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LFR July 23 Number 585

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today July 23rd

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Family Events
1670 - Marriage: John SHAW-55453 and Anne LAWES-55452, Whickham DUR UK
1724 - Baptism: William LAWS-34195, Lakenheath SFK UK
1758 - Birth: John LAWS-55554, Necton NFK UK
1791 - Marriage: Edmund LAWES-1637 and Sarah ADDORSON-1638, Methwold NFK UK
1812 - Birth: Mary LAWS (Spinster) -51026, Egton NRY UK
1827 - Burial: Hannah LAWS (Infant) -3111, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                           Chatteris CAM UK

1837 - Birth: Frederick LAWES-59298, Stapleton GLS UK

                                                            Stapleton GLS UK

1837 - Birth: Maria LAWS-42850, Cranbourne DOR UK
1854 - Marriage: George BALLARD (Fishery Gamekeeper) -56091 and Caroline LAWS-56092,                  Whitchurch HAM UK
1861 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward) -51774,
1876 - Marriage: George LAWS (Farmer 175 Acres) -6216 and Annie Ruth CATCHESIDE-6217,              Hexham NBL UK
1889 - Burial: Frank LAWS (Less than 1 yrear old) -53485, Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
1895 - Birth: William John LAWS (RN M31506) -47602, Berwick on Tweed NBL UK

                      The beautiful railway bridge over the Tweed at Berwick on Tweed NBL UK

1896 - Baptism: George LAWS-116889, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                       Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK

1900 - Will Proved: Edwin Thomas LAWES-2763,
1902 - Marriage: Peter John CABLE (Postman) -120906 and Martha Matilda LAWS-6495,
           West Ham ESS UK
1904 - Birth: William LAWS-111694, South Shields DUR UK
1913 - Will Proved: William LAWS-7749,
1916 - Birth: John Thomas LAWS-29729, Mendoza, Caldwell Co., TX USA
1917 - Birth: Harry Boyd LAWS-34212, Blanding, San Juan Co UT USA
1922 - Death: Jacob William LAWS (Foreman Main Roadman) -35637, Cambridge CAM UK

                            Kings College Chapel from the river Cam, at Cambridge CAM UK

1922 - Birth: Dora May LAWS-58665,
1923 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869,
1925 - Emigration: Gilbert LAWS (Grocer) -124187, LONDON
1931 - Birth: Joseph Alexander LAWS-118427,
1932 - Admon: Thomas John LAWS-7807,
1933 - Marriage: Jim SIMMONS-56625 and Wilce Pate LAWS-56624, Weakley Co., TN USA
1948 - Birth: Gerry Wayne LAWS-123905, Mooresville NC USA
1951 - Burial: Zenos Marvin LAWS (Section Hand - Steam Railroad)-34173, Provo UT USA
1953 - Death: Dorhm Anders LAWS-42442,
1954 - Birth: Michael Andrew LAWS-123934, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1954 - Death: Clifton F LAWS (PVT US Army) -37918,
1963 - Residence: Stephen LAWES (Railway Guard) -912, Bedminster GLS death Bristol GLS UK
1963 - Birth: Andrew Richard LAWS-41268,
1970 - Death: Jennifer LAWS (a child) -43123, Kirkley SFK UK
1973 - Birth: Alexander LAWES-51712, Tidworth HAM UK
1983 - Marriage: Peter John Daughton LAWS-38629 and Jacqueline Mary SQUIRE-38630,                          Chobham SRY UK
1986 - Death: Kenneth Jack LAWES (Australian Army) -32399, Jeparit VIC AUSTRALIA

1839 - Birth: Mary Anne BOLLIN-63496, Great Abington CAM UK
1852 - Birth: Thomas Augustus MATTINGLEY-45959, Perry Co IN USA
1890 - Birth: Rose Etta Lucy JAMES-55824, Scotsdale TASMANIA
1893 - Birth: May Victoria SALTER-50969, Shotley SFK UK
1899 - Birth: Rupert Ernest Giles CARTER-30098,
1906 - Birth: Benjamin Eugene EATON-2957, Auburn NH USA
1907 - Birth: Doris Lydia GARDNER-3500,
1915 - Birth: Ruby Australia HOLLAND-35248, Gilgandra  NSW AUSTRALIA
1923 - Birth: Joyce GADD-35292, Marickville NSW AUSTRALIA
1929 - Birth: Annette Lilian M TRUSS-125438,
1986 - Death: Ulysses Grant SIPES-125485, North Wilkesboro NC USA
2001 - Death: John Francis CARLSON-124623, Pleasant Grove UT USA

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