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LFR 28 Aug Number 621

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 

A Child of the Twenties

A suburban childhood of the Twenties 

seen from the Ninteen Nineties

by my late father
 John Robert Laws 1921-2008

Part 23

Further Afield Part 3

The highlights of the Naples visit were the late evening view over the lights over the city, from a highpoint on the northern edge with Vesuvius in the background. The ascent of Vesuvius itself and seeing the excavated city of Herculaneum. 

The volcano was pretty well behaved at that time and having gone up by the funicular rail car we were able to descend into the enormous crater where a constant roman candle of lava blobs was building a new central cone. Intrepid Italian entrepreneurs were busy pushing coins into the little blobs before they cooled and selling the resulting souvenirs to tourists.

In contrast to the lively volcano, Herculaneum was many centuries’ dead. With its heavy shroud of volcanic ash shovelled and swept away its slab paved streets peopled with a few groups of tourists were not for me evocative  of the crowds of shoving and successful citizens who thronged its streets until the Reaper came with his volcano. 

For the same reason it was not depressing either, it was another museum with fine examples of a Roman town complete with arts and crafts collected on the spot.

Why do I not remember the long journey back, it was just unmemorable or were there too many little bottles with our packed lunches so that we dozed on the wooden seats. Perhaps we just got tired, almost unthinkable in ones teenage years.


The Journey to Norway was different. We went on an old troopship and it was boys only, a big party hundreds strong from many schools, no hotel this time we slept in hammocks slung above the tables where we ate by day. It was hot and we had the occasional chance to sleep on deck instead of in the hammocks. The hard deck was just as impossible as the sagging hammocks. At least we learnt that a bed is a luxury.

Bergen was the first port of call. The ship tied up along the long quay where the town faces out over the water and which seemed to us to be the town centre. The funicular railway took us up to the view point above the town from which the town and its harbour and the fiord running out towards the sea are laid out like a green map with blue water and red roofs with toy boats at rest in the harbour. 

We also went into the mountains by way of the railway which climbs its way over to Oslo. The railway the like of which we had never seen before, as it clambered through the steep ascent with the aid of a central rack rail and crawled through tunnels and across rock faces to take us up  and out onto the high land. There we walked and saw the ski runs and the big wooden structure of the ski jump all stranded in grass with not a flake of snow in the hot sunshine.

Despite the rocky terrain, rich grass seemed to be the predominant colour of the countryside as we sailed along the coast and into Sogne Fiord where our ship was dwarfed to a toy again between the towering mountains on either side. Here and there tiny fields of hay were patched into the forest on the mountain waterside. 

High prowed boats rowed with long oars used the water as a highway from farm to farm and field to field. At the end of the fiord we went ashore in the ships boats and walked up the valley beside the bubbling bouldered river to the foot of the glacier which feeds it. A mountain of rather grubby ice in the blazing hot sunshine turning into sparkling clear water with which we quenched our thirst on the walk back.

The furthest North we went was Trondheim, a little stone town on a hilly site beside the water. No doubt used to visitors, despite the infancy of tourism, the peace did not seem disturbed by the invasion of a few hundred English schoolboys. They had done their share of invading Britain a few centuries ago and were themselves to be invaded by less welcome visitors only two or three years later.

On the ship our amusements were simple, I seem to remember the old English sports day pastime of jousting astride a slippery pole over a canvas pool of water and we had a few home grown concerts and sing-along’s to disturb the quiet of evening at sea. Not that the North Sea was quiet all the time, there were moments when we lost all interest in food and spent time admiring the view over the rail. It was certainly different from all our other trips,

The End 


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Family Events from our database for today August 28th

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Family Events
1748 - Marriage: John,or,Joseph LAWES (Yeoman) -383 and Mary FLEMINGTON-329, Martin                WIL UK
1809 - Residence: Vitruvius LAWES (Barrister) -946, Bloomsbury MDX UK
1819 - Baptism: Martha Mary Bush LAWS-33105, Ipswich SFK UK

                                                             Ipswich SFK UK

1819 - Birth: Martha Mary Bush LAWS-33105, Hemmingstone SFK
1821 - Marriage: Benjamin Stephen LAWS-3353 and Joanna LEE-118329, Chatham KEN UK
1828 - Marriage: Wilfred Cecil LAWES (Coach driver) -48043 and Gwendoline NOBLE-48044,                  Breamore HAM UK
1831 - Marriage: Richard ROSS-30506 and Sarah LAWS-30507, Norwich NFK UK

                                                       The Cathedral Norwich NFK UK

1832 - Burial: Edward Kent LAWS-34719, Clapham SRY UK
1858 - Baptism: Eliza Frances LAWS-5576, Hawkinge KEN UK
1859 - Birth: William LAWS (Wire Rope Maker)-34128, South Creake NFK UK

                                                             South Creake NFK UK

1862 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS (Widow) -6056, High Street, Egham SRY
1865 - Burial: Thomas LAWS (Bricklayer / Coachman / Groom) TWIN -3148, Wareham DOR UK

