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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Feb 2015 Number 437

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We are looking for Francis Joseph LAWS (Police Constable) born 1878 Hotwells Clifton GLS Last seen 1 Apr 1911 at 13 St Michaels Park, Cotham GLS


Francis M LAWS (PFC US Air Force) born 12 Mar 1918 died 20 Jun 1998 But 25 Jun 1998 Riverside National Cemetery CA United States


Francis W LAWS (4th Officer on RMS "Olympic" 1920) born Southampton 1888
previous service on SS "Irishman" 1917 & 1st Mate SS "Tropic" 1919


---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Robert James Laws, who died October 20, 1904, was connected throughout his business career with railroad construction, and at the time of his death was superintendent of the Sacramento division of the Southern Pacific Railroad. He was born in Albany county, New York, in 1847. His ancestral history is one of long and close connection with America, for in the early part of the seventeenth century his ancestors came from England and founded the family in Virginia, being among the earliest colonists of the Old Dominion. The Laws family were active in support of the cause of independence at the time of the Revolutionary war, and they built the first government fortifications--Fortress Monroe, near Norfolk, Virginia. Bolitha Laws, the father of our subject, ws born in Virginia and became a contractor and builder, following that pursuit in New York city for many years or up to the time of his retirement from active life. He executed many important contracts in the Empire state, including the building of some of the first cotton and woolen mills at Cohoes, New York. He died in 1865, at the age of fifty-five years. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Anne Adams and was also a native of virginia, died during the cholera epidemic of 1853.

Robert James Laws, the third in order of birth of their eleven children, began his education in the public schools of his native state, afterward attended a preparatory school in Troy, New York, andlater became a student in Cooper Institute in New York city, continuing his studies until nineteen years of age. He afterward became connected with the American Telegraph Company in the telegraph instrument manufacturing department, and after serving there for three years he went to Troy, New York, where he entered the mathematical and surveying works of W. & L. E. Gurley, with whom he continued for two years.

Mr. Laws arrived inCalifornia in April, 1868, and here entered the employ of the chief engineer of the Central pacific Railroad Company--S. S. Montague--in the surveying department. He was thus employed until 1876 when he entered the operating department as road master on the Sacramento division. When two years had passed he was transferred to Oakland with jurisdiction as roadmaster on the western division between Oakland and Sacramento, and in May, 1880, he was engaged by D. O. Mills and H. M. Yerington to go to Nevada to build what is now the Carson & Colorado Railroad. After completing the construction of his line he remained in charge as assistant superintendent and chief engineer until April, 1902. In the meantime the road became the property of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, and he was transferred to Sacramento in April, 1902, as superintendent of the Sacramento division, which position he filled till his death. Throughout the years of his residence in the west he had been connected with railroad service, largely in the line of civil engineering and construction work, and his efficiency was acknowledged by his long continuance in the employ of one road and its successor. Since preparing for this field of labor his course had been marked by steady and consecutive progress, and his business course had therefore been one of success.

On the 11th of June, 1874, Mr. Laws was united in marriage to Miss anna Louise Church, a native of New York. Four children have been born to them: Robert Graham; Charlotte C., the wife of D. F. Beldin; Alice W.; and Clara V. The friends of the family in Sacramento and in other places in which they have lived are many. Mr. Laws had the warm fraternal regard of his brethren of the Masonic lodge. His political support was given the Republican party, but while he kept well informed on the questions and issues of the day, the honors and emoluments of office had no attraction for him, as he found his time and attention fully occupied by his business duties.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume I

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine


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In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


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Extracted from our database for today February 25

Family Events
1699 - Birth: Temple LAWES (Planter of Jamaica) -4916, 
1753 - Christen: George LAWS-7024, Portsea HAM UK
Admiral Lord Nelson's Flagship 'Victory' in Portsea Dockyard

1805 - Marriage: Greenberry MCGINNESS-56441 & Sarah LAWS-56440 Mercer Co KY                  USA
1812 - Christen: Sarah LAWS-8657, Portsea HAM UK
1813 - Marriage: John LAWES-32039 and Kitty Butters KNIGHT-32040, Bedminster DOR              UK
1818 - Marriage: James LAWS-46495 and Harriet SNOAD-46496, Brookland KEN UK 
           (St Augustine)
1825 - Birth: William LAWS (Tailor) -46146, Whitechapel MDX UK
1835 - Baptism: Ellen LAWS (Servant) -41283, 
1856 - Military: William LAWS (Grocer / Innkeeper / Coal Merchant / Soldier) -7436,
1865 - Death: Jane Loudon LAWS-3235, Prudhoe NBL UK

