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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Feb 2015 Number 429

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We are looking for Francis Joseph LAWS (Police Constable) born 1878 Hotwells Clifton GLS Last seen 1 Apr 1911 at 13 St Michaels Park, Cotham GLS


Francis M LAWS (PFC US Air Force) born 12 Mar 1918 died 20 Jun 1998 But 25 Jun 1998 Riverside National Cemetery CA United States


Francis W LAWS (4th Officer on RMS "Olympic" 1920) born Southampton 1888
previous service on SS "Irishman" 1917 & 1st Mate SS "Tropic" 1919


Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


Today, we'd also like to salute 


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Extracted from our database for today February 17

Family Events

1722 - Marriage: John DAY-1952 and Elizabeth LAWES-1953, Wymondham NFK UK
1799 - Marriage: Matthew LAWS-124958 & Providence NOBBS-124959, Norwich NFK UK
Norwich Catherdral NFK

1803 - Birth: Leah LAWES-618, St.Marylebone MDX UK
1840 - Death: John LAWS-34540, Brownsville, Licking Co, OH USA
1855 - Marriage: James (Ag Lab) LAWES-628 & Ellen ENSELL-629, Headley HAM UK
1864 - Birth: Sarah Mahala LAWS-41267, 
1871 - Birth: William John LAWS-118408, 
1872 - Death: Calvin A LAWS-8488, 
1876 - Marriage: Shadrack JACKSON- (Coal Miner) 57766 and Anna Hill LAWS-57767,                  Frien Barnet MDX UK
1877 - Death: John H LAWS-52868, 
1879 - Birth: Walter Ernest LAWES (Cab Driver) -3399, Margate KEN UK
Margate KEN

1882 - Birth: John Edward LAWS (Bricklayer) -3385, Folkestone KEN UK
Folkestone KEN

1885 - Marriage: Edwin George LAWES (Carpenter) -3884 and Mary GLENCOCK-7688,                Parkstone DOR UK
1895 - Birth: Doris LAWS-125241, 
1896 - Christen: John Charles LAWS-4866, Southwark SRY UK
1898 - Birth: Oregan C LAWS (PVT US Army) -37895, 
1901 - Birth: Eley L LAWS-125173, ONT CANADA
1901 - Marriage: William SEAGO (Cooper) -44128 and Maud Ethel LAWS-9067, 
           Great Yarmouth NFK UK
1907 - Birth: Hilda Irene LAWS-37713, Great Yarmouth NFK UK
Great Yarmouth NFK

1909 - Birth: John Edgar LAWS (Australian Army) -32343, Warwick, QLD Australia
1911 - Death: Jessie May LAWS-42777, Fulham MDX UK
1914 - Death: Ellen Maria LAWS (Servant) -36174, Hounslow MDX UK
1915 - Will  Proved: Rachel Sophia LAWS (Widow) -8432, 
1918 - Birth: Elizabeth Jane LAWS-122035, 
1918 - Burial: Elizabeth Ann LAWS (Widow) -48236, Columbia MO USA
1920 - Admon: William Cecil LAWS (Boy Clerk) -36734, 
1920 - Miscellaneous: Edward John LAWS (Tailor's Cutter) -7485, 
1925 - Birth: Margaret Mary LAWS-120797, Dandenong VIC AUSTRALIA
1933 - Birth: Peter Arthur LAWS-119107, 
1933 - Birth: Betty Doreen LAWS-45256, Southall MDX
1938 - Death: Frederick John LAWES (Commercial Traveller)-24338, Reading BRK UK
1954 - Birth: Billy Craig LAWS-38167, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1960 - Admon: Albert Edward LAWS-116664, 
1961 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS (Cabinet Maker) -123253, 
1962 - Birth: Mari Bess Sue LAWS-40435, TX USA
1966 - Death: Harriett Lucy LAWS (Cook) -5849, Great Yarmouth NFK UK
1987 - Birth: Bryce Elliott LAWS-40774, Fort Worth TX USA
1988 - Burial: John Edwin LAWES-120009, Loxton Wailkerie, South Australia
1989 - Death: Rosie LAWS-35247, Banksia, formerly of Leichhardt and Smythesdale, Vic
1991 - Death: Hubert LAWS (PFC US Army) -37995, 
1993 - Burial: Francis Henry LAWS-53512, Billingham DUR
2007 - Birth: Shannon  Judith LAWS-55679, Bath Road United
2011 - Death: Richard Albert LAWS-53891, Darwin NT Australia

1850 - Baptism: Sarah Jane (Mariners Wife) FRENCH-4446, Stepney MDX UK
           (Married Edward William LAWS (Brother of my G Grandfarther Robert H LAWS)
St Dunstans Stepney MDX

1855 - Death: Rebecca BROWN-3655, Great Yarmouth NFK UK
Great Yarmouth NFK

1873 - Birth: Mary Elizabeth PURDUE-115890, TN USA
1878 - Birth: Isabella Mary DREW-3985, Bushgrove, Grafton, NSW, Australia
1895 - Birth: Madelaine Grace Mathews WITHERS-38650, Shrewsbury SAL UK
1918 - Birth: Violette Milicent Rogerson THOMAS-54010, Kensington MDX UK
1922 - Death: Lucy WELLS (Barmaid) -7692, Edmonton MDX UK
1923 - Marriage: William Russell MOONEY (Post Office Pensioner) -7693 and May                          Ann BRANT (Supervisor) -7696, Tanners End Mission, Edmonton ESS UK
            (My Maternal Grandparents)
1924 - Birth: Jeanie Elizabeth HAMILTON-119039, Janesville, Rock Co. WI USA
1936 - Death: Henrietta STEWART-56511, 

1941 - Immigration: Ethel Annie Louise MYER-9136, Buffalo NY USA
1945 - Burial: Rose Evelyn FREEMAN-55960, Christchurch NZ
1962 - Birth: Susan FOSTER- (Cashier) 47982, Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL UK
1989 - Death: Rose JUDD-35374
1994 - Death: Kenneth Gordon DAVIS-54337,