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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Nov 2014 Number 337

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Extracted from our database for Nov 17

1692 - Burial: Elizabeth LAWIS-2579, Leake LIN UK
1750 - Baptism: Benjamin LAWS-34166, Feltwell NFK UK
Feltwell NFK

1786 - Death: William LAWS (Shopkeeper) -39038, 
1803 - Birth: Hiram LAWS-29779, Orange NC USA
1805 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWES-30849, Whitsbury WIL/HAM UK
1837/1847 - Marriage: William BURTON (Labourer) -47329 and Harriett LAWS-47328, Litcham NFK
litcham NFK

1841 - Burial: Rose Ann LAWS (Infant) -121511, Limerick IRELAND
1879 - Birth: Arthur William LAWS-7555, West Ham ESS UK
West Ham MDX

1882 - Occupation: Henry Fricker LAWES (Solicitor (Barrister & Gentleman) -30005, Lincolns Inn
1890 - Marriage: William READ (General Dealer with own shop) -41891 and Margaret LAWS-41890, Newington SRY UK
1893 - Birth: Lillian Eva LAWS-

Newington SRY

41851, Great Baddow ESS UK
1902 - Burial: George James LAWS-119587, Kinson DOR UK
1904 - Marriage: William John LAWES (Police Constable) -42198 and Rose CHAPMAN-42199, West Norwood SRY UK (St Luke)
1908 - Marriage: Fred Chester LAWS-119717 and Emily Marion SPENCER-119718, 
1908 - Birth: Doris Mary LAWES-118783, 
1908 - Birth: Nora LAWS-58676, 
1909 - Birth: Wilfred Jabez LAWES (Australian Army) -32407, Birmingham WAR UK
1925 - Death: Clifford Edlow LAWS-124312, Park Ridge NJ USA
1925 - Birth: Geoffrey LAWS-119169, 
1934 - Miscellaneous: Leslie Gilbert LAWS (Company Director) -121095, 
1937 - Marriage: George Edward LAWS (Machinist) -48477 and Marion Alice HILLIGAS-48478, 
1939 - Miscellaneous: James Charles LAWES-43030, 
1939 - Birth: Carl Miller LAWS-43614, Kingston Upon Hull EYR UK
Kingston upon Hull ERY

1945 - Death: Christine Clementine LAWS-40956, Trinity CA
1947 - Death: William Alfred LAWES-47858, Burwood, NSW Australia
1960 - Death: Walter Edward LAWS-42334, 
1962 - Marriage: Burt J LEVEL-114897 and Ellen D LAWS-114896, Clark NV
1968 - Death: Raymond LAWS-33444, Vancover BC CANADA
1968 - Death: Raymond LAWS-33444, Vancover BC CANADA
1980 - Birth: William Sevag EMPSON-9897, NeUnited Statesntel SWITZERLAND
1984 - Birth: Shannon Darnell (Disabled Childcare) LAWS-124677, Davie Co NC United States
1986 - Death: Dianne LAWS-31826, Benowa NSW AUSTRALIA
2002 - Death: John D LAWS-29131, Gastonia NC USA
2003 - Death: Katherine E LAWS-33570, 
2006 - Death: Arlyn HANSEN-45624, Mayfield, Sanpete Co UT USA
2008 - Death: Kathleen Annie WEIS-115410, Concord NSW

1782 - Death: Ann Louisa BELL-3240,  
1793 - Baptism: William Frederick CLEGG (Watchmaker) -44034, Manchester LAN UK
1811 - Baptism: Hannah PENNY-42126, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL
1818 - Death: Charlotte (Sophia) OF MECKLENBURG-45424, Kew Palace SRY
1885 - Birth: Georgina KIRK-43597, Kingston Upon Hull EYR UK
1939 - Miscellaneous: Laura Dorethy BARTLETT-58740,
1947 - Death: Hannah JUDE-57991, Burwood, NSW Australia
1951 - Birth: Catherine Anne WILSON-43927,