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LFR Jul 20 Number 582

North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

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Family Events from our database for today July 20th

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Family Events
1619 - Marriage: Robert WEBB-1734 and Elizabeth LAWES-1586, Plymouth DEV UK
1777 - Baptism: Stephen LAWS-49562, Lakenham NFK UK
1806 - Christen: John LAWS-7996, South Shields DUR UK
1814 - Baptism: William Blutcher LAWS-43097, Lavenham SFK UK

                                               Lavenham Suffolk UK (Pure Chocolate Box)

1817 - Marriage: John LAWS-30450 and Susannah WOODCOCK-30449, Norwich NFK UK

                                                      The Cathedral, Norwich NFK UK

1822 - Marriage: Thomas Charles HOWARD-8552 and Charlotte LAWS-8014, St.George Hanover Square MDX UK

                                             St Georges Hanover Square, MDX UK

1824 - Birth: William LAWS-3110, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                          Chatteris CAM UK

1834 - Birth: John LAWS (Gardener & Innkeeper) -6596, Stratton Strawless NFK UK

                                                     Stratton Strawless NFK UK

1847 - Birth: Angelina LAWS (Hat Milliner) -7663, Limerick IRELAND (My Great Grand Aunt)
1858 - Birth: Henry Robert LAWS (RN 83446) -47662, Portsea HAM UK

HMS 'Victory' Admiral Nelson's Flagship moored at Portsea Naval Dockyard HAM UK

1862 - Christen: William George LAWS (Opthalmic Surgeon FRCS) -3223, Chollerton NBL UK
1867 - Birth: Mary Jane Lewery LAWS-6292, North Backworth, Earsdon NBL UK
1868 - Birth: John James LAWS-55221, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1868 - Birth: Annie Octavia LAWES (LAROSS) -261, Soho MDX
1876 - Birth: Mary Treen LAWS-3398, Margate KEN UK

                                                             Margate KEN UK

1884 - Baptism: Percy LAWS (Farmer) -3211, Ovington NBL UK
1886 - Birth: Frank Walton LAWS (ARMY Gunner 37540) -36682, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

                                                      Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1889 - Marriage: Frank LAWS-37639 and Ann SHAFTO-37640, New Seahamr DUR UK
                         (Ann SHAFTO sister of the famous Bobby SHAFTO)
1901 - Marriage: William LAWS (Ag Lab) -41906 and Catherine Jane CUNNINGHAM-41907, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                    Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1901 - Burial: Ann LAWS-46023, Toowong, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1911 - Birth: Robbie Dae LAWS (Sgt US Army) -42302,
1913 - Birth: Ivy Gertrude LAWS-118656,
1915 - Enlistment: Frederick James LAWS (ARMY Private 45672) -54426,
1916 - Death: James MCLAWS (ARMY Corporal 6343) -45040,
1920 - Death: Richard Noel LAWES-120014,
1922 - Miscellaneous: Bertha Marg LAWS-45778,
1925 - Death: Paul Seville LAWS-41374, Greenbrier Co WV USA
1926 - Miscellaneous: George Henry LAWES (Tobacconist)-2043,
1930 - Birth: Joan Barbara LAWS-3359, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                       Folkestone KEN UK

1934 - Will Proved: Frederick LAWS (Printers Warehouseman) -50727,
1937 - Admon: John Learmont LAWS (Schoolmaster) -3282,
1939 - Birth: Dilyis Grace LAWS-118754,
1943 - Death: Robert William LAWS (ARMY Private 2083635) -45130,
1944 - Residence: Sarah Eleanor LAWS-38739, Chiswick MDX
1945 - Death: Milbert  LAWS (PFC US Army)-37727,
1950 - Residence: Percy LAWS-123015, Washingborough LIN & Death at  Lincoln LIN UK

                                     Castle Square, and The Cathedral Lincoln LIN UK

1950 - Death: Junius Eugene LAWS-41019, Los Angeles CA United States
1951 - Death: Zenos Marvin LAWS (Section Hand - Steam Railroad) -34173, Salt Lake City UT United States
1954 - Miscellaneous: Thomas Davison LAWS (Farmer) -6972,
1962 - Miscellaneous: Lottie Doreen LAWES-124223,
1962 - Miscellaneous: H Dennis LAWES (Electrical Contractor) -49,
1962 - Estate to: Sidney Stephen LAWES-124222,
1964 - Birth: Steven LAWS-123830, Surrey Mid E
1968 - Burial: William Hart LAWS-34178, Blanding, San Juan Co UT
1972 - Birth: Sandra LAWS-34454, Spartanburg SC USA
1978 - Death: William Washington LAWS (Furn Worker) -125482, Lenoir, Cauldwell Co. NC United States
2009 - Death: Arthur LAWS -4087, Anlaby ERY UK
2011 - Cremation: Charles Robert LAWS-125160, Orilla, Simcoe Co ONT CANADA

1863 - Birth: Dorthy Hannah DICKESON-41835, Cramlington NBL UK
1883 - Burial: Sabina SARGEANT (Lately widow SIMMS) -3887, Talbot, Bournmouth DOR
           (St Mark) UK
                                                        Bournemouth HAM UK

1906 - Birth: Alice Elizabeth CREW-53262, Bristol GLS UK
1937 - Birth: Irene COONEY-42090, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1937 - Miscellaneous: Mary Ann JOHNSON (Schoolmistress) -38963,
1939 - Birth: Dilys Grace WEARNE-115911, Truro CON UK
1943 - Death: Edward William ARKLE-124881, Edmonton MDX UK
1944 - Death: Frederick James PORTER-38740, Lingford's, Great Canfield ESS UK
2003 - Burial: Laura Leah THOMAS (substitute teacher) -31059, Hiddenite Cemetery NC USA

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