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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Nov 2014 Number 328

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Christopher T & Michael J WATTS
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ISBN 1-873162-40-5
Definitive guide to the Public Record Office or National Archives

28. PC's for DUMMIES
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ISBN 0-470-11623-4
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29. LEGACY 7.0 
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30. OFFICE 2007 in Easy Steps
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ISBN 13-978-1-84078-344-5
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Extracted from our database for Nov 8

Family Events
1640 - Burial: Thomas LAWES (Vicar Choral) -1224, Salisbury WIL UK
Salisbury WIL

1777 - Will Proved: John LAWS-29823, Of HMS "Phoenix" now on HMS Hospital Ship "Jersey"
1783 - Baptism: Christian LAWS-3876, Witchampton DOR UK
1794 - Birth: Mary LAWES-119523, Down, Hurstbourne HAM UK
1824 - Marriage: Thomas Wing LAWS (Ag Lab  Imate in Workhouse) -13842 and Elizabeth LAUD-50939, Whittlesey CAM
1826 - Birth: Hannah LAWS -3111, Welches Dam CAM UK
Welches Dam CAM  deep in the English Fens

1828 - Christen: William LAWES-396, Holborn MDX UK
Holborn MDX

1835 - Marriage: Robert LAWS-30460 and Sarah Ann COLBY-30459, Norwich NFK UK
Elm Street, Norwich NFK

1835 - Marriage: Joseph STALKART-8638 and Ann LAWS-7157, Dover KEN UK
Dover KEN

1835 - Birth: Sarah Jane LAWES-30770, Market Lavington WIL UK
1838 - Death: Ann LAWS-3247, Chatteris CAM UK
Chatteris CAM

1845 - Marriage: Edward READ-570 and Sarah Ann Martha LAWES-569, Martin WIL UK
1846 - Marriage: Robert Phillip LAWS-33502 and Sarah MURRELL-46127, Caston NFK UK
1848 - Death: William Ernest LAWES-116865, Brighton SSX UK
Brighton SSX

1849 - Marriage: Henry BRYANT-31515 and Ellen LAWES-379, Fordingbridge HAM UK
1860 - Ordination: William George LAWES-201, Reading BRK UK
1869 - Marriage: William George LAWES-201 and Fanny WICKHAM-203, Aldermaston BRK UK
1876 - Marriage: Frederick LAWS (Printers Warehouseman) -50727 and Charlotte Ann MASTERTON-50726, Beccles SFK UK
Beccles SFK

1885 - Marriage: John LAWS (Laster) -49543 and Eliza Jane FARRELL (Milliner) -49544, Northampton NTH UK
1898 - Birth: Ada Elizabeth LAWS (Spinster) -58688, Bermondsey SRY UK
1903 - Birth: Leon H LAWS-48470, 
1910 - Burial: Thilma LAWS (Infant) -48173, Cabool, Texas Co MO USA
1911 - Birth: Doris Martha LAWS-54409, Pembroke PEM
1915 - Miscellaneous: Henry William LAWS (Lt RNVR DSO) -7908, 
1918 - Birth: Garland LAWS (SSgt US Army) -37956, 
1918 - Death: Frederick Ernest LAWS (ARMY Sapper 47043) -6103, FRANCE
1922 - Marriage: Sidney Leonard KNIGHT-124398 and Lily Victoria LAWES-32070, Longfleet DOR UK
1922 - Marriage: Roland Victor LAWES (Millers Clerk) -43007 and Kathleen Anne SCRIVENER-46188, Dover KEN
1922 - Marriage: Alfred Ernest LAWS (Blacksmith) -4581 and Annie LEGGOTT-4582, Boston LIN UK
1922 - Miscellaneous: Henry Alfred Lloyd LAWES (Insurance Clerk) -43009, 
1922 - Residence: Roland Victor LAWES (Millers Clerk) -43007, 8 Worthington Street, Dover KEN
1922 - Will  Proved: Alan LAWS (Coal Miner) -4605, 
1924 - Miscellaneous: Harry Cyril LAWS (Tea Planter) -38656, 
1924 - Will  Proved: Charles Edward Rose LAWS-8421, 
1926 - Death: Joseph Burton LAWS-115891, Johnson City, Washington Co TN United States
1933 - Death: James John LAWS (Tailor & Outfitter) -4028, East Dereham NFK UK
East Dereham NFK

1934 - Death: Samuel Benjamin LAWS (Railway Porter / Groom) -3668, 
1946 - Immigration: David B LAWS-123463, Southampton HAM UK
1946 - Birth: Alan LAWS (Company Director 2C1R) -46070, Sunderland DUR UK
1950 - Residence: Frank Albert LAWS-58290, East Barnet HRT
1950 - Death: Frank Albert LAWS-58290, Barnet HRT
The Old Toll Gate, Barnet HRT

1954 - Marriage: Leslie Francis Hooper GILVEAR-118976 and Nita Eliza LAWES-118975, Launcester, Tasmainia AUSTRALIA
1961 - Birth: Timothy Dean LAWS-29688, TX USA
1964 - Birth: Zane John LAWS-40467, TX USA
1983 - Birth: Anthony Quinn LAWS-40717, TX USA
1994 - Death: Harold C LAWS (CM2 US Navy) -37965,