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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER August 2014 Number 229

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Below I list a selection of my records automatically extracted from my database today.

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(The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 

Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.
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Family Events for today 1st August

The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 
Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.

1715 - Marriage: Thomas LEGATE-5695 and Jane LAWS-5696, East Walton NFK UK
1745 - Marriage: Mungo LAWS (Baker) -35853 and Mary WILSON-35854, Stepney MDX UK
1773 - Marriage: John LAWS-6951 and Sarah ROBUS-6952, Folkestone KEN UK
Folkestone KENT 

1779 - Baptism: Hannah LAWS-4057, Ryton DUR UK 
1802 - Christening: Ann LAWS-4254, Rochdale LAN
1804 - Christening: Anne LAWS-3414, Great Yarmouth NFK UK
Great Yarmouth Norfolk UK

1825 - Marriage: Samuel EASTER-31964 and Margaret LAWES-1266, Fincham NFK UK
1832 - Marriage: William LAWS (Silk & Cotton Weaver) -11877 and Jane (Hand Loom Weaver) 

1847 - Marriage: John WEBB (Bricklayer) -24255 and Pleasance LAWS-10892, Cambridge CAM            UK
Cambridge Kings College Chapel

1856 - Death: Ann (2nd Infant) LAWS-2949, Chatteris CAM
Chatteris CAM

1873 - Birth: Mabel A LAWS-12623, Boulder CO USA
1874 - Birth: August Rollin LAWS-11245, 
1875 - Christen: Wightman LAWES (Scholar) -11521, Felthorpe NFK UK
1875 - Baptism: Rose Ellen LAWS-4471, Bungay SFK UK
1876 - Miscellaneous: Cuthbert Umfreville LAWS (Solicitor) -34986, 
1876 - Admon: Percy Smith LAWS (Gentleman / Butcher) -7458, 
1878 - Miscellaneous: Percy Colbeck Johnson LAWS (Farmer 800 acres) -3038, 
1879 - Birth: Charlotte C LAWS-17379, Oakland  Alameda CA United States
1887 - Admon: Joseph LAWS (Engineman) -6984, 
1887 - Admon: George LAWS (Farmer & Land Surveyor & Gentleman) -3013, 
1888 - Miscellaneous: Ann LAWES-1306, 
1888 - Admon: John  LAWES (Innkeeper / Maltster / Widower)-1305, 
1891 - Marriage: William  LUXTON (Railway Carriage Fitter)-29360 and Amanda Ida  LAWS-                5230, Romford ESS UK
1894 - Birth: Arville LAWS-33603, Carroll Co MS USA
1895 - Will Proved: LAWES Thomas (Loan Office Keeper) -32273, 
1896 - Marriage: Charles Eustace LAWS (Master Butcher)-22247 and Alma Amelia KIPLING-                 9375, Newington SRY UK

1907 - Birth: Phoebe Gertrude LAWS-20963, Hanwell MDX UK
1909 - Birth: Sarah Elizabeth LAWS-36275, 
1909 - Birth: William Frederick LAWS-35816, Totnes DEV
Totnes Castle Devon Devon

1912 - Birth: John William LAWS-36177, 
1914 - Marriage: Joseph H LAWS-20005 and Fay COOK-20006, Plummer, Shoshone Co ID USA
1914 - Marriage: Arthur Thomas NEAL-12948 and Ivy Mary Camelia LAWES-12925, Eastleigh              HAM UK
1916 - Death: George Ernest LAWS (ARMY 2nd Corporal 24513 ) -22593, Somme FRANCE

Danzig Alley, Mametz

1917 - Birth: Frederick Arthur LAWS-32164, 
1919 - Marriage: Harold Valency LAWS-12156 and Annie Grace Gertrude GRIGG-12148,                        Glenferrie VIC AUSTRALIA
1922 - Birth: John Malcolm LAWS-38851, 
1928 - Death: John LAWS  (Dental Surgeon) -8300, Weymouth DOR UK
1928 - Birth: Frederick Geoffrey LAWS (Town Clerk) -5500, Blackpool LAN UK
1935 - Marriage: Joseph ILEY-31088 and Louisa Damon LAWS-31087, Stockton on Tees DUR                UK
1940 - Military: Anthony John Knight LAWS (Australian Army Private V4815) -12998, 
1941 - Birth: David Kitchener LAWS-18286, Greenwich KEN UK
Cutty Sark at Greenwich

1952 - Birth: Linda Jo LAWS-18904, TX USA
1957 - Death: Frank Edgar LAWS-39687, Bexley KEN UK
1957 - Birth: William Otis LAWS (Jnr) -18965, TX
1967 - Birth: Leslie Ann LAWS-19067, Cameron Co TX
1971 - Birth: Thomas Hamilton LAWES (Film Soundman) -37848, Birmingham WAR UK
Birmingham Warwickshire

1973 - Birth: John William LAWS-30451, Newcastle, NSW AUSTRALIA
1973 - Burial: Jane LAWS-28389, Stockton on Tees DUR UK
1975 - Birth: Jerimey Shane LAWS-19161, TX USA
1975 - Birth: Jarrold Wayne LAWS-19160, TX USA
1981 - Marriage: Gregory Owen LAWS-15353 and Carolyn Roderick (Nurse) MOORE-15350, 
1984 - Death: Arthur William LAWS-14677, Allawah NSW AUSTRALIA
1985 - Death: George Scott  LAWS (Infant)-38534, Sunderland DUR UK
1985 - Burial: Latta LAWS (PFC US Army)-16838, Raleigh National Cemetery NC USA

1986 - Birth: Amy Melissa LAWS-29519, 
1987 - Death: George William LAWS-17230, Muskogee, Tulsa OK USA
1991 - Death: Lee H LAWS (MSgt US Air Force) -16903, 
1992 - Marriage: Michael D LAWS-16395 and Paige L MILLER-16396, Spittalfields MDX
1994 - Birth: Austin Bailey LAWS-19430, TX USA
1994 - Death: George Malcolm LAWS Jnr (Professor of English) -18037, Wynnewood, PA USA
1999 - Marriage: Giles M STRONG-33210 and Nancy S LAWS-33209, Reno, Washoe Co NV                  USA
2012 - Cremation: Harold W V LAWS-38608, Ipswich SFK UK