 - Will Proved: Henry Fricker LAWES (Woollen Draper) -2796,
1883 - Birth: Robert LAWS (Paper Mill Labourer) -43107,
1890 - Marriage: James WISE (Railway Labourer) -41887 and Eliza LAWS-41886,
1891 - Death: Sarah LAWS-29645,
1901 - Marriage: Arthur LAWES (Engineer) -558 and Emily GOODERSON-55478, Poplar MDX
1903 - Birth: Miller LAWS-39794,
1903 - Burial: Eric LAWS (Died young) -30073, Toowong, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1914 - Military: William John LAWES (Printers Apprentice) -52691, Bedfordshire Regiment service            number 12962
1915 - Death: Bert LAWS (Army (Private) -7916, killed in Action
1922 - Birth: Mason FAYE-LAWS-39791,
1924 - Residence: Percy J LAWS-103235, Birmingham AL United States
1928 - Birth: June Pamela LAWS-118669,
1930 - Death: Kiyoko LAWS (Infant) -42291,
1940 - Admon: Harold LAWS-117395,
1944 - Death: Arthur LAWS-122840, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                              Chatteris CAM UK

1944 - Marriage: John Hershel SANDERS-115406 and ??? LAWS-115405,
1945 - Burial: John Bonner LAWS (Carpenter) -57513, Madison Co TN USA
1947 - Arrival: Arthur Daniel LAWS-167489, Niagara Falls NY United States
1950 - Death: Mabel Inez  LAWS (Modeller)-7976, Diss NFK UK
1957 - Death: Carl Everett LAWS-47305, Findlay, Hancock Co. OH United States
1964 - Birth: Siobhan LAWS-39282, Willesden Green MDX UK
1986 - Death: Allen Ray LAWS (PVT US Army) -37887,
1991 - Death: John LAWS-125567, Toowoomba, Warwick QLD AUSTRALIA
1993 - Burial: Edwin Sidney LAWS-115455, Leuchars FIF UK
1994 - Death: William Arlington LAWS (T4 US Army) -37725,
1996 - Death: Gavin Gerald LAWES-120005,
2004 - Death: Jo Augusta LAWS-38198, Dallas TX United States
2005 - Death: Joyce Ann LAWS-43287, Brookstone Retirement Center, Lexington NC
2006 - Death: Lucy Mary LAWS-52268,
2009 - Burial: Arthur LAWS-4087, Anlaby ERY (St Peters) UK

1858 - Birth: Geoffrey Cecil Twisleton Wykeham FIENNES-58762, Kensington MDX UK
1860 - Birth: Martha TAYLOR-39014, Pimlico MDX UK
1885 - Marriage: William Watts VOUGHT (Bricklayer) -23399 and Frances                                                  Elizabeth PYE (Widow) -24217, Booton NFK UK

                                                               Bootton NFK UK

1901 - Birth: Katherine Laura GULLEY-45943, Valera (Formerly Newcastle) TX USA
1904 - Birth: Evelyn B SWIFT-3966, Broken Hill NSW AUSTRALIA
1916 - Death: Thomas B MILLER-31210, Greensburg MD USA
1925 - Burial: Jennie Ann JOHNSON-34172, Blanding, San Juan Co UT USA
1998 - Death: Zada KINCADE-45941, CA USA
2008 - Death: James Henry SWETE-55705, Brighton-le-Sands, formerly of Cronulla NSW                            AUSTRALIA

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