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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Feb 2015 Number 428

Hope all of you who attended RootsTech/FGS 2015 had a gggreat time & get home safe

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We are looking for Francis Joseph LAWS (Police Constable) born 1878 Hotwells Clifton GLS Last seen 1 Apr 1911 at 13 St Michaels Park, Cotham GLS


Francis M LAWS (PFC US Air Force) born 12 Mar 1918 died 20 Jun 1998 But 25 Jun 1998 Riverside National Cemetery CA United States


Francis W LAWS (4th Officer on RMS "Olympic" 1920) born Southampton 1888
previous service on SS "Irishman" 1917 & 1st Mate SS "Tropic" 1919

Email received from member Mr John C Lawes LFR 070

Dear John
Just thought you'd like to know that Mr Alan Priestley member LFR 089 and I have learnt thanks to the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER that we are both great-grandsons of Henry James LAWES 1825-89 & his wife Harriett Maria Stratford 1833-98 who married  9 Jan 1893 at Shoreditch Middlesex. 
We have been able to add to one another's databases and to correct some errors, for example Alan tells me that Henry James father was Thomas, not John as I had assumed, (He has H J 's marriage certificate) 

Meanwhile I have been able to give him more accurate dates and place names (From my family bible) and so on. 

Needless to say we are both delighted! 

So John"Thank you" once again for maintaining and comunicating the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER, Let us all hope that other members are as fortunate.


First Generation

1. Aaron LAWES and Elizabeth ??? had the following child:

+2Thomas (Gentleman) LAWES, born 1800, Stepney MDX UK; married Mary Ann BUTLER, 21 Mar 1825, Finsbury MDX UK .

Second Generation

2.  Thomas (Gentleman) LAWES (Aaron-1) was born in 1800 in Stepney Middlesex. He was baptized on 15 Jun 1800 at (St Dunstan & All Saints) in Stepney. He married Mary Ann BUTLER on 21 Mar 1825 at (St Luke) Old Street in Finsbury. 
Thomas and Mary Ann had the following children:

3 William Herbert 
4 Harry James

5 Walter John 

Third Generation

3.  William Herbert above was born on 17 Dec 1821 in Kentish Town Middlesex. He appeared in the 1881 Census 128 Bayham Street in St Pancras Middlesex.His occupation was as a Traveller In Stamps & Dyes. He married a Charlotte. He also married an Ann HOWARD  on 31 Dec 1843 at St James, Clerkenwell Middlesex. Ann  was born in 1809 in Whetstone Middlesex. He was convicted of Fraud.

4.  Harry James (Commercial Traveller) above was born on 17 Mar 1825 also in Kentish Town  He was baptized on 4 Sep 1825. He appeared in the 1871 Census at 28 Crompton Street in Newington Surrey. Harry appeared in the 1881 Census at 242 Albany Road in Camberwell Surrey, In 1881 he was listed as a Manufacturer.  
He married Harriet Maria STRATFORD on 9 Jan 1853 at St John the Baptist in Shoreditch 
she was born 8 Dec 1833 in Norton Folgate, Lincolnshire. He died on 2 Dec 1889 at the age of 64 in Forest Hill Kent. Hariet died on 24 Feb 1898 at the age of 64.

Harry James and Harriet Maria had the following children:

6  Henry Horace born on 14 May 1853 at City Road in Finsbury. He died on 19 Apr 1854 
7  Harry Augustus also a commercial traveller was born 27 Nov 1854, White Lion Street, Shoreditch; and married Elizabeth Margaret TABRAR, 12 Sep 1875, Walworth Surrey and died 1936 at Belper Derbyshire.

8  Charlotte Maria was born on 14 Oct 1856 at 53 Mina Road, Old Kent Road in Walworth. .  She died on 9 Apr 1904 at the age of 47.
       9  Catherine Elizabeth born 1857 died 4 Jun 1931.
     10  Florence Maria was born on 31 Oct 1860 in Mortimer Road Kingsland Middlesex. She died on 13 Jun 1862 at the age of 1.
    11  Eleanor Maud was born on 17 Aug 1862 at Dorset Square in Marylebone Middlesex. She died on 4 Jul 1893 at the age of 30.
   12  Alice Marianne was born on 13 Dec 1865 at Adam Street in Westminster Middlesex. or in Dorset Square or in 1866 in Manchester Square.

