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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Nov 2014 Number 338

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Extracted from our database for today November 18

Family Events
1735 - Marriage: Jonathan LAWS-47157 and Mary CODLING-47158, Ponteland NBL UK
Ponteland NBL

1790 - Marriage: James LAWES-2100 and Mary CLEAVER-2101, Northwood IOW UK
1804 - Christen: Hannah LAWS-4504, Rochdale LAN UK
1805 - Birth: Sarah LAWES-32282, Bower Chalke WIL UK
Bower Chalke WIL

1832 - Baptism: Joseph LAWS-5510, Littleport CAM UK
Littleport CAM

1833 - Marriage: John Kember LAWS-7371 and Harriet Watson WELLARD-7372, St.Mary the Virgin  Dover KEN
Dover Castle KEN

1838 - Baptism: John LAWS-34735, Finsbury MDX UK
1838 - Baptism: Henry LAWS-9235, Finsbury MDX UK
1843 - Marriage: John LAWS (Ag Lab) -34169 and Martha COBBEN-34208,
1844 - Marriage: William LAWS-57909 and Salome PLANT-57910, Hoxne SFK UK
1860 - Marriage: Henry C LAWS-41536 and Madaline T MCLENNEN-41537, Placer Co ID USA
1865 - Will  Proved: Thomas LAWS (Innkeeper) -7786,
1865 - Miscellaneous: John LAWS (Innkeeper, The Felling Inn) -7767,
1867 - Birth: Alice LAWS (Scholar) -4604, Washbrook SFK UK
1872 - Birth: Harry Mead  LAWS (Reverend) -33893, Bungay SFK UK
Bungay SFK

1877 - Baptism: Harry Augustus LAWES-118118, Walworth SRY UK
Walworth St.Peter SRY

1877 - Death: William LAWS (Farmer 40 acres) -51468, Bury LAN
1893 - Birth: Charles Alfred LAWS (Clerk) -50584, Battersea SRY UK
1899 - Birth: Theodora Winnifred LAWES (Scholar) -57374, New Cross SRY UK
1913 - Death: Annie Emma LAWS-9201, Langford, Filey NRY UK
1914 - Birth: Alfred C LAWES-122309,
1914 - Birth: Alfred Charles LAWS-118601,
1917 - Death: Edna May LAWES-54380,
1919 - Residence: Kate Ellen LAWS-36887, Richmond on Thames SRY U
The Thames at Richmond SRY

1919 - Marriage: Frederick William MUNRO (Soldier) -124368 and Kate Ellen LAWS-36887,                    Richmond on Thames SRY UK
1921 - Birth: Paul W LAWS (SSgt US Army) -37929,
1922 - Marriage: Robert HEDLEY-32154 and Elizabeth LAWS-32153, Chester le Street DUR UK
1923 - Birth: Jessica Mary LAWS-43610,
1932 - Will  Proved: Charlotte Emily LAWS-8785,
1936 - Miscellaneous: Alice LAWS (Spinster) -57291,
1938 - Death: Larry Wilson LAWS-38497, Rutherford County NC USA
1939 - Birth: Sheila Mary LAWS-120156,
1943 - Miscellaneous: Anthony Michael LAWS (Australian Army) -32304,
1944 - Birth: Gavin Clifford LAWS-3529,
1946 - Death: Francis Frederick LAWS (Master Clerk at Gressenhall Workhouse) -29122, East                      Dereham NFK UK
1952 - Death: Gerald Milton LAWS (Rancher) -41201,
1954 - Death: Ernest Francis LAWS-9681, North Vancover BC CANADA
1957 - Death: George LAWS-31813, Port Alberni BC CANADA
1963 - Birth: Jane Ellen LAWS-40456, TX USA
1965 - Death: Clara Sophia LAWS (Spinster) -5851, Lothingland SFK UK
1970 - Marriage: Barry Ernest LAWS-3528 and Merrilyn PECK-3531,
1974 - Birth: Noosha LAWS-43893,
1975 - Birth: Raymond Arthur Owen LAWS-54674, Blacktown, NSW Australia
1985 - Birth: Nancy Elizabeth LAWS-40752, TX

1789 - Death: Rachel K CANADY-56443, Mercer Co KY USA
1856 - Birth: James Verty ANDERSON (Auctioneer Valuer Funiture Removal) -120884,
           Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK
1874 - Birth: Lillie Maud POPPY (Dressmaker) -36751, Stepney MDX UK
St.Dunstan, Stepney MDX

1874 - Birth: Robert Charles William BRANT (Gunsight Maker) -34708, Birmingham WAR UK
1889 - Birth: Jane Ann PEARSON-43077, Hartlepool DUR UK
HMS Tricomalee ar Hartlepool DUR

1899 - Birth: Elizabeth WATSON-44201, Sunderland DUR UK
Sunderland DUR

1899 - Birth: Annie LEGGOTT-4582, Freiston Shore LIN
1903 - Will Proved: Esther COPELAND-5157, 
1913 - Death: Annie Emma FEATHERSTON-3206, Langford, Filey NRY UK
1917 - Birth: Clifford Oliver DODSON-3548, Kaniva VIC AUSTRALIA
1919 - Residence: Frederick William (Soldier) MUNRO-124368, Richmond on Thames SRY UK
1929 - Death: Amanda Emeline POOR-34268, OK USA
1936 - Admon: Ann Margaret FURZE-5040,
1971 - Birth: Therasa Michelle LEES-9900, Margate KEN UK
Margate KEN

1989 - Death: Daisey May Dorethy Kathleen BOLTON-118298, Portsmouth HAM UK
Nelson's "Victory" at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard HAM