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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Nov 2014 Number 348

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Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


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Extracted from our database for Nov 28

Family Events
1756 - Burial: James LAWS-7009, Felthorpe NFK UK
Felthorpe (St Margarets) NFK

1816 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Ag Lab) -91381, Chatteris CAM UK
Chatteris CAM UK

1841 - Baptism: Charles LAWS (Roadman) -1004, Bungay SFK UK
Bungay SFK UK

1844 - Marriage: Thomas DURFEE-5625 and Adah C LAWS-5624, Killingley Windham CT USA
1869 - Marriage: Charles GRIMANI (Scenic Artist) -34715 and Henrietta LAWS-34697, Regent                  Square MDX UK
1874 - Marriage: John MORGAN (Coal Miner) -49404 and Jane LAWS-31467, Tynemouth NBL                UK
Tynemouth NBL UK

1875 - Death: William LAWS (Master Mariner) -7789, South Kilvington, Thirsk NRY UK
1878 - Marriage: George LAWS-6512 and Rosa FOY-6513, Issaquena MS USA
1883 - Birth: Mabel Jane LAWS-3423, Kialla VIC AUSTRALIA
1908 - Marriage: Joseph THOMPSON-47865 and Elsie Louisa LAWES-47864, Petersham NSW                AUSTRALIA
1909 - Birth: Violet Hilda LAWES-47792, Norwich NFK UK
Elm Hill Norwich NFK UK

1910 - Birth: Arthur LAWS-119080, 
1915 - Birth: Vera Ethel LAWS-3362, KEN UK
1916 - Birth: Douglas Frank LAWS-119820, Croydon SRY UK
1916 - Birth: Ellen Lily LAWS-117750, Edmonton MDX UK
1917 - Death: Gladys LAWS-42446, 
1918 - Death: Matthew LAWS (Mustard Miller) -45146, Fletton HUN UK
1919 - Will Proved: Ann LAWS (Spinster) -7153, 
1921 - Residence: Henry William LAWS (Consultant Mining Engineer) -39906, Shanghai CHINA
1921 - Birth: Roy Walter LAWS (Australian Army) -32371, Hawthorn VIC AUSTRALIA
1921 - Will  Proved: Matthew Davison LAWS (Stationer & Registrar of Marriages) -5982, 
1923 - Death: Thomas Clifford LAWES-2457, Memorial Hospital, Cirencester GLS UK
1926 - Death: Alma J LAWS-115411, 
1937 - Residence: Alfred James Charles LAWES (Post Office) -117436, Post Office, Shorncliffe KEN UK
1940 - Admon: Herbert George LAWES-107940, 
1944 - Death: Thomas Campbell LAWS (Fireman and Trimmer Merchant Marine) -45143, 
           "Stronsa Firth" Lloyd's records her as follows, December 29th 1944, Joint Arbitration Committee                     consider lost by marine causes. Missing ship committee consider vessel lost on November 28th 1944.               Also mentioned, Sailed Kings Lynn on Nov 26th for Leith and was last seen approx off Whitby at 4am on             the 28th, she was due Firth of Forth on Nov 28/29. No wreckage ever found.
Tower Hill, London Memorial to the Merchant Navy

1949 - Birth: Alan LAWS (Company Director) -46319, 
1953 - Birth: Felicity Jane LAWS-116877, Tanganyika EAST AFRICA
1954 - Birth: Michael Lynn LAWS-40362, TX USA
1955 - Birth: Willis Taylor LAWS-123118, Greenville TN USA
1969 - Marriage: Howard LAWS-114930 & Movelta V WOODY-114931, Reno, Washoe NV USA
1970 - Marriage: Charlie LAWS-114956 and Edna M REDMAN-114957, Reno, Washoe NV USA
1970 - Death: Anderson LAWS-41446, Jefferson Co KY USA
1981 - Birth: Tandy Renea LAWS-120692, Georgetown, Williamson Co, TX USA
1982 - Admon: Leonard LAWES-124217, 
1984 - Death: James H LAWES-120007, 
2002 - Death: Graham James LAWS (Australian Army) -31835, Wahroonga NSW AUSTRALIA

1829 - Marriage: James DARLOW-10075, Crowland CAM UK
1914 - Birth: Ruby Georgina COBBETT-270, Hamilton ONT CANADA
1920 - Death: Eliza WARD (Dressmaker) -33891, Bungay SFK UK
1926 - Death: Emma GOWLER (Servant) -28602, Chatteris CAM UK
1930 - Will Proved: Catherine Rose HOZIER-9849, 
1940 - Miscellaneous: Charlotte Augusta PROUGHTON-107941, 
1954 - Birth: Margaret WEBB-53686, Ilford ESS UK
1971 - Birth: Sean KINSELLA-118160, 
1983 - Death: John DICKINSON-120821, Canberra NSW AUSTRALIA