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LFR July 3 Number 565

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 


If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered, Come and join us, theres no better time than now.
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Family Events from our database for today July 3rd

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1671 - Burial: Mary LAWES-899, MDX UK (St Dunstan in the East)
1757 - Birth: Thomas LAWS-47291, Feltwell NFK UK

                                                             Feltwell NFK UK

1786 - Birth: Thomas LAWES (Miller) -100759, Down, Hurstbourne HAM UK
1797 - Burial: Elizabeth LAWES-340, Breamore HAM UK
1801 - Marriage: Henry LAWS (Merchant) -115211 and Charlotte Priscilla SMITH-115212, Ipswich SFK UK

                                                    Ipswich NFK UK (St Nicholas Street)

1808 - Marriage: Thomas Osbourn SPRINGFIELD-1912 and Elizabeth LAWES-1913, 
           Norwich NFK UK
1814 - Baptism: James LAWES-118924, 
1837 - Birth: Judith Ann LAWS-39321,
1841 - Marriage: John Albert PARKER (Mariner) -8647 and Elizabeth LAWS (Spinster) -7862,                  Dover KEN UK

1847 - Birth: Matilda LAWS-41237, Praire City, Rush Co, IN USA
1853 - Birth: Sydney LAWES-32240, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL vUK

                                                           Bishopstone WIL UK

1864 - Baptism: William Henry LAWS-41286, Staines MDX UK

                                                            Staines MDX UK

1864 - Baptism: William James LAWES (Gardener) -2680, Booton NFK UK

                                                                 Bootton NFK UK

1866 - Burial: Henry Alfred LAWS (Infant) -119590, Portland DOR UK
1867 - Marriage: Alfred Henry LAWS-47193 and Marian Sabina SKIPWORTH-47194, Salisbury,              South Australia
1871 - Marriage: Lewis LAWS (Ag Lab) -932 and Ellen C FORD-935, Coombe Bissett WIL (St Michaels)
Coombe Bissett WIL UK

1880 - Birth: H Langdon LAWS (Merchant) -45834, Cincinnati OH United States
1883 - Birth: Jessie Ellen F LAWES-103910, Odiham HAM UK
1884 - Death: William LAWES (Carpenter) -2110, Monkton Street, Ryde IOW UK

                                                                      Ryde IOW
1893 - Burial: Mary Elizabeth LAWS-6427, Fareham HAM UK
1897 - Marriage: Percy Edward LAWS (Bookeeper/Clerk to Paper Manufacturer) -7452
           and Lilla BYE-7453, Bromley MDX UK
1898 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-45473, Sheffield WRY UK
1901 - Death: Lillian England LAWS-26405, East Belt, Christchurch NZ
1902 - Birth: George Alexander LAWS-53261, Frome SOM UK
1910 - Birth: Walter George LAWS-122795,
1910 - Residence: Percy Maitland LAWS (Clerk) -66023, Chicago IL United States
1920 - Marriage: Andrew Thomas LAWS (Baker) -37129 and Elizabeth Parker ATHEY-37130,                    Greenside, Ryton DUR UK
1922 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWS (Steward & Cook on Ship) LAWES-45869,
1923 - Residence: Henry William LAWS (Consultant Mining Engineer) -39906, London Wall MDX
1927 - Death: Florence LAWS (Spinster living on own means) -4845, Braeside, Crossland Road,                  Redhill, SRY
1931 - Birth: Jean Margaret LAWES-122160,
1938 - Residence: Harry Cyril LAWS (Tea Planter) -38656, Roycroft, Hooks Hill Road,                                Sherringham NFK UK

                                                                 Sherringham NFK UK

1942 - Will  Proved: Frank LAWES-122893,
1946 - Death: John James LAWS (Joiner) -7774, Sunderland DUR UK

                                                              Sunderland DUR UK

1947 - Will  Proved: Walter LAWS-36084,
1948 - Marriage: Norman James Herbert LAWS (Managing Director) -47398 and
           Betty Patricia HALLAM-47399, Birmingham WAR UK
1949 - Birth: George A (Leather Tanner) LAWES-48604, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK

                                                      Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK

1957 - Marriage: Clyde C LAWS-114872 and Beverley Agnes WIGHT-114873, Clark NV USA
1958 - Death: George LAWS-46047, Sunderland DUR UK
1961 - Residence: Annie Priscilla LAWS (Domestic Cook) -5931, Leamington Spa WAR UK
           and Death: Alcester WAR UK
1961 - Death: George Emanuel LAWS-55193, Barnard Castle DUR UK
1971 - Marriage: Michael Edward LAWS-114974 and Dorethy Jean LOMBARDI-114975,
           Carson City NV USA
1976 - Birth: Kerry LAWS-56902, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                        Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1976 - Death: Nelda LAWS-53190, Anaheim, Orange, CA USA
1979 - Death: Ernest William LAWES-49759,
1983 - Death: Bree LAWS-3484,
1989 - Death: Evelyn Beatrice LAWS-31833, Earlwood NSW AUSTRALIA
1990 - Burial: Willie LAWS (PFC US Army) 37821, Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee WI USA
1997 - Burial: John H LAWS (Captn US Army Air Corps) -38012,
(Plot: 4, 0, 177) Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver CO USA

1713 - Christen: Sarah ARBOR-34416, Clipson NTH UK
1736 - Birth: Maria WALPOLE-45428, Westminster MDX UK
1788 - Baptism: Tyndall CHARTERS (Innkeeper at The Goat) -34587, St.Michaels, Torpenhow                  CUL UK
1825 - Christen: Honor or Anna or Hannah ANDREWS (Farm Servant) -7602, Reed HRT UK
1833 - Birth: Dorethy Ann OLIVER-4113, Winlanton DUR UK
1836 - Baptism: Ellen TANNER-54069, Hullavington WIL
1872 - Birth: Charles WILSON-3552, Noway
1842 - Birth: Emily Amelia PADDOCK (Manager of Pyjama Factory) -59270, Clfton GLS
1881 - Birth: Elliott Theo WRIGHT-40935, CA
1893 - Birth: John Samuel WWESTFALLENESTFALLEN (Cartage Contractors Carman) -41915,            Poplar MDX
1910 - Residence: Alice Harriet BOLD-66019, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
1910 - Birth: Walter George SCHNEKENBURGER-LAWS-28712,
1929 - Death: Leopold George HOCKINGS-48801, Manly NSW AUSTRALIA
1944 - Death: Mary Ann CHILD-167423,
1949 - Birth: Luther Wailon GARNER-54677, Fort Laramie Afb, Wyoming, United States
1956 - Death: Edmund  or Edward GRIMANI (Scenic Artist) -92582, Hayes KEN
1975 - Death: Hannah BLYTH-47784, Norwich NFK UK
1989 - Death: Evelyn B SWIFT-3966,
1990 - Miscellaneous: Leonard MATON-30954,
2012 - Burial: Margaret Louise JONES-123156, Gray TN United States

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