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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Feb 2015 Number 433

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There appeared to be a feeling that Sir Nicholas LAWES within his lifetime that he was related to Henry LAWES I understand that Mr Henry Lawes LONG of Hampton Lodge made diligent enquiries in order to establish his descent from Henry LAWES, the musician at the court of King Charles I, an account of which, can be found in the 'Dictionary of National Biography'.
Amongst the papers left by the LONG Family were saeveral letters in reply to his enquiries, There was no doubt that due to the tradition within the family which refered to the possesion of a portrait og Henry LAWESwhich was at Hampton Lodge and to a note written by Robert LONG the grandson of Colonel Charles and Amy LAWES in 1731, to the effect that his father Samuel LAWES had received Mr LAWES'S picture and that Sir Nicholas had died on the 25 June that year and had been buried at Half-Way Tree Church Jamaica.
The possession of the portrait which was given in the lifetime of Sir Nicholas LAWES at a time when the name of his Grandfather may have been remembered athough it was obscured by 100 years appears to leave little doubt that Henry LAWES who died in 1662 and was buried in Westminster Abbey was indeed the grandfather of Sir Nicholas.

Subsequent research by myself found that Henry LAWES had been born a Dinton in Wiltshire in 1595 the son of the parish priest Thomas LAWES by his wife Lucretia SHEPHERD, Thomas was born at Dyndner in Somerset as was Sir Nicholas's father, Nicholas himself was born at Compton Chamberlaine which lay within 3 miles south of Dinton, across the water meadows of the river Nadder, and although Henry married 3 times he had no surviving heirs so was not the grandfather 


Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


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Extracted from our database for today February 21

Family Events
1695 - Baptism: Ann LAWS-27478, Bywell NBL UK (St Peter)
1773 - Baptism: Ann LAWS-27469, Heddon on the Wall NBL UK
1773 - Burial: Mary LAWES-2291, Ketteringham NFK UK
1800 - Birth: Henry LAWS (Master Mariner) -7644, Walworth SRY UK
(My Grandfathers grandfather)
1802 - Baptism: Hanna LAWES-43256, Homington WIL UK (St Michaels)
1813 - Baptism: Jonah LAWS (Glassworks Foreman) -7375, Whickham DUR UK
1819 - Christen: Mary Ann LAWS-8522, Croydon SRY UK
1828 - Marriage: George HERRINGTON (Woodman) -41936 and Mary Ann LAWES-41935,            Bower Chalke WIL UK
Bower Chalke WILT

1848 - Birth: Hannah B LAWS-44250, Heworth DUR UK
1849 - Birth: Robert Cuthbert LAWS (Farmer 196 Acres) -6971, Lamesley DUR UK
1856 - Marriage: Henry Finch HILL (Butcher) of Harrow on the Hill MDX -57825 and Louisa            Anne LAWS-51371, St Pancras MDX UK
1861 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward) -51774, 
1869 - Birth: Statie LAWS-38431, 
1873 - Birth: Thomas Elijah LAWS (Ag Lab) -9254, Hainford NFK UK
1877 - Death: Edgar S LAWS-34292, 
1888 - Burial: Charles William LAWS (Merchants Clerk/Ship Agent) -61758, Stoke                            Newington MDX UK
1889 - Birth: Clare Cecil LAWS-37558, Great Massingham NFK UK
1895 - Marriage: Hermann Edmund SCHLEICHER-120450 and Elizabeth Jane LAWS-                    3794, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1898 - Death: Henry LAWES-33128, Brooke Twp., Lambton County, ONT CANADA
1899 - Marriage: Issac HALL (Farmer) -38297 and Olive LAWS-38296, Sunnidale. Simcoe              Co ONT CANADA
1903 - Death: Henry LAWS-122883, Essex Lunatic Asylum, Brentwood ESS Residence:                  Maldon ESS UK
1903 - Birth: Fred LAWS-4070, Anlaby ERY UK
1908 - Death: Eliza LAWS (Widow) -8806, Briavels, Downs Road, Epsom SRY UK
1910 - Birth: Alfred Charles LAWES-122311, 
1913 - Death: Thomas LAWS (Baker) -5967, Darlington NRY UK
1923 - Death: Charles Westley LAWS-124316, Park Ridge NJ USA
1924 - Birth: Paul Seville LAWS-41374, VA
1924 - Death: Jane Jennifer LAWS-9528, Middlesborough NRY UK
1925 - Marriage: Francis ANNETTS-119216 and Alice Mary LAWES-119215, Carlton WIL              UK (All Saints)
1925 - Birth: Joan Winifred LAWS-118662, 
1945 - D W (RCAF Sergeant Aircrew) LAWS-115754, Nijmegan                                                        Burial: Helenaveen HOLLAND 
1946 - Miscellaneous: Frederick Hayward  LAWES (ARMY Private 62748)-54375, 
1946 - Birth: Gerald Damien LAWS-56068, Foster VIC AUSTRALIA
1947 - Birth: Victoria Rose LAWS-37720, Wallasey CHS UK
1949 - Birth: Karen Elizabeth LAWS-43819, Sheffield WRY UK
1952 - Birth: Shipley A LAWES-124157, Bromley MDX UK
1958 - Burial: James T LAWS (PVT US Army) -38004, Long Island NY USA
1961 - Death: Maxwell Vaughan LAWS (Royal Australian Navy) -32354, Glenferrie VIC                    AUSTRALIA
1962 - Miscellaneous: Albert Ernest LAWS-118347, 
1964 - Death: Athol Robinson LAWS (Australian Army) -3428, 
1964 - Death: Arthur LAWS (Farmer)-3424, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1968 - Birth: Christopher Scott LAWS-40501, TX USA
1969 - Birth: Alan Victor LAWS-119082, 
1969 - Death: Annie Maria LAWES-749, Montreal, Quebec CANADA
1978 - Death: Alice Grace LAWS-35281, 
1981 - Birth: Sherman Maxie LAWS-40679, TX USA
1987 - Burial: Wilbur Francis LAWS-45658, Blanding, San Juan Co UT USA
1995 - Death: George Edward LAWS (Machinist) -48477, Masonic Home, Utica NY USA
2003 - Death: Bonnie LAWS-30364, 

1773 - Burial: William HUGGINS-2290, Ketteringham NFK UK
1828 - Baptism: Sarah HARRIS-579, Martin WIL UK
1842 - Birth: Charles SMITH-20047, Hurstbourne Tarrant HAM UK
1865 - Marriage: William Charles HARDING-38528 and Mary Ann SMITH-38529, Wollombi,            NSW AUSTRALIA
1877 - Birth: Minnie RICHARDS-42133, Bristol GLS UK
1892 - Birth: Mary Frances PEDERSON-53189, Colonia Diaz, Chihuahua, Mexico
1917 - Birth: Alice HODDER-43606, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK
1919 - Death: Martha SMITH-9294, Chatteris CAM UK
1922 - Death: Rosa Ella HEWETT-37666, Franklin Co TX USA
1938 - Death: Arthur WOKES-41329, Leeds WRY UK
1960 - Death: George Henry SCHOFIELD-34021, Manchester LAN UK
2006 - Death: Verna Lucille TIPTON-119332,