   13  Annie Octavia was born on 20 Jul 1868 at 21 George St, Portland Road Place in Soho Middlesex or in Dorset Square . 

  14 Agnes Harriett born 18 Aug 1870, Newington SRY UK; died 4 May 1929.
  15  Charles Frederick LAWES, born 4 Apr 1874, died abt Nov 1944.

5.  Walter John occupation labourer was born on 19 Mar 1850 in Highbury. He died in Aug 1911 at the age of 61 in Islington Middlesex. He married Emma who was born 1858 in Ipswich Suffolk
They had the following children:

16. Beatrice LAWES, born 1886, Islington MDX UK; married James GREEN.
17 Walter LAWES was born in 1888 in Islington MDX UK.
18 Emily LAWES was born in 1888 in Islington MDX UK.
19 Eleanor LAWES, born 1890, Islington MDX UK; married Herbert Joseph SINFIELD  a Costermonger on 2 Jul 1912 at Holloway Middlesex.

Fourth Generation

7.  Harry Augustus was born on 27 Nov 1854 in White Lion Street, Shoreditch MDX. also had a stage name of Gus Levaine his occupation : Professional Vocalist

The following information kindly donated by John Lawes (in 2001) a  direct descendant of Harry Lawes

"I can tell you that he was born November 27, 1854 at White Lion Street, Shoreditch and that he married Elizabeth Margaret Tabrar (stage name: Lizzie Tabra) who was apparently one of "a Music Hall family."

A newspaper clipping I have says: " his youth [Gus] worked with that veteran of variety, Mr. Charles Coborn." (Who is also featured on your site.)

I recently learned from the British Music Hall Society that Gus Levaine wrote the words to "Sister Mary Walked Like That," composed by "A. Massage" and sung by "Jolly Nash" but that was the full extent of their information. I have since encountered, via the internet, a gentleman in England who is descended from the Tabrars and is, like me, a genealogy buff. It was he who told me about Lizzie Tabrar. (I knew only "Lizzie" until that point.)"

Harry Augustus (Commercial traveller) LAWES and Elizabeth Margaret TABRAR were married on 12 Sep 1875 at (St Peter) in Walworth SRY UK. Elizabeth Margaret TABRAR was born on 3 Sep 1855 at 2 Back Hill in Hatton Garden Middlesex. Elizabeth died on 4 Jan 1896 at the age of 40 at 37 Furley Street in Peckham Surrey. She was also known as Lizzie TABRAR. 

William Robert RYLAND and Catherine Elizabeth LAWES had the following children:

22 Stanley RYLAND was born about 6 Sep 1891
23 Maude RYLAND 
24 Constance RYLAND
25 Grace RYLAND
26 Eleanor RYLAND born abt 6 Jun 1898; died abt 3 Aug 1979.
27 Horace RYLAND

14.  Agnes Harriett was born on 18 Aug 1870 at 28 Crampton Street in Newington & died on 4 May 1929 at the age of 58.

15.  Charles Frederick LAWES was born on 4 Apr 1874 at 242 Albany Road in Camberwell, she died about Nov 1944 at the age of 70. He married Violet HEALE and had the following children:

28  Irene Scots LAWES, born abt 1908, England.
29  Lillian (M.D) LAWES, born abt 23 Dec 1910 married Arthur SANSOM
30  Harold Stanley LAWES, born 12 Oct 1916, Clapham NRY; married Ruby Georgina COBBETT, 4 Apr 1944, ITALY Naples; died 13 Sep 1979, Mississauga ONTARIO CANADA.

16.  Beatrice LAWES was born in 1886 in Islington MDX UK. She married James GREEN were married. he was born in 1884.

19.  Eleanor LAWES was born in 1890 in Islington. She married Herbert Joseph SINFIELD on 2 Jul 1912 at (St John) in Holloway. Herbert Joseph SINFIELD was born in 1888 in Islington

Fifth Generation

21.  Harry Augustus LAWES was born on 24 Oct 1877 He was baptized on 18 Nov 1877 at (St Peter) in Walworth. Harry died in May 1966 at the age of 88. He married Annie Robertson WEBSTER in 1901 in Coventry Warwickshire. Annie Robertson WEBSTER was born on 2 Jun 1883 in Wallsend Noerthumberland. She died in Oct 1971 at the age of 88 in Paddington Middlesex. They had the following children:-

   31 Harry Augustus LAWES was born on 29 Mar 1904 in Wallsend NBL UK. He died in 1983 at the age of 79 in Kensington Middlesex.

