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North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today August 31st

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1701 - Marriage: Thomas COX-1455 and Alice LAWES-1456, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1794 - Christen: Charles LAWS-8154, Norwich NFK UK
1801 - Birth: Sarah LAWS-54885, Shoreditch MDX UK
1806 - Baptism: George Thomas LAWS-7307, Gosport HAM UK
1811 - Marriage: Matthew LAWS-34009 and Ann WANDLASS-34010, Tanfield DUR UK
1831 - Birth: Charley LAWS-42498,
1833 - Baptism: Flora Ellen LAWS (Scholar) -6009, East Holme DOR UK
1838 - Marriage: Alfred LAWS-124750 and Eliza SMITH-124749, Great Yeldham ESS UK
1863 - Marriage: William HARBOTTLE-124427 and Dorethy LAWS-35823, Morpeth NBL UK
1864 - Death: George LAWES (Pawnbroker)-2051, Southwark SRY UK

                                                    The Cathedral, Southwark SRY UK

1870 - Marriage: George LAWS (Gardener) -4177 and Jane Elizabeth INGRAM-4178,
           Clapham SRY UK
1876 - Birth: John Henry LAWS (Farmer) -5854, Haveringland NFK UK

                                             Haveringham NFK UK (Note the round tower)

1882 - Will Proved: Cuthbert Umfreville LAWS (Solicitor) -117070,
1885 - Will Proved: Thomas LAWES (Farmer 66 acres) -1389,
1889 - Marriage: Thomas HARDIE (Coal Miner) -54783 and Sarah J LAWS-3811,
           Bedlington NBL UK
1894 - Death: Ellen LAWS (Widow)-8807, Walworth SRY UK
1896 - Birth: Richard James LAWS-58643, Poplar MDX UK
1896 - Marriage: Ernest Platten LAWS (Police Cobstable)-117160 and Ruth IMPEY-117161,                      Islington MDX UK

                                                               Islington MDX UK

1897 - Birth: Walter Charles LAWES-122329,
1900 - Death: John Bennett LAWES-224, Harpenden HRT UK
1905 - Marriage: William John BALDWIN (House decorator) -28694 and Edith Sarah SMITH-                    28692, Brighton SSX UK

                                                                 Brighton SSX UK

1906 - Death: Robert LAWES-2598, Frome SOM UK
1910 - Death: Agnes Isabella LAWS-4174, Stepney MDX UK

                                                St Dunstan Parish Church Stepney MDX UK

1911 - Will Proved: Jane LAWES (Widow) -2908,
1912 - Marriage: George William LAWS (Mustard Manufr Manager) -48119 and Kate Ryland                      HUGGINS-48120, Southwark SRY UK
1916 - Birth: Jas Lenard LAWS-123851, Concord NC USA
1916 - Birth: Arthur William LAWS-121796,
1918 - Burial: Charles LAWS -(Farmer) 3410, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1920 - Birth: Stuart Arthur LAWS-3429,
1922 - Miscellaneous: Lucille LAWS-45862, Somerset BERMUDA
           Residence: 803, W180th Street, New York NY USA
1923 - Birth: Hilda LAWS-4264, Dulwich SRY UK
1925 - Will  Proved: Edith Jane LAWS  (Spinster) -8566,
1926 - Birth: Dolores LAWS-45932,
1927 - Birth: Inez Marjorie LAWS-167486, Toronto ONT CANADA
1929 - Marriage: Frederick John LAWES-120949 and Rosina WOODS-124395, Whitchurch                        Winterbourne DOR UK
1932 - Marriage: Stephen LOCKEY (Consultant/ Production Engineer) -118435 and Hannah Norah              LAWS-118434, South Shields DUR UK
1934 - Marriage: Benjamin Albert PALMER-49409 and Wanda HURST-49408, Salt Lake City UT              United States
1936 - Will Proved: Walter Henry LAWS-117314,
1939 - Miscellaneous: Hilda Mary  LAWS (Spinster)-117378,
1939 - Death: Edith Gertrude LAWS (Spinster) -117377, Redhill SRY UK
1944 - Military: Peter Malcolm LAWS  (Army Lieutenant) -38715, Military Cross
1946 - Marriage: Athol Robinson LAWS (Australian Army) -3428 and Niela Kathleen MCLEAN-
1947 - Marriage: Maurice Hart LAWS-45650 and Jennie BECKSTEAD-53187, Ogden, Weber,                     Utah USA
1949 - Death: Frances Jane LAWS (Widow) -122984, Whitley Bay NBL UK
1950 - Birth: Brian Michael James LAWS (Company director)-46463,
1954 - Birth: Dennis Alan LAWS-119040,
1961 - Residence: Thomas Alfred LAWS (Retired Railway Clearing House Clerk) -3780, Potters Bar            MDX UK
1961 - Residence: Reginald William LAWS (Retired Builders Labourer) -58540, Porchester HAM
1966 - Birth: Julie Anne LAWS-40485, San Antonio, Bexar TX USA
1968 - Marriage: George McGregor LAWS (Picture Framer) -44311 and Julia COYLE                                 (Confectionery Factory Worker) -167782, Leith MLN UK
1968 - Marriage: Michael James Norris NORRIS-104686 and Cynthia Yvonne LAWS-104685,                    Wednesfield STS UK
1969 - Death: Sylvia LAWS-38648, Aldham ESS UK
1974 - Birth: Adrian Fraser LAWS (Company Director)-46317,
1982 - Birth: April Marie LAWS-40699, TX USA
1982 - Death: Robert John LAWS-37772, TX USA
1983 - Birth: Jason Richard LAWS-40713, TX USA
1984 - Death: Maud MyrtleLAWS 45405, Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska
1985 - Birth: Debreka Chanel Hicks LAWS-40750, TX
2013 - Cremation: Robert William LAWES-506, Tauranga NZ

1815 - Birth: Sophia COWARD-47923, N.Baddesly
1837 - Baptism: William BELL (Warehouseman) -47255, Heworth DUR UK
1837 - Birth: Hannah  Law DARLOW-10076, Spalding LIN UK
1861 - Death: Thomas CHRISTMAS (Master Mariner) -3623, Mile End MDX UK
1867 - Death: William August HOWE (Cooper) -7477, Poplar MDX UK
1902 - Birth: Harold SHAWL-30901, Holbeach LIN UK
1909 - Death: Ambrose PAGE-125446, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                         Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1918 - Birth: Doris MILLER-54797, Wallsend NB UK

Roman Fort, Wallsend New Barnet HRT UK

1919 - Birth: Eveline BALL-119477, Stoke on Trent STS UK
1950 - Burial: Walter BLANCHARD-50937, Great Grimsby LIN UK
1951 - Death: Catherine Anne KENNEDY-167319, Los Angeles CA USA Burial: Glendale,
           Los Angles CA USA
1955 - Birth: Isobel CZAJROWSKI-3544, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1961 - Residence: Florence Louise HURST-58541, Porchester HAM UK
1961 - Death: Florence Louise HURST-58541, Cosham HAM
1977 - Burial: Mary Ann Frances STEEL-43389, Chadwell Heath Cemetery ESS UK
1982 - Birth: Natalie Ellen WARNER-9913, Tonbridge KEN UK

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