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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER August 2014 Number 247

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(The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 

Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.
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Family Events for today 19th August

The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes. 

Surnames are in BOLD RED TYPE. 

(Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.)

Family Events
1733 - Baptism: John LAWS-123442, Stepney MDX UK
St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney Middlesex

1788 - Marriage: Green LAWS (Saddler) -3019 and Mary RICHES-3021, Fakenham NFK UK 
           (St Peter & St Paul)
Fakenham Norfolk

1810 - Marriage: Robert NEWMAN (Bachelor) -7669 and Rebecca LAWS (Spinster) -7881, 
           St. Marylebone MDX UK
1816 - Marriage: John LAWS-7365 and Sarah Elizabeth STUBBERSFIELD-7366, Dover KEN                UK
Dover Castle Kent

1821 - Birth: Sarah LAWS-57078, Hilgay NFK UK
1849 - Christening: Edward LAWS (Mariner) -9647, Dymchurch KEN UK
1856 - Burial: Thomas LAWS-121257, Aberdare, GLA UK
1871 - Birth: Alice LAWS-6922, Close House, West Auckland DUR UK
1894 - Death: Thomas Austin LAWES (Corn Miller) -2542, Donhead St Andrew WIL UK
1895 - Birth: Cyril Edgar LAWES (Tea Broker) -55416, Paddington MDX UK
1896 - Birth: Frederick Compton LAWES (ARMY Private 814293) -44908, 
1898 - Birth: Cecil Sydney LAWS (Australian Army NX1791229) -32311, Goulburn NSW                          AUSTRALIA 
1899 - Marriage: Arthur LAWS (Ag lab) -5443 and Alice PEYTO-36320, Swanley KEN UK
1909 - Birth: Maud LAWS-45543, Hartlepool DUR UK
1912 - Birth: James Peterson LAWS-119102, 
1914 - Will  Proved: James William LAWES (General Foreman in Iron Works) -5176, 
1915 - Death: Mary A LAWS-115066, The St George in the East Infirmary Stepney MDX UK
1916 - Death: Sidney Charles LAWES (ARMY Private 3686) -45022, Basra IRAQ
1923 - Birth: William Ernest LAWS-118688, 
1923 - Birth: Auldrey Sybil G LAWS-118621, 
1926 - Death: Martha M LAWS-41511, Kendrick ID USA
1936 - Birth: Bryan Edward LAWS (Diagnostic Engineer) -29418, Folkestone KEN
1939 - Admon: Eric Frederick George LAWS-117379, 
1939 - Miscellaneous: Allen Henry LAWS (Printer Compositor) -29127, 
1944 - Marriage: James Ronald LAWS (Australian Army) -32339 and Shirley Glorina CASSIDY-            35287, WOOLLAHRA NSW
1947 - Birth: James Ralph LAWS-40240, Gregg Co TX USA
1948 - Birth: David Phillip LAWS-122812, 
1952 - Miscellaneous: Samuel Charles LAWS (University Principal OBE ) -4032, 
1952 - Miscellaneous: Emily Sarah LAWS (Assistant Schoolmistress / Spinster) -4031, 
1952 - Birth: Nicholas LAWES-55571, Chichester SSX UK
1954 - Death: Annie Eliza LAWS-33443, Kelowna, BC CANADA
1957 - Birth: David LAWS-40393, TX USA
1960 - Miscellaneous: Percy William Herbert LAWES (Railway Officer) -1305, 
1960 - Miscellaneous: David Harland LAWES (Mech.Eng.) -1295, 
1960 - Marriage: Dewey Alvin LAWS-114886 and Mary Angelina RODRIGUEZ-114887, Clark              NV USA
1988 - Death: Agnes Wilson LAWS-31817, NSW AUSTRALIA
2003 - Death: Eileen Ethel LAWS-30146, Auburn, formerly of Gladesville and Banora Point                    NSW AUSTRALIA
2011 - Death: Terence Ronald LAWS-120519


Is The Clergyman in your family tree?

BAGOT Charles Walter (Born 1812 Blithfield STS) BAGOT Lewis Richard Charles (Born 1846 Castle Rising NFK) BRADFORD John; BRERETON Cecil (Rector of Burton cum Coates SSX) BROWN Robert (Reverend of Markinch FIF)

DOWNING George; Reverend EDGECOMBE William (Born 1750 Launceston CON) EDWARDS George (Jack) (Born1873 Enderby LEI) ELWELL W E (Rector of Dauntsey

FENTON Theophilus John (Reverend) FITZGERALD-DAY John (Resided at Killarney
IRELAND) GILBERT John Reverend; GILLUM W G Vicar of Pucklechurch GLS; GUFSTAFSON August Evangelical Covenant Ch. Butte; JODRELL Henry Rector of Gisleham SFK;

LAW Alexander (Born 1821 Perth PER) LAW Alfred (Died 1912 Worthing SSX) LAW Allen (Rector of Berrow SOM 1827) LAW Arthur (Curate of Christian Malford
WIL) LAW Arthur James (Deacon at Chichester SSX) LAW Arthur Robert (Born
1879 Dauntsey WIL) LAW Arthur Thomas William (Born 1876 Ladysmith, Natal SA)

