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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER August 2014 Number 241

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(The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 

Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.
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Family Events for today 13th August

The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 
Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.

Family Events
1663 - Marriage: Robert ALLEN-1375 and Abigail LAWES-1376, Norwich NFK UK
Norwich Cathedral

1686 - Baptism: Mary LAWES-26166, North Bradley WIL
1713 - Will Proved: Nicholas LAWS (Mariner HMS "Tyger") -11480
HMS Tyger

1749 - Christening: Betty LAWES-326, Martin WIL
1826 - Baptism: Richard Willoughby LAWS (C J Navy Retired) -29541, Bengal INDIA
1831 - Will Proved: John LAWS (Licenced Victualler) -18257, Greenwich KEN UK
1833 - Birth: Francis Edwin LAWES (Reverend) -202, Aldermaston BRK UK
1834 - Burial: Jane LAWS-29780, Washbrook SFK UK
1842 - Birth: Agnes Isabella LAWS-3939, Portsea HAM UK
HMS Victory in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1851 - Birth: Michael Grahame LAWS (Horologist) -4739, St Pancras MDX UK
1854 - Immigration: Sarah LAWS-31043, Moreton Bay, QLD AUSTRALIA
1865 - Baptism: Ruth LAWS-3586, Bedlington NBL UK
1866 - Marriage: Henry FORDRED (Widowed Labourer) -40674 and Alice (Spinster) LAWS-                  40675, Charlton in Dover KEN
1868 - Marriage: John EHRET-19853 and Elizabeth LAWS-19854, Gilmer Co WV USA
1876 - Birth: Thomas Andrew LAWS (Motorman of Electric Tram) -2921, West Hartlepool DUR
1877 - Marriage: Joseph W LAWS-25683 and Sarah Margaret TIPTON-25690, Mitchell Co NC 
1894 - Marriage: Robert Carmichael LAWS (Coal Miner) -4924 and Sophia CORBETT-28925,                Morpeth NBL UK
1898 - Marriage: Edward Ernest GREEN-39646 and Emily Ward LAWS-4879, Great Clacton                  ESS UK
1906 - Birth: William LAWS (Australian Army - Acting Corporal NX41939 ) -13070, Leichhardt,              NSW AUSTRALIA
1907 - Marriage: William HALL-29722 and Hannah LAWS-5909, 
1907 - Birth: Ivy Ada LAWES-36208, 
1909 - Birth: Walter LAWS-36656, Derby DBY UK
1913 - Residence: Charles Edward LAWS (Lithograph Artist) -23072, Coshocton OH USA
1914 - Enlistment: James Warren LAWS (ARMY Private 1891) -29080, 
1915 - Enlistment: James Robert LAWS (Slater & Roof Tiler) -21345, Farringdon London
1915 - Death: William LAWS (ARMY Private SS/14010) -7454, At sea
1918 - Birth: Kenneth E LAWS-40690, Llanelli CMN Wales UK
1927 - Death: G W LAWS-17229, Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK USA
Broken Arrow OK USA

1928 - Birth: Cyril Edward LAWES-38859, 
1931 - Will Proved: James LAWS-24346, 
1931 - Miscellaneous: John James LAWS (Joiner) -7335, 
1931 - Will  Proved: Hudson LAWS (Shipbuilders Clerk) -6503, 
1935 - Death: Thomas John LAWS (Air Cadet) -12163, Point Cook
1935 - Admon: James Valentine LAWS (Railway Locomotive Fireman) -6368, 
1939 - Birth: Angela Laura LAWS (Company Director) -23534, 
1939 - Birth: Ira Lucille LAWS-20615, 
1946 - Birth: John Leslie LAWS-32819, Travis Co TX
1947 - Birth: Keith LAWS-21954, Collingwood, VIC AUSTRALIA
1947 - Admon: Frank Burgess LAWES (Ironmongers Assistant) -822, 
1952 - Death: Caster LAWS-19933, Bell Co KY USA
1955 - Marriage: John LAWS-4029 and Frances KEEVILL-4030, 
1963 - Marriage: Eugene V LAWS-33183 and Edith P BROCK-33184, Clark NV USA
1963 - Burial: Edward Martin LAWS-16831, Baltimore MD USA
1968 - Death: John Shields LAWS (Lt Col US Air Force) -16893, buried New Bern NC USA
New Bern NC USA

1970 - Marriage: Peter Robert LAWS-14379 and Bernadette FOLEY-7396, Hertford HRT UK
1971 - Marriage: Jimmie Marlin LAWS-33257 and Linda Kathleen HOLMAN-33258, 
            Las Vegas NV USA
1974 - Death: Anna Lavinia LAWS-20961, Hammersmith MDX UK
1979 - Death: Geoffrey (Lt Colonel) LAWS-11056, Kings Langley HRT Burial Sarratt HRT UK
1979 - Death: Reginald Edward LAWS-3919, Petersfield HAM UK
1982 - Death: Joseph Allanby LAWS-14778, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1983 - Birth: Nicole Vanessa LAWS-19280, TX USA
1992 - Birth: Alanya Taylor LAWS-19409, TX USA
2001 - Death: David Hadley LAWS-14167, Manassas Park City VA USA
2002 - Death: Robert E LAWS-27895, 
2002 - Miscellaneous: Nancy LAWS-10626, 
2002 - Miscellaneous: William Webster LAWS (Grocer) -7975, 
2012 - Death: Ruby Maine LAWS (Mill Worker) -17010, Concord NC USA