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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER August 2014 Number 240

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(The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 

Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.
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Family Events for today 12th August

The UK county & US state cLAWSodes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 
Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.

Family Events

1779 - Burial: William LAWS-14614, Mealrigg CUL UK
1779 - Burial: John LAWS-14613, Mealrigg CUL UK
1782 - Birth: Edmund Edward LAWS (Widwr, Labourer) -16356, Feltwell NFK UK
1782 - Baptism: Edmund Jasper LAWS-13916, Feltwell NFK UK
1812 - Birth: Washington LAWS-11303, 
1815 - Marriage: Benjamin HOWARD-7105 and Anne LAWS-7106, Coslany NFK (St Mary)
1821 - Baptism: William LAWES (Lab) -2713, Felthorpe NFK UK
1827 - Baptism: Charles Thomas LAWS (Bricklayer) -32403, Chelsea MDX UK
1828 - Birth: Alexander LAWS-20665, 

1862 - Marriage: William Henry DONALDSON (Cab Man) -30157 and Mary Ann LAWS-30155, Belgravia MDX
1867 - Death: Henry Fairbanks LAWS-17365, Victoria Street, King Edward Road, Hackney ESS
1870 - Marriage: John MOORE (Met Policeman) -5165 and Charlotte LAWS (Pupil Teacher)                 -5161, Shoreditch MDX UK
1872 - Birth: Mary A LAWS-6747, 
1873 - Birth: Gaines Augusta LAWS-20685, Apopka, Orange Co, FL USA
1876 - Birth: Jessie Louisa LAWS-35568, Balmain NSW AUSTRALIA
1876 - Death: Aaron LAWS-28041, 
1887 - Birth: Elsie Louisa LAWES-24773, Goulburn NSW AUSTRALIA

1900 - Marriage: Ephraim Parker HOGAN (Labourer/Porter) -35077 and Almina Elizabeth                         LAWS-35076, St John's Carleton, Newfoundland
1903 - Birth: Walter Richard LAWS-34175, Plumstead KEN UK
1907 - Birth: John Joseph LAWS-36577, 
1910 - Birth: Mary Emily LAWS-36189, 
1915 - Birth: Basil Billington LAWS-32891, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1918 - Birth: Dorethy May LAWS-3287, Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA

1919 - Occupation: Francis W LAWS (4th Officer on RMS Olympic) -23101, 
1921 - Birth: Peter Daniel LAWS (Australian Army) -13051, Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA
1926 - Birth: Michael Lutener LAWS (Cricketer) -14049, Finchley MDX
1930 - Death: Phoebe Ann LAWS-37679, Dubbo NSW Australia Burial: Baradine Cemetery
1939 - Marriage: Wilbur Francis LAWS-23002 and Wanda HURST-25783, Blanding, San Juan Co            UT USA
1939 - Death: Christopher James LAWS  (Master Mariner 09697) -30499, Kings Lynn NFK UK
1940 - Military: Albert Ernest LAWS (Aust Army)-12995, ARMY during WWII Private N54743

1944 - Birth: Lorraine Doris LAWS-3301, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1953 - Burial: Julian Asa LAWS-13928, Blanding, San Juan Co UT USA

1971 - Birth: Cassandra LAWS-21969, 
1971 - Birth: Kellie-Marie LAWS-20454, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA

1982 - Birth: Emma LAWS-21937, 
1986 - Death: Albert Francis LAWS (Royal Australian Navy 20095)-12652, Peakhurst NSW                      AUSTRALIA
1999 - Death: Myrtle Eileen LAWS-12151, AUSTRALIA
2002 - Death: Dean Barry LAWS-27606, 
2003 - Death: Fern LAWS-29355, 
2004 - Death: Mabel Winnifred LAWS-20967, Carseldine, QLD Australia