LAW Bill (Inducted 1759 Boughton NTT) LAW Charles Bernard (Rural Dean of Ware HRT) LAW Edmund DD (Bishop of Carlisle) LAW Edward DD (born 1790 Westminster) MDX) LAW Farmery (Rector of Sibson NTH died 1769) LAW Francis (Vicar of Samlesbury) LAW Frederick Henry DD (Vicar of Torpenhow CUL)

LAW George Henry (Vicar of Locking SOM) LAW Henry (Vicar of Standon HRT) LAW Henry (Rector of Weston Super Mare SOM) LAW Henry (Vicar of Great Clacton ESS) LAW Henry Kilburn (Curate of Chard SOM) LAW James (Reverend Little KEN) LAW James (Born 1796 Dundee ANS) LAW James Edmund (Rector of Little Shelford BDF)

LAW James Henry Adeane (Rector of West Felton SAL) LAW James Thomas (Chancellor of Litchfield STS) LAW John (Died 1460 Newark NTT) LAW John (Died 1805 Weston under Weedon NTH) LAW John (Born 1868 Ryde IOW) LAW John (Born 1799 Bishops Tawton DEV) LAW John (Rector of Passenden NTH) LAW John Reverend 1909 Smithsburg MD USA)

LAW John Knight (Born 1848 Marston Trussell NTH) LAW John Talbot Skinner (Rector of Eydon NTH) LAW Jonathan (Rector St Mary Magdalene Cambridge CAM) LAW Joseph (Died 1873 Sunderland DUR)

LAW Palmer (Congregational Minister) LAW Patrick Commerford (Chaplain) LAW Robert Arbuthnot (Rector of Gunthorpe NFK) LAW Robert Hartley (Born 1862 Padiham LAN) LAW Robert Redman (Born 1868 Water, Rossendale LAN) LAW Robert Samuel (Born 1833 Dublin IRELAND) LAW Robert Vanburgh (Prebend of Chester Cathedral)

LAW Samuel (Born 1817 South Brent SOM) Samuel LAW (Reverend 1768-1832) LAW Thomas (Died 1922 Malvern WOR) LAW Thomas (Methodist Moffat Chapel Croydon) LAW Thomas (Vicar Of St James's Stockton NRY) LAW Thomas (Died 1911 Scarborough NRY) LAW Thomas (Wesleyan of Howden ERY)

LAW W ("HMS Impregnable" Devonport DEV) LAW William (Vicar of Wispington
LIN) 1669 LAW William (Rector Marston Trussell NTH) LAW William (Rector of Orwell CAM) LAW William (Born 1851 Hammersmith MDX) LAW William (Vicar of Rotherham YKS) LAW William (Born 1668 Kings Cliffe NTH) LAW William John (Born 1868 Marston Trussell NTH) LAW William Smalley (Rector of Thorpe Marslow NTH) LAW William Towry (RC Chancellor Bath & Wells)

LAWES Alfred William (Missionary to Savage Island) LAWES Francis Edwin (Missionary Savage Island) LAWES James Townsend (Curate of Weston WIL born 1779) LAWES John (Died 1880 Bath SOM) LAWES John (Born 1808 Salisbury WIL) LAWES Peter (Vicar of Hales, Gonville & Casius) LAWES William (Curate of Arlesley BDF)

LAWS Belton (Hope Baptist Church SC USA) LAWS Charles Henry (Principal of Trinity College NZ) LAWS Clifford W (Silver Lake, Carroll NH USA) LAWS Clive Lounden (1987 Cardiff
GLA) LAWS Curtis Lee (1922 23 East 26th Street NY USA) LAWS Dale (Resided
1914 Yancy Co NC USA)

LAWS Danny (Son of Darrias McDaniel LAWSLAWS Edwin Kingsley (Whitchurch, Blanford Forum DOR) LAWS Ernest (Military Chaplain 1914) LAWS George Edward (St John Upper Edmonton MDX) LAWS George Gordon (Born 1910 Melbourne, VIC AUSTRALIA) LAWS Gilbert (Baptist Minister) LAWS Harold Stewart (1927 Montreal CANADA)

LAWS Harry Mead (Episcpol born 1872 Bungay SFK) LAWS James (Reverend Born 1790) LAWS James Edward (Born 1831 Westminster MDX) LAWS John (East & West Stour DOR 1839-1846) LAWS L L (Died bef 2003 wife Daisy M) LAWS Randall (Reverend Burnsville NC) LAWS Robert (DD Missionary Nyasaland died 1934) LAWS Thomas Roche (St Dominic's Priory, Hampstead MDX) LAWS Ward (Wife Gladys Mae died 2004) LAWS William Robert (Born 1916 Napier NZ)

LUMBY Joseph Rawson (Reverend Cambridge University) LUSHINGTON James Stephen (Vicar of Newcastle upon Tyne NBL) MATON Leonard (Reverend 1660-1664 Montgomery) NANTES William Hamilton (1809-1884 Vicar of Stonehouse DEV) PEPLOE John (Reverend) SHAPCOTT Thomas Lawes (Master of Southampton Grammar School) SHIELDS David (Reverend Hornby LAN 1861) SLADE James (Reverend Married Augusta LAWSMITH Henry (Reverend Married Ann LAW 1634) SPARKE John Henry (Reverend Chancellor of Ely) TAYLOR John (Chaplain to Queen Caroline) WARREN Alwyn Keith (Reverend Born Wellington NZ)