                                                           Wareham SOR UK

1874 - Death: Charles Seth LAWES (Painter & Oilman) -1008, Stapleton Road, Bristol GLS
1875 - Burial: Hannah Elizabeth LAWS-54784, Bedlington NBL UK
1877 - Admon: Benjamin LAWS-4774,
1879 - Marriage: Robert LAWS- (Reverend DD Missionary CMG) 9302 and Margaret Troup                        GRAY-9303, Blantyre, Nyasaland
1885 - Birth: Everett LAWS-42384,
1887 - Birth: Minnie LAWS-41244,
1888 - Death: William LAWES (Timber Merchant) -1201, Commercial Road, Exeter, DEV UK
1893 - Birth: Lionel Edward LAWS-30079, Berry NSW Australia
1899 - Birth: Hugh Stanley LAWS (RN F52205) -47647, Sunderland DUR UK
1900 - Marriage: John LAWS (Electrician in Charge) -6722 and Grace WHITEHEAD-36889,                      Valley End, Chobham SRY (St Saviours) UK
1901 - Birth: Albert LAWES (RN J62997) -47686, Southampton HAM UK
1902 - Burial: Charles LAWS (Engine & Crane Driver) -5058,
1906 - Marriage: James Roy LAWS (Clerk Wholesale Grocery) -39384 and Zelinn Alberta                            NORMAN-39385, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA
1907 - Birth: Mitchell LAWES (PFC US Army) -37875,
1908 - Birth: Gladys Muriel LAWS-117975, Lincoln LIN UK

                                              Lincoln Castle Square & Cathedral LIN UK

1909 - Marriage: Frederick Charles LAWS (Surgical Bootmaker & Leather Worker) -5491 and                      Annie Rosina TOWNSEND-121516, Wandsworth SRY UK
1911 - Birth: Frederick James Cecil LAWES-57988, Sutherland NSW AUSTRALIA
1914 - Enlistment: Francis Edwin John LAWS (ARMY Cpl Signaller 94564) -54414,
1916 - Burial: Mary LAWS (Widow) -48220, Kidder, Caldwell Co MO United States
1918 - Death: William George LAWS (Gunner 115422) -45161,
1922 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869,
1927 - Birth: Leonard W LAWS (BTG 3 US NAVY) -167704,
1927 - Birth: Carrol Joyce LAWS-120697, Coleman Co TX USA
1929 - Birth: Alice Hedwig E LAWS-118539,
1930 - Death: Robert LAWS-34189, Kanab, Kane UT USA
1938 - Marriage: William Vern GOSSETT-30254 and Naomi May LAWS-30253, Franklin County              KS USA
1944 - Miscellaneous: John Percy Granville LAWES (Retired Schoolteacher) -122932,
1944 - Will  Proved: Florence Adelaide  (Widow) -122931,
1948 - Birth: Roger LAWS-43888, LAWES
1950 - Birth: Charles Reece LAWS-40305, TX USA
1954 - Birth: Byron Dorrance LAWS-40358, TX USA
1955 - Birth: Vikki Loraine LAWS-40371, TX USA
1955 - Birth: Nikki Alyene LAWS-40370, TX USA
1964 - Death: Cecil Charles LAWES-123597, Southwarkbut resided Lambeth SRY UK
1965 - Birth: Brett Ronald LAWS-43917, Parramatta NSW AUSTRALIA
1969 - Birth: Rebecca Ann LAWS-40521, TX USA
1977 - Death: Mark William LAWS-49197, Yancy Co NC United States
1986 - Death: Stuart Edwin LAWS (Commercial artist) -44307, Puketeraki NZ
1996 - Burial: Gavin Gerald LAWES-120005, Salisbury SA AUSTRALIA
1997 - Probate: Thomas Arthur William LAWS-125124, Bristol GLS UK
2003 - Burial: Violet Aurine LAWS (Southern Beauty Supply.) -31089, Graceland Cemetery, West.              Greenville NC USA
2004 - Burial: Tony Ray LAWS-38157, Oakwood Cemetery, Mebane NC USA
2004 - Burial: Lloyd Clinton LAWS (YN3 U.S. Navy / Korea) LAWS-38122, Melvern Cemetery KS            USA
2005 - Death: Kenneth Ray LAWS- (Office Manager)42249,
2013 - Death: Willis Taylor LAWS-123118, Gleason TN United States

1825 - Baptism: Mary Ann HARWOOD-1615, Homington WIL (St Michaels)
1842 - Baptism: Hannah HATTON-48008, Newnham GLS UK
1843 - Military: Edward Laws PYM (Naval Cadet) -38663, Royal Marine Corps - Gentlemen Cadet
1848 - Death: George William RAPIER (Navy) -3608, London Docks
1855 - Baptism: Elizabeth CHARTERS (Servant) -7082, Blennerhasset CUL
1873 - Birth: Job LEWIS-47967, DOR UK
1879 - Birth: Bertha PINK-52060, Bexley Heath KEN UK
1897 - Death: Mary Ellen GLOVER-34190, Kane UT USA
1916 - Death: Sarah Sophia GOODALL-9222, Mountjoy Street, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane,                              Queensland, AUSTRALIA
1919 - Birth: Walter WEBBER-34597, Hunslet WRY UK
1938 - Burial: Iris JENNINGS-46588, Stanley WRY UK
1950 - Death: Walter BLANCHARD-50937, Great Grimsby LIN UK
1960 - Miscellaneous: Ada Louisa BENNETT-96276, 
1973 - Birth: Helen Marie PARKE-9906,
1974 - Death: Jim Henry Jessie RODGERS-115404, Carroll Co TN United States

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