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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Feb 2015 Number 432

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John Ernst, Baron von POLLINITZ married Anna Petronilla von HELL and had two known children.
1. Gerhart Bernard,
2. Anna Petronilla.

Anna Petronilla married Colonel Edward MORGAN Lieutenant Governor of the island of Jamaica about 1664, he was the brother to Major General Sir Thomas MORGAN and Robert MORGAN and had  three daughters.

1. Johannes Wiheimina.
2. Anna Petronilla.
3. Mary Elizabeth.

Mary Elizabeth married her cousin Sir Henry MORGAN (known as the Buccaneer)

Johannes Wilheimina married as 1st wife to Henry ARCHBOULD a Sugar Planter of Constant Spring, Jamaica.

Nicholas LAWES a yeoman farmer of Compton Chamberlaine Wiltshire came to Jaimaica with his wife Amy and young son Nicholas who was born 1652, sadly Amy very quickly lost her husband as he soon caught a fever and died. Amy remarried to Colonel Gregory TOM who  arrived in 1663, but he was dead by 1665, she then married Henry ARCHBOULD  above named at St Andrews  in 1668. 

Henry became stepfather, tutor and mentor to the young Nicholas, some of his connections and relations were at the least dubious and yet interesting for that, as I said before Henry's first wife's sister, Mary Elizabeth MORGAN had married her cousin Captain Sir Henry Morgan (The Buccaneer 1635-1684).

Nicholas became Chief Justice by 1698 aged 46 and Governor by 1718 aged 66 and stayerd in office till 1722 It's more surprising considering his relations hereto, that in his capacity of Governor during the 'Golden Aged of Piracy' that he tried many pirates, among them "Calico Jack Rackham,  Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Robert Deal and Charles Vane".

The habit of having multiple partners passed from mother to son, as Nicholas married to five widows, 

In 1680 Nicholas married Elizabeth, widow of John POTTER, sadly she died in 1685 having had a daughter who was baptised Amy after his mother, on the 10 November 1681 at St. Andrews Jamaica. Amy grew to womanhood and married Colonel Charles LONG of Longville Jamaica they in turn had a son Samuel who married one Mary TATE and a daughter who married in turn one John HAMERTON.

In May 1685 he married Frances widow of Ceaser CARTER, she was the daughter of Paul GODWYN and grand-daughter of Francis BISHOP of Hereford. Sadly she died 7 Mar 1693 with her newborn child.

Next he married Elizabeth, widow of Samuel BARRY  she was the daughter of S,ir Thomas MODYFORD, she was buried in Spanish Town Cathedral 1694.

Forthly he married Susannah, widow of Samuel BERNARD Speaker of the Jamica Council, she was the daughter of Thomas TEMPLE of Frampton. By this lady we know of three children.

1. Anne, buried 1711.
2. Temple a son, born 26 Feb 1699 died 3 Jul 1754.
3.Sir James born1693, he married Elizabeth GIBBONS, and after his death in 1743 she remarried  the 8th Lord HOME.

Fifthly Nicholas married Elizabeth, widow of Thomas COTTON she a daughter of Sir Thomas LAWLEY of Spoonhill, Shropshire, Chatelaine of the Kings Horse, she was born about 1690 and died 1725. 

By this lady he fathered a daughter, Judith Maria who in turn married in January 1756 to Simon LUTTRELL 1st Earl CARHAMPTON an Irish Peer, she died December 1798 at Sheepyhall Wiltshire, having been blind some years.

They had a daughter Ann born 24 January 1743 who married twice, initially to Christopher HORTON of Catton Derbyshire and when he died in 1805 she married Prince Henry Frederick brother to King George III in a secret ceromony in the Mayfair Hertford Street Chapel 2 October 1771, she died 28 December 1808 in Trieste ITALY.



Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


Today, we'd also like to salute 


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Extracted from our database for today February 20

Family Events

1747 - Marriage: Robert ADAMS-6511 and Mary LAWS (Mrs) -8035, Mayfair MDX UK
1759 - Marriage: Cuthbert LAWES-30688 & Isabel RICHARDSON-30689, Ryton DUR UK
1833 - Christen: Thomas LAWS (Servant) -41285, 
1842 - Marriage: Henry SEDGWICK-34337 and Selina LAWS-34336, Shoreditch MDX UK
1845 - Baptism: Elizabeth Master LAWS-31590, Great Yarmouth NFK UK
Great Yarmouth NFK

1846 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS-30028, Sutton Scotney HAM UK
1852 - Marriage: Henry ROGERS-27543 and Dinah Eleanor LAWS-27542, Ovingham, NBL
1854 - Marriage: William WALTON-47110 and Elizabeth LAWS-47109, 
1861 - Birth: James Milton LAWS (Farmer) -41184, Jewett, Cumberland Co IL USA
1866 - Marriage Ebin Taylor LAWS-31996 & Emma Dallas MARK-31997, Fauquier VA USA
1876 - Baptism: Matthew LAWS (Scholar) -3812, Bedlington NBL UK
1882 - Death: Thomas LAWES (Farmer 66 acres) -1389, Tilshead WIL UK
Tilshead WIL

1884 - Marriage: Geoffrey Cecil Twisleton Wykeham FIENNES-58762 and Marion Ruperta              K Murray LAWES-58758, St Mark, North Aud;ey Street, St GHS MDX UK
1884 - Will Proved: Robert LAWES (Servant) -1260, 
1896 - Marriage: Thomas Henry LAWS-37665 and Rosa Ella HEWETT-37666, Mt Vernon,              Franklin Co TX USA
1896 - Death: Luella LAWS-32004, Warrenton VA USA
1896 - Death: Louisa LAWES (Imbecile at birth) -1614, Homington WIL (St Michaels) UK
1899 - Birth: Pamela LAWS-119467, Derby DBY UK
1908 - Birth: Robert Curtis LAWS-54508, Ashington NBL UK
1908 - Birth: Reginald Frederick Earle LAWS-50634, 
1916 - Birth: Sidney Miller LAWS (Dock Worker) -50485, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK
Kingston upon Hull ERY

1917 - Birth: Alice LAWS-119202, Westminster MDX UK
1917 - Birth: Bertie Windsor LAWS-114988, 
1918 - Death: Barrington Thomas LAWES (ARMY Private G/22441) -1060, 
1920 - Death: John Simms LAWS-56184, Clarksburg, Carroll TN USA
1931 - Death: William James LAWES-2459, Brislington GLS UK
1934 - Admon: Herbert LAWS-117265, 
1938 - Death: Annie LAWES-45398, Brooke Twp., Lambton County, ONT CANADA
1941 - Will Proved: George William LAWS (Electrical Apprentice) -39126, 
1941 - Miscellaneous: Evelyn Mary LAWS-39121, 
1943 - Marriage: John Robert LAWS (RAF Flt Lt) -7648 and Margaret Dorethy MOONEY-                7650, Whinchmore Hill MDX UK (My Parents)
1944 - Residence: Alfred Harry LAWS-57507, Fulham MDX UK
1944 - Death: Jacqueline LAWS (Civilian War Dead) -45096, Fulham MDX UK
1945 - Miscellaneous: Edward James LAWS (ARMY L/Cpl 2061525 REME) -121046, 
1953 - Marriage: Duane Marvin LAWS (Cert. marriage counselor Mich/ Educator) -39231                and Jo Ann MITCHELL-39232, 
1955 - Birth: Michael James LAWS-118605, 
1957 - Burial: Charles O LAWS (PFC US Army) -37913, Beverley NJ USA
1964 - Birth: Matthew Thurlow LAWS-124489, 
1971 - Birth: Tanya Marie LAWS-44056, Kings Lynn NFK UK
Kings Lynn & River Great Ouse NFK

1976 - Burial: Jean LAWS-35230, Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Sydney NSW-                            Cemetery Records
1987 - Birth: Heather Maree LAWS-54310, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1993 - Death: Rose Myrtle LAWS-48729, 
1996 - Death: Evelyn LAWS-125113, 
1997 - Death: Norman Ian LAWS-125123, Gateshead DUR UK
1998 - Burial: Victor LAWS-110667, Stockton Upon Tees DUR UK
2006 - Death: Tobie LAWS-34080, St Clair IL USA


1806 - Death: Elizabeth PEARSON-34167, Feltwell NFK UK
1814 - Baptism: John Summers WOODFORD-24419, Iwerne Courtney DOR UK
1846 - Birth: Jane A MARQUESS-5815, Hamsterly DUR UK
1849 - Birth: Charles Winthrop BLISS-55333, Northampton MS USA
1926 - Burial: Mary Ann Rowell ELL (Drapers Assistant) -7698, Efford DEV UK