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LFR July 28 Number 590

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today July 28th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1720 - Marriage: Edward LAWS-5780 and Mary HAMBROOK-5781, Stelling KEN UK
1751 - Baptism: Catherine LAWS-32587, Spittalfields MDX UK
1766 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-53695,
1777 - Christen: John LAWES-333, Damerham DOR UK
1815 - Birth: James Madison LAWS-124323, Suffolk NY USA
1839 - Christening: Ann LAWS -3117, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                       Chatteris CAM UK

1842 - Marriage: Samuel CORP-4165 and Mary Ann LAWS-4162, Portsea HAM UK

                                             HMS 'Victory' in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1856 - Occupation: Edward LAWS (Steward on Ship "TELEGRAPH" -51777,
1858 - Birth: George LAWS (Copper Miner) -5590, Islington MDX UK

                                                              Islington MDX UK

1860 - Birth: Florence Annie LAWS -30063, Alverstoke HAM UK
1865 - Christen: Alfred Frederick LAWS-7522, Dorking SRY UK

                                                        Dorking SRY UK

1865 - Birth: Alice Louisa LAWS (Barmaid) -3670, Horstead NFK UK
1867 - Baptism: Caroline Sophia LAWS-5831, Portsmouth HAM UK
1872 - Birth: John Bennett Fountaine LAWES-WITTWRONGE-228, Chelsea MDX UK

                                                      Chelsea Hospital MDX UK

1879 - Birth: Bertha Marg LAWS-45778, Philadelphia PA United States
1883 - Birth: Albert LAWS-54959,
1883 - Birth: Albert Edward LAWS (RN K30110) -47625, Lambeth SRY UK
1884 - Birth: Margaret LAWS-125491, Orange Co NC United States
1892 - Birth: Clinton LAWS (Carpenter) -125476, NC United States
1895 - Marriage: William MCFALLS-123654 and Susan LAWS-123655, Yancy Co NC USA
1895 - Death: Carlos William LAWS-122132, Johnson, Kane Co. UT United States

                                                            Johnson UT USA

1895 - Birth: Forrest F LAWS (Cpl US Army) -37951,
1902 - Marriage: Albert D LAWS-41518 and Leonora M PHILLIPS-41519, Farmington, Davis Co               Idaho USA
1904 - Death: George LAWS-118883, Liverpool NSW AUSTRALIA
1906 - Death: Thomas LAWS-17410, Victoria Road, Widnes LAN
1911 - Birth: Robert Henry LAWS-58091,
1915 - Burial: Jay LAWS (Tailors Merchant) -48202, Mout Olive, Pittsburg Kansas
1916 - Birth: Arthur LAWS-118567,
1917 - Death: Harry Taylor LAWS (ARMY Rifleman S/4376) -7913, France or Flanders Killed in                Action
1918 - Birth: Gladys Audrey M LAWS-120162,
1924 - Residence: Frank John LAWS (Stationer) -120847, Palmers Green MDX UK

              Palmers Green MDX UK 1955 (I worked at Evans & Davies (Center) 5 years after)

1925 - Birth: Jean LAWS-45553, West Hartlepool DUR UK

                                                 HMS 'Trincomalee' at Hartelpool DUR UK

1930 - Birth: Derek John B LAWS-119088, Kingston SRY UK
1933 - Birth: Betty Jean LAWS-42404,
1934 - Marriage: Alan LAWS (Prison Officer Chief Eng) -6298 and Polly Millicent HUME-6299,                Wandsworth SRY UK
1938 - Birth: Earl William LAWS-27697, Catawba County NC USA
1942 - Birth: Sheila Ann LAWES-32932,
1943 - Miscellaneous: Ralph Bousquet LAWES (BOAC E/O) -124432,
1953 - Admon: John Edward LAWES-123045,
1953 - Birth: Cassandra Faye LAWS-40345, TX USA
1955 - Burial: Ernest LAWS- (PFC US Army Air Forces) 37940, Beverley NJ USA
1955 - Death: Susan LAWS-37780,
1963 - Residence: Leonard Louis LAWES (Ag Lab) -123566, Bucklebury BRK & death at
           Rotherfield Peppard OXF UK
1973 - Burial: Leonard W LAWS (BTG 3 US NAVY) -167704, Omaha Douglas Co NE USA
1975 - Death: John Bailey LAWS Jr -45940, Benecia CA USA
1976 - Cremation: Marion LAWES (widow) -53570, Kent & Sussex Crematorium
1979 - Marriage: Barry F LAWS-55680 and Coral WATSON-55681,
2011 - Death: Richard  LAWS (Royal Australian Navy)-30091, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA

1840 - Death: Fanny Jane AMES-124766, Boston MA USA
1854 - Birth: William Charles FAUX (Jobbing Gardener) -9301, Hellesdon NFK UK
1872 - Birth: Julia GRIMANI (Dressmaker on own account) -34737, Deptford KEN UK
1903 - Birth: Frances Kate HILLAR-120993, Sturminster DOR (Okeford Fitzpaine)
1909 - Birth: Catherine Alice BORGER-30134, 

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