1873 - Birth: Mary Alice LAWS-9378, Dawson Court, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne                  NBL UK
Tyne Bridge

1875 - Birth: Kate Elizabeth LAWS (Ladies Maid) -5852, Haveringland NFK UK
1881 - Birth: Paulina Grace LAWES-2888, Chatham KEN UK
1890 - Birth: Edith Ellen LAWS (Spinster) -36967, Derby DBY UK
1894 - Marriage: Daniel Percy JONES (Warehouse Assistant) -55044 and Isabella                          Catherine LAWS-55045, Southwark SRY UK
1897 - Birth: Exle Rosa LAWS-29581, Winnsboro, Wood Co, TX USA
1911 - Birth: Fred Mclean LAWS (Railway Signalman) -119209, Peterborough CAM UK
1915 - Birth: Arthur William LAWS (Australian Army) -32308, Leichhardt, NSW AUSTRALIA
1916 - Burial: Noah Madison (Farmer) LAWS-34242, Pine Cemetery
1917 - Birth: Anthony Michael LAWS (Australian Army) -32304, Dandenong, West                            Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA
1920 - Death: Isabel LAWS-56509, 
1921 - Birth: Norman William LAWS-43856, Martin Street, Rookwood (Lidcombe) NSW                    Australia
1927 - Death: Charles George JACKSON (Butcher) -119886, Ealing MDX UK
1931 - Marriage: Raymond George LAWES-48253 and Isabel KNIGHTS-48254, Martham              NFK UK
1932 - Occupation: Robert Turner LAWS (Chauffeur) -38602, 
1936 - Birth: Brian Martin LAWS (Company Director) -46466, 
1939 - Birth: James Woodford LAWS (MD) -33558, Tulsa OK USA
1941 - Burial: Victor Lorraine LAWS (Lorry Driver) -42877, Cowes IOW UK
1943 - Miscellaneous: Fred LAWS (Colliery Cashier) -117404, 
1943 - Admon: Hannah LAWS (Widow) -122923, 
1946 - Marriage: James Herbert LOGAN-30986 and Janet Alma Scott LAWS (Shop asst)              - 30985, Bournemouth HAM UK
Bournemouth HAM

1946 - Birth: Susan Elizabeth LAWS-117330, 
1953 - Residence: Dennis Micheal LAWS-124461, Lincoln LIN UK
Lincoln Castle Square & Cathedral

1953 - Residence: Penelope Ann LAWS-124460, Lincoln LIN UK
1953 - Residence: Bernard William LAWS (Tax Officer) -58199, Lincoln LIN UK
1953 - Arrival: Dennis Micheal LAWS-124461, 
1953 - Arrival: Penelope Ann LAWS-124460, 
1953 - Arrival: Bernard William LAWS (Tax Officer) -58199, 
1960 - Birth: Terry LAWS (Taxi Driver) -47981, Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK
1964 - Birth: Tracey Anne LAWS-44052, Kings Lynn NFK UK
Kings Lynn NFK

1965 - Estate to: John Joseph LAWS-57009, 
1966 - Residence: Edith Annie RUSS-123197, Canvey Island, Death Rochford ESS UK
1970 - Birth: Donna Kay LAWS-123964, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1980 - Birth: Loni Vavines LAWS-40656, TX USA
1982 - Death: Cyril Francis LAWS-3988, Newcastle, NSW AUSTRALIA
1984 - Birth: David Tyrell LAWS-40725, TX USA
1994 - Death: Leo Vernon LAWS (PVT US Army) -38030, 
2000 - Death: Ralph Spencer LAWS-41438, AR (Newspaper - Arizona Republic)


1835 - Death: Elizabeth WARREN-43250, Homington WIL UK (St Michaels)
1880 - Birth: Barnabas SHAWL-30900, Holbeach LIN UK (All Saints)
1881 - Death: Hephzibah TAYLOR-150, Basingstoke HAM UK
1887 - Birth: Beecher MORGAN-56563, Cookeville, Putnam County, TN, USA
1912 - Birth: Gladys Rose ARKLE-34776, Edmonton MDX UK
1940 - Death: Florence Lily TAYLOR-51015, Sheffield WRY UK
1946 - Birth: Terry D DAUGHERTY-29220, Cabarrus county FL UK
1952 - Death: Mary Jane PARKER-36828, Copdock SFK UK
1953 - Arrival: Jean W MACDONOUGH-58201, 
1965 - Miscellaneous: Louisa MCLOUGHLIN-57010, 
1995 - Death: Alfie Agnes JOHNSON-29697, Lockhart, Caldwell, TX UK