  32 Christina LAWES, born 10 Jan 1906, Wallsend NBL UK; married George Stewkley Frederick STAITE, Dec 1930, Sculcoates East Riding of Yorkshire; died Apr 1964, Kingston Upon Hull ERY.

  33 John Webster LAWES, (Accountants Clerk) born 17 Jun 1907, Wallsend NBL UK; married Alice Elizabeth PETTY, 28 Feb 1931, Kensington MDX UK; died 1986 South Africa.

 34 Maisie LAWES was born on 9 Jun 1910 in Wallsend NBL UK.

26.  Eleanor RYLAND was born about 6 Jun 1898. She died about 3 Aug 1979 at the age of 81. She had married Aubrey PRIESTLEY and they had the following child:


28.  Irene Scots LAWES was born about 1908 in England.

29.  Lillian (M.D) LAWES was born about 23 Dec 1910 at 33 Grove Lane in Camberwell, she married Arthur SANSOM-KEN

30.  Harold Stanley LAWES was born on 12 Oct 1916 in Clapham NRY. He died on 13 Sep 1979 at the age of 62 in Mississauga ONTARIO CANADA. He was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton, ONTARIO CANADA.

Harold Stanley LAWES married Ruby Georgina COBBETT on 4 Apr 1944 in Naples ITALY . 
Ruby Georgina COBBETT was daughter of Howard Frank COBBETT and Gladys Georgina MATTHEWS, and was born on 28 Nov 1914 in Hamilton ONT CANADA. She died on 15 Jul 1991 at the age of 76 in Milton ONTARIO CANADA. She was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton, ONTARIO CANADA. 

Harold Stanley LAWES and Ruby Georgina COBBETT had the following children:

36 John Charles LAWES, born 17 Apr 1945, Romford ESS; married Louise BEALIEU, 2 Sep 1978, Etobicoke ONT Canada.

37 Georgina Irene LAWES, born 7 Apr 1951, Hamilton ONT CANADA; married David Leonard MCCLAY, 5 Oct 1973, St.Peters Church, Mississauga, ONTARIO CANADA.

Sixth Generation

32.  Christina LAWES was born on 10 Jan 1906 in Wallsend NBL UK. She died in Apr 1964 at the age of 58 in Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK. She married George Stewkley Frederick STAITE in Dec 1930 in Sculcoates ERY UK. George Stewkley Frederick STAITE was born on 6 Jun 1909 in Glanford Briggs LIN UK. He died in Jan 1996 at the age of 86 in Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK.

33.  John Webster (Accountants Clerk) LAWES was born on 17 Jun 1907 in Wallsend NBL UK. He lived at Flat 1 Colville Square in Kensington MDX UK in 1932. He lived at 31 Colville Square in Kensington MDX UK on 29 May 1932. John lived in Springs, Tranvaal RSA in 1972. He died in 1986 at the age of 79 in South Africa. He married Alice Elizabeth PETTY on 28 Feb 1931 in Kensington MDX UK. Alice Elizabeth PETTY was born on 6 Mar 1912 in Sculcoates ERY UK. She died in 1983 at the age of 71 also in South Africa. They had the following children

John Webster (Accountants Clerk) LAWES and Alice Elizabeth PETTY had the following children:

38 Roger John LAWES, born 29 May 1932, St Marylebone MDX UK; married Sara Kathleen PETTET, 20 Jun 1970, Bridport DOR; died 1972, Westville RSA.
39 Jacqueline LAWES, married ??? SHENNON.

36.  John Charles LAWES was born on 17 Apr 1945 in Romford ESS.

John Charles LAWES and Louise BEALIEU were married on 2 Sep 1978 in Etobicoke ONT Canada. 

37.  Georgina Irene LAWES was born on 7 Apr 1951 in Hamilton ONT CANADA. She married David Leonard MCCLAY on 5 Oct 1973 in St.Peters Church, Mississauga, ONTARIO CANADA. 

Seventh Generation

38.  Roger John LAWES was born on 29 May 1932 at Queen Charlottes Hospital in St Marylebone MDX 

We also found a reference to him or another Roger J LAWES being born 15 Nov 1946 at Sherbourne DOR He died in 1972 at the age of 40 in Westville RSA.

