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LFR July 2 Number 564

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If you are a LAWS or a LAWES or have these surnames in your family or perhaps it sounds like this but in fact is spelt differently, we would love to hear from you, we need to extend and expand our knowledge of the families we have already discovered, Come and join us, theres no better time than now.
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Family Events from our database for today July 2nd

If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might get a whole tree! 

Family Events
1693 - Marriage: Nicholas LAWES (Govenor of Jamaica)-4912 and Elizabeth MODYFORD (Widow of Samuel BARRY) -638,
1713 - Marriage: Edward LAWES-1670 and ??? RIVETT-1671, Norwich NFK UK

                                                          Norwich Cathedral NFK UK

1732 - Christen: Jane LAWS-7620, Mitcham SRY UK
1813 - Marriage: James MARCHAM (Servant) -2139 and Mary LAWES (Spinster) -2140, Andover            HAM UK

                                                                Andover HAM UK

1817 - Birth: Charles Herbert LAWS (Australian Army) -32315, Chinchilla QLD AUSTRALIA
1820 - Birth: Phoebe LAWS-34003, London LDN
1827 - Burial: Thomas LAWS (Infant) -58450, Fincham NFK UK

                                                               Fincham NFK UK

1857 - Marriage: James Henry Forest LAWS(Engine Fitter) -64561 and Eliza RAMSEY-6149,                    Christ Church, Watney Street MDX
1876 - Baptism: Ernest Albert LAWS-117339, Holloway MDX UK
1877 - Marriage: George LAWS-124425 and Lydia Mary HARDING-124424, Westend by                          Southampton HAM UK
1881 - Death: Robert LAWS (Prisoner at Hockwold NFK) -7111, Leichhardt, NSW AUSTRALIA

                                                        Hockwold NFK UK

1886 - Birth: Larkin Lester LAWS-40925, TX USA
1901 - Birth: Sarah Ann LAWS-111695, South Shields DUR UK
1908 - Death: Emma Mary Ann LAWS-118404,
1910 - Marriage: Joseph Robert LAWS (Builders Labourer) -5741 and Alice COOKSEY-39428,                  West Ham ESS UK
1912 - Marriage: Herbert Joseph SINFIELD (Coster) -123814 and Eleanor LAWES-123813,                        Holloway MDX UK
1913 - Birth: Reginald Stallwood LAWS-118682,
1915 - Birth: Wilbur Francis LAWS-45658, Star Ranch, Juab, UT USA
1918 - Birth: Edith Gladys LAWS-118708,
1918 - Birth: Bernard Patrick LAWS-55743, West Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA
1918 - Death: Len LAWS-38392, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK

                                                              Broken Arrow OK USA

1922 - Birth: Doreen Peggy LAWS-167525,
1922 - Birth: Clare LAWS-30089, Warwick, QLD Australia
1925 - Death: Vilda LAWS-45657, Blanding, San Juan Co UT USA
1925 - Admon: William LAWS-3327,
1932 - Death: Christopher LAWS-7759, Murton DUR UK
1936 - Miscellaneous: Olivia LAWS-36737,
1936 - Will  Proved: William George LAWS (Opthalmic Surgeon FRCS) -3223,
1937 - Birth: Anthony Charles LAWES (Company Director) -30042, Newmarket SFK
1940 - Death: Mary Etta LAWS-29646,
1940 - Admon: Henry LAWS (Commercial Clerk) -4484,
1944 - Death: William Norman LAWS (ARMY Gunner 14355551) -121942,
1946 - Death: Clara Callos LAWS-167475,
1946 - Admon: Arnold Alfred LAWS (Stores Clerk & Workhouse Officer) -29128,
1946 - Death: Almon Doddridge LAWS-40969, Los Angeles CA United States
1950 - Death: Edwin Lawson LAWS (Wholesale Grocer & Provisions Mcht)-38641, Woodbridge                SFK UK
1951 - Death: Fred LAWS (Railway Shunter 5713 LNER) -36310, Peterborough CAM UK
1951 - Birth: Lillian LAWS-40315, TX USA
1953 - Death: Mitchell LAWES (PFC US Army) -37875,
1965 - Miscellaneous: Frederick John LAWS (Retired Merchant Seaman) (RN J50923) -36542,
1965 - Estate to: Albert Victor LAWS-124139,
1966 - Death: William LAWS (Ag Lab) -41906, Dartford KEN UK
1970 - Death: Dorethy Alice LAWS-121967, Cronulla NSW AUSTRALIA
1970 - Birth: Jonathan Michael LAWS-43533, RAF Wroughton Hospital WIL UK
1972 - Marriage: James William TATE-114983 and Devera Jean LAWS-114982, Reno, Washoe Co            NV USA
1977 - Death: Charles LAWS-41422, AR (Newspaper - Arizona Republic)
1985 - Birth: Blake John LAWS-55013,
1985 - Birth: Sharon Rebecca LAWS-40747, TX USA
1985 - Death: Samuel LAWS (S1 US Navy) -38080, 

1862 - Birth: Wilhelmina Pauline OEHM-47885, Rosenthal SA
1868 - Baptism: Elizabeth CHARTERS-44153, Torpenhow CUL UK
1875 - Birth: Laura Lillian RHODES-38301, Mulmur ONT CANADA
1887 - Birth: Richard Arthur STAPLETON-46053, Illogan, Portreath CON
1892 - Birth: John Bartlet CHARTERS-34604, Bramley, Leeds WRY (Weston Flats Farm?)
1892 - Birth: Elisabeth Alice Frances BROWN-32241, Kensington MDX UK
1904 - Birth: Marjorie Jean BURNS-26432,
1918 - Birth: Winifred SNYDER-31121, Modoc IN USA
1924 - Birth: Betty Irene  BANKS (Company Director)-37458,
1935 - Immigration: Kathleen Marjorie Livingstone HODGSON-236, Liverpool LAN UK
1949 - Birth: Grahame Adiele (Marine Engineer) HARVEY-58370, Frazerburgh ABD
1949 - Birth: Dorethy BUNN-48265, Hempstead NFK
1965 - Miscellaneous: Louisa Dorothy BURGESS-124140,

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