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Family Events from our database for today July 15th

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1712 - Baptism: Tamasin LAWS-55787, Hawkinge KEN UK

                                                         Hawkinge KEN UK

1783 - Marriage: John HAYLETT-1509 and Anne LAWS-1510, Necton NFK UK
1803 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWES-1282,
1821 - Marriage: Robert LAWS (Butcher & Publican) -3576 and Sarah WARD (Schoolmistress                    (1851) -3577, East Dereham NFK UK
1851 - Birth: Robert LAWS (Coal Miner - Chargeman) -8066, East Cramlington NBL
1856 - Marriage: Samuel Brewster WOODHULL-123497 and Julia S LAWS-123496, Long Island              NY United States
1860 - Christen: Elizabeth Ann LAWS-4528, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                       Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1864 - Burial: Isaac LAWS (PVT US Army) -37997, Little Rock National Cemetery AR
1875 - Birth: Robert Henry LAWS (Company Secretary) -7640, Bethnal Green MDX UK
           (My Grandfather)

                                                        Bethnal Green MDX UK

1878 - Birth: John Bonner LAWS (Carpenter) -57513, Bellavale TN USA
1879 - Birth: James Isaac LAWS-115893, Johnson City, Washington Co TN United States
1888 - Birth: Myrtle LAWS-41219, Lebo, Coffey Kansas United States
1897 - Death: Thomas Jefferson LAWS-48224, Callaway Co MO USA
1897 - Death: William Alderson LAWS (Builder)-38502, Whitley Bay NBL UK
1898 - Baptism: Hilda LAWS-47574, Ryhope DUR UK
1904 - Baptism: Anna Lavinia LAWS-42782, Hanwell MDX UK
1910 - Death: William John LAWS-117770, Balmain, NSW Australia
1911 - Death: William Frank LAWS (Foreman Shipbuilder) -9221, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1913 - Death: De Wilton LAWS-124649, Philadelphia PA United States
1914 - Birth: Edward John LAWS-39431, Hamilton County, Cincinnati, OH
1915 - Death: Louis A LAWS-167478,
1917 - Death: Julia S LAWS-123496, Long Island NY United States
1917 - Birth: Eric Robert LAWS (RAAF) -32324, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1922 - Marriage: John M LAWS (Metal polisher & Buffer) -123476 and Pearl HIGGINS-123477,
1924 - Birth: Janat LAWS-41430, Kanab UT USA
1927 - Naturalization: Claude Douglas LAWES (Machine Parts Salesman) -143396, Los Angeles                  CA United States
1928 - Birth: Curtis C LAWS (S1 US Navy) -37921,
1929 - Death: Fannie LAWS-42502,
1932 - Birth: Robert Bernard LAWS-123829, Kingston SRY UK
1934 - Death: Ralph W LAWS-42319,
1935 - Miscellaneous: Francis William LAWS (Company Director Artificial stone Mfr) -6090,
1935 - Residence: Francis William LAWS (Company Director Artificial stone Mfr) -6090, Hamilton            House EC2
1938 - Birth: Gillian LAWS-118711,
1940 - Birth: Edmond Max LAWS-125469, Swain Co NC USA
1942 - Miscellaneous: Frederick Henry LAWS (Attourney) -117398,
1946 - Birth: Michael Stuart Eldon LAWS-7180, The Priory, St Osyth ESS UK
1947 - Birth: Edward George LAWS (Turbine Engineer) -31963, Chicago IL United States
1949 - Death: John LAWS (Cpl US Army) -38011,
1949 - Burial: Percy Murray LAWS-30067, Dutton Park, Brisbane QLD
1952 - Admon: George Raymond LAWS-117346,
1952 - Birth: Rita Ann LAWS-40328, TX USA
1953 - Birth: Margaret A LAWS (A1/C US Air Force) -38058,
1961 - Residence: George Alexander LAWS-38688, Higher Denham BKM UK
1961 - Death: George Alexander LAWS-38688, Windsor BRK UK
1961 - Birth: Sylvia Rose LAWS-115178,
1963 - Residence: Victor William George LAWS-42791, Southall MDX UK
1963 - Miscellaneous: Aileen Joye LAWES-167820,
1963 - Miscellaneous: Agnes Emily LAWS (Spinster) -123274,
1963 - Miscellaneous: James Arthur Bloy LAWS (Schoolmaster)-33439,
1964 - Residence: Joseph Edward LAWS (RN M15026) -47618, Bromley KEN UK but Death                      Lewisham KEN UK
1964 - Death: Isaac LAWS-42282,
1994 - Death: Samuel Kenneth LAWS-48480,
1997 - Probate: Albert William LAWS-122473, Winchester HAM UK
2000 - Marriage: Graham Thomas FOREST-114035 and Donna Marie LAWS-114032, Newcastle                upon Tyne NBL UK
2010 - Death: Albert LAWS-115656, March CAM UK

1815 - Birth: Garson BLAKE (Builders, Coal & General Mcht) -3641,
1876 - Birth: Alfred SAVILLE (Engineer) 34740, Deptford KEN UK (My Grandfather's Cousin)
1897 - Birth: Ernest Edward STANLEY-31607, Basford NTT UK
1912 - Birth: Alta Alicia ROGERS-124919, Elgin OR United States
1917 - Birth: Dorethy Phyllis Pearce JONES-35327, NSW AUSTRALIA
1952 - Miscellaneous: Olive WILLIAMS-122881,
1963 - Death: Eldon Arthur PURSELL-42713, Richland Center WI USA
1991 - Death: Ruby Georgina COBBETT-270, Milton ONTARIO CANADA
1997 - Burial: Esther Helen PETRICK-45617, Huntingdon UT USA

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