Roger John LAWES and Sara Kathleen PETTET were married on 20 Jun 1970 in Bridport Dorset. Sara Kathleen PETTET was born on 15 Mar 1950 in Ringwood HAM. 

Roger John LAWES and Sara Kathleen PETTET had the following children:

40 Fiona Patricia Elizabeth LAWES 
41 Andrew Roger LAWES 
42 Michael John LAWES 

39.  Jacqueline LAWES lived at Welkom in Orange Free State South Africa in 1972.

Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


Today, we'd also like to salute 


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Extracted from our database for today February 16

Family Events
1767 - Baptism: Eleanor LAWS-49559, Newton Flotman NFK UK
1768 - Death: William LAWS-116936, 
1815 - Marriage: Stephen SIMPSON-57798 and Ann LAWS-46943, St Pancras MDX UK
1815 - Miscellaneous: Ann LAWS-46943, 
1820 - Birth: James LAWES (Railway Stationmaster) -211, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL
1829 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Baker) -5969, Horsely, Ovingham, Prudhoe NBL UK
1832 - Burial: Thomas LAWES-53335, Gosport HAM
1834 - Baptism: Sarah LAWS (Idiot from birth - Pauper/Spinster) -16995, Bungay SFK UK
Bungay SFK

1866 - Burial: John LAWS-51823, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1869 - Burial: Peter Saunders LAWES-754, Lyndoch South Australia
1874 - Birth: Sophie LAWS-38442, 
1883 - Birth: Kate Ryland HUGGINS-48120, Kensington MDX UK
1894 - Death: Beatrice LAWS-29571, Cooper, Delta Co TX USA
1901 - Birth: George Thomas LAWS-45633, Thatcher, Box Elder UT USA
1904 - Death: Robert S LAWS-52521, 
1905 - Birth: Burton Thomas LAWS-122482, Erpingham NFK UK
1915Enlistment: Hubert William LAWS (Telegraphist RE 74677) -50793, Fenny Stratford              BDF UK
1936 - Baptism: Carol Mary LAWES-122646, Shinfield BRK
1941 - Birth: George Robert LAWES (Company Director) -46349, 
1951 - Miscellaneous: Adeline LAWS (Dairy work) -38836, 
1951 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS (Farmer) -8076, 
1951 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS-38841, 
1952 - Marriage: Paul NAVARRO-120487 and Barbara LAWS-120485, San Francisco CA              USA
1952 - Birth: Robert James LAWS-55423, Toowoomba, Warwick QLD AUSTRALIA
1952 - Birth: Henrietta Kathleen LAWS-54176, Studham BDF
1958 - Birth: Chris Layne LAWS-40403, TX USA
1976 - Birth: David James LAWS-30685, Basford NTT UK
1986 - Birth: Nicole Miracle LAWS-40756, TX USA
2005 - Burial: Edward LAWS (Construction Worker) -43313, Blue Ridge Memorial Park,                  Lenoir NC USA
2009 - Death: Winston Verdun LAWS-115430, Monks Coppenhall CHS UK

1844 - Death: Mr CHARTERS-44179, Cottage, (Carshana) Bridge, Kirkpatrick-Durham DFS
1873 - Death: Sarah GOLTRIP-5509, Littleport CAM UK
1899 - Birth: William GUSTARD-115119, Gateshead DUR UK
1901 - Death: Ann Elizabeth WILKINSON-3202, Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK
1903 - Birth: Alfred George JAMES-3973,
1919 - Death: Harry Hammond  WARWICK(Carpenter) -125330, Willesden MDX UK
1921 - Birth: Alfred Archie ALLEN-29265, 
1945 - Death: Rose Evelyn FREEMAN-55960, Christchurch NZ
1961 - Birth: Jennifer Margaret HOWARD-57999, Bairnesdale VIC AUSTRALIA
1962 - Death: Bernard John Alfred LAWES-124200, Margate KEN UK
Margate KEN

1971 - Death: Rose Harriett FORD-33899, Sturgis MI USA
1973 - Birth: Andrew John KEMP-43340, 
1973 - Birth: Andrew KEMP-41880, 
1997 - Death: Mellie Viola JONES (Retired Nurse & homemaker) -39306, Texarkana Miller              Co. AK United States
2008 - Death: Eleanor CASHWELL-52182, Terrace Ridge, Gastonia NC USA