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Family Events from our database for today July 6th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1671 - Marriage: John LAWES-2513 and Alice WHITE-2518, Hadleigh SFK UK

                                                                    Hadleigh SFK UK

1790 - Marriage: Green LAWS (Saddler) -3019 and Lydia SEPPINGS-3016, Fakenham NFK UK

                                                         Fakenham NFK UK

1819 - Marriage: George NUSTEAD-7678 and Elizabeth LAWS-7679, Southwark SRY UK

                                                        Southwark Cathedral SRY UK

1848 - Baptism: Mary Ann Shilling LAWS-5240, Stepney MDX UK

                                                       St Dunstan's Stepney MDX UK

1857 - Burial: George James LAWS-51812, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1870 - Birth & Death: William LAWS-31780, an Infant, at Shedfield HAM UK
1874 - Birth: Josephine M LAWS-121399, Decatur County, Tennessee, United States
1877 - Death: Thomas LAWS (Coal Pit Deputy) -38347, Castle Eden Colliery DUR UK
1886 - Birth: Alan A LAWS (ARMY Sergeant 624337) -3212, Prudhoe NBL UK

                                                     Prudhoe Castle NBL UK

1887 - Birth: Victoria B LAWS-167440,
1887 - Baptism: Margaret LAWS-43762,
1887 - Birth: Robert LAWS (RN Stoker 1st Class 224705) -3891, Parkstone DOR UK
1889 - Enlistment: William LAWS (ARMY Private 8529) -54524, Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                 Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK

1897 - Marriage: John TIDMAN- (Labourer) 120937 and Harriett Annie LAWS-120938,
           West Ham ESS UK
1899 - Birth: John Frank LAWS-48671, Hammond, Lake Co, IN United States
1910 - Birth: Cecil Jack LAWS-54973,
1912 - Marriage: John LAWS (Boiler Attendant) -4315 and Agnes JOHNSON (Shopkeeper)                      -30974, West Ham ESS UK
1912 - Miscellaneous: Stephen Witherington LAWS (Licenced Victualler)-119952,
1912 - Marriage: Frederick Hayward LAWES (ARMY Private 62748) -54375 and Margaret Clole                RYE-54376, Chobham SRY UK
1912 - Birth: John William LAWS-54518,
1915 - Enlistment: William LAWS (ARMY Private 11340)-54520,
1916 - Enlistment: Frederick William LAWS (ARMY 17885) -9038,
1918 - Birth: Marie LAWS-42451,
1925 - Birth: Lawrence Frederick LAWS-5356, Pluckley KEN UK
1927 - Burial: Josephine L LAWS-167703, Lincoln NE USA
1934 - Death: Frederick LAWS (Printers Warehouseman)-50727, Beccles SFK UK

                                                            Beccles SFK UK

1934 - Death: Frederick LAWS-8485, Providence House, Haward Street, Lowestoft SFK UK

                                                            Lowestoft SFK UK

1942 - Birth: Martha May LAWES-122291, Swanton, Fraklin Co VT United States
1945 - Death: Kenneth William LAWES (ARMY Captain 249486) -45008, Italy
1948 - Birth: David Ronald LAWS (7 hours old) -44300, Dunedin NZ
1950 - Birth: Stuart LAWS (BMW Motor Racing Driver) -167609, Aylesbury BKM but
1950 - Residence: James George LAWS (Wood Turner) -122898, Harringey MDX UK
           Death At Camberwell SRY UK
1950 - Cremation: Edwin Lawson LAWS (Wholesale Grocer & Provisions Merchant) -38641,
           Manor Park Cremetorium ESS UK
1951 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS (Farmer) -8076,
1951 - Miscellaneous: Adeline LAWS (Dairy work) -38836,
1951 - Admon: Elsie LAWS-38839,
1953 - Birth: Robin Dee Ann LAWS-40343, TX USA
1954 - Birth: Brian Dale LAWS-122218,
1958 - Marriage: Richard Forrest VAUGHN-31084 and Billie Jean LAWS-31083, Fulton MO                      United States
1962 - Residence: Malcolm James LAWES-124220, Bassett HAM but Death atChristchurch HAM              UK
1966 - Miscellaneous: Joseph LAWS-123184,
1966 - Birth: Anthony Philip LAWES (Company director) -46411, Walthamstow ESS UK
1969 - Birth: Doris Faye LAWS-40517, TX USA
1973 - Marriage: Kenneth J DOWNS-41484 and Rebecca A LAWS-41483, Jefferson Co KY USA
1976 - Birth: Claire LAWES (Company Director) -46379,
1978 - Burial: Arthur R LAWS (PFC US Marine Corps)-37897, Houston, Harris Co TX USA
1992 - Death: William Robert LAWS (Reverend) -49581,
2008 - Death: Edward Charles LAWS-121969, NSW AUSTRALIA
2010 - Death: Dorethy M LAWS-124873, Milford Kent Co. DE USA

1800 - Birth: Elizabeth Ann CONWAY-31542, 
1833 - Birth: Samuel Brewster WOODHULL-123497, Long Island NY United States
1864 - Birth: Anna WALLER-41389, 
1912 - Birth: Mary Blanch REED-31086, Palmersville TN United States
1930 - Death: Maude Mary STUTTER-6108, Leytonstone ESS UK
1944 - Death: Elsie Florence OSBORNE-122937, Clacton ESS
1945 - Death: Ida Marion STRACEY-CLITHEROW-121750, Stepney MDX UK
1997 - Death: Jauna E RANGEL-38500, Greenville, Bond Co IL United States

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