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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Nov 2014 Number 335

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=====================================================================Extracted from our database for Nov 15
Family Events

1702 - Death: Amy LAWES-635, Jamaica, WEST INDIES
1805 - Death: Benjamin LAWES-32472, Tilshead WIL UK
1819 - Birth: Abigail Eleanor LAWS-33457, Long Island NY United States
1820 - Marriage: William LEMON-8812 and Margaret LAWS-8514, Newington SRY UK
Newington SRY

1833 - Birth: Margert Elizabeth LAWS-56534, Bond Co IL USA
1840 - Marriage: Samuel LAWES-30590 and Emily DAWSON-413, Cawston NFK (St Saviours)
Cawston NFK

1857 - Baptism: Elizabeth Tanner LAWES (Cook Domestic) -2533, Hullavington WIL
1862 - Birth: Jane Elizabeth LAWES (Dressmaker / Spinster) -1576, Burnham BKM
1874 - Death: Thomas LAWS (Town Moor Superintendent) -24239, Moor Cottage, Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK
Tyne Bridges, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL

1876 - Death: Lewis W LAWS-42429,
1888 - Birth: Hazel LAWS-38420,
1891 - Birth: Joseph LAWS-45375, Central City, Muhlenburg Co., KY USA
1901 - Birth: Norah Lee LAWS-37671, Winnsboro, Wood Co, TX USA
1904 - Birth: Joseph Edwin H LAWS-119105, Islington MDX UK
Islington MDX

1911 - Death: Samuel (Farmer) LAWS-48183, Washington, Mercer Co MO UK
1915 - Enlistment: Sydney LAWS (ARMY Private 4226) -54511, Canterbury KEN UK
1918 - Miscellaneous: David C LAWS-45810,
1921 - Birth: Mary LAWS-55456, Malanda QLD AUSTRALIA
1924 - Death: Ernest LAWS-9165, Bridge Farm, Watlington NFK UK
1925 - Birth: Ronald Douglas LAWS (Australian Army) -32369, Lidcombe NSW AUSTRALIA
1926 - Death: Alfred Newmarch LAWS (Plumber & Gasfitter) -9210, Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL
1927 - Birth & Death: Henry Stanfer LAWS-118633, Elk, Ready branch, Wilkes NC USA
1929 - Death: Harry LAWES-1346, Oulton Broad SFK UK
1930 - Death: Ed J LAWS-42354,
1932 - Will  Proved: John Henry LAWS (Ship Rivetter) -7233,
1946 - Birth: Roger John LAWES-124013, Sherborne DOR UK
1946 - Birth: Stephen LAWS-54691, Gunedah, NSW AUSTRALIA
1949 - Birth: Timothy Alan LAWS-40293, Tarrant Co TX USA
1956 - Burial: William LAWS-53564, Tunbridge Wells KEN UK
1958 - Birth: Revie Eugene LAWS-40408, TX USA
1965 - Death: William Michael LAWES-123593, Thetford NFK UK
1968 - Marriage: Forest D LAWS-123403 and Hazel L VICKREY-123405, Los Angeles CA USA
1970 - Birth: Marcitta Elsie LAWS-40538, TX USA
1975 - Birth: Chase Phillip LAWS-40602, TX USA
1986 - Birth: Lacy Lee Clarence LAWS (II) -40768, TX USA
1994 - Burial: Harold C LAWS (CM2 US Navy) -37965, Beverley NJ USA
2002 - Burial: Ezell LAWS (PFC US Army) -37949, Levensworth KS USA

1684 - Burial: Leonard MATON (Reverend Vicar of Durrington WIL) -30956, Durrington WIL UK
1840 - Baptism: Mary Ann HUCKLEBRIDGE (Servant) -2009, St Pancras MDX UK
1955 - Estate to: Rachel HARKER-34636,
1966 - Death: Lyle Dennis BAILEY-118508,
1967 - Death: Elizabeth Parker ATHEY-37130, Hexham NBL UK
1999 - Death: Mabel KNOX (Retired Teacher ) -31242, Baton Rouge LO USA