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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Nov 2014 Number 334

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Extracted from our database for Nov 14

Family Events

1630 - Burial: James LAWES-2232, St.Peter at Gowts Lincoln LIN UK
St Peter at Gowts Lincoln LIN

1761 - Marriage: Thomas MARSH-38937 and Ann LAWS-38936, Elmstead KEN UK
1765 - Baptism: Jane LAWS-45278, Bower Chalke WIL UK
Bower Chalke WIL

1801 - Marriage: John LAWES-32276 and Frances POOLE-32277, Odstock WIL UK
1808 - Baptism: Isabella LAWS-41977, Gateshead DUR UK
1810 - Christen: Jane LAWS-6177, Gosport HAM UK
1823 - Birth: Susanna LAWS-53128,
1825 - Marriage: Austin LAWS (Gardener) -4725 and Mary WARNES-4726, Lambeth SRY UK
1842 - Birth: Ann Martha LAWS-3153, Wareham DOR UK
1852 - Birth: Benjamin LAWS (Ag Lab) -9050, Cawston NFK
Cawston NFK (this church can be seen for miles) 

1856 - Death: Sarah Ann LAWS-119620,
1858 - Birth: Catherine Elizabeth LAWES-257, Walworth SRY UK
St Peters Walworth SRY

1876 - Birth: Walter Fruen LAWES (RN 166301 RM Corporal 1st Class) -2529, Tooting SRY UK
1878 - Will  Proved: William LAWS (Farmer/Grazier) -7488,
1884 - Death: Anna Elizabeth LAWS (Infant) -2800, Felthorpe NFK UK
St Margaret Felthorpe NFK

1889 - Birth: Ulysses Simpson LAWS (MA3 US Navy) -37945,
1899 - Birth: Doris LAWES-47843, Cardiff GLA UK
1903 - Birth: Florence May LAWS-118757,
1905 - Birth: Reuben Arthur LAWS-54453, Cheriton KEN UK
1906 - Marriage: Tom Emmerson MATHER-41843 and Hannah Allison LAWS-41836, Morpeth NBL UK
1906 - Birth: Jane Ann LAWS-34018, Easington DUR
1911 - Death: John James LAWS (Foreman) -9726, Lower Clapton MDX UK
1913 - Birth: William Hart LAWS-34178, Richfield Sevier UT USA
1916 - Death: Walter LAWS (ARMY Rifleman R/13167) -45150,
1921 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869,
1922 - Birth: Lance Vere LAWES-122197,
1928 - Marriage: Archibald Cyril LAWES (Newsagent) -46190 and Mabel Kate SAVILLE-46191, Dover KEN UK
Dover Castle KEN

1929 - Birth: Shirley Jean LAWS-29767, Mendoza, Caldwell Co., TX USA
1936 - Marriage: Alfred Leonard LAWS-42786 and Minnie Violet MARSHALL-42787, Feltham MDX UK
1936 - Birth: John Walter LAWS (Bar Steward) -118375, Ipswich SFK UK
Ipswich SFK

1944 - Birth: Margaret Ann LAWS-53923, Murton DUR UK
1947 - Birth: Russell Gary LAWS (DC3 US Navy) -38078,
1948 - Birth: Linda Kathryn LAWS-40266, Kleburg Co TX USA
1950 - Admon: Walter Christian LAWS-123019,
1951 - Birth: Michael Jay LAWS-40320, TX USA
1965 - Residence: John Leonard Miller LAWS (Dock Worker) -43599, Kingston Upon Hull EYR
UK & Death at Cottingham ERY UK
Kingston Upon Hull ERY (and River Humber)
The Humber Bridge (The longest single-span Suspension bridge in the world when built) 

1982 - Death: Arville LAWS-115396, Carroll Co TN USA
2003 - Death: Linda Carolyn McCoury LAWS-32629, Heaton, Ashville NC USA

1842 - Death: Eliza BRIGNELL-28688, St Marylebone MDX UK
1867 - Birth: Martha ELLIOTT-46169, Aldbrough ERY UK
1868 - Death: Elizabeth MCMINN-31595, Rivenhall Cottage, Gatehouse of Fleet KCB
1906 - Birth: Leonard Sidney WEBSTER-118355, Norwich NFK UK
Elm Hill, Norwich NFK

1913 - Birth: Frances LOWES-53254, Sunderland DUR UK
1924 - Birth: Florence AYERS (Widow) -29151, Gaston County NC USA
1960 - Birth: Kim NOTHELFER-55011,
1973 - Death: Arthur Thomas NEAL-32234, Southend on Sea ESS UK
Southend on Sea ESS (Longest Preasure Pier in the World) 

1993 - Death: Elsie Madelaine HUNTER-31832, Kingsford NSW AUSTRALIA