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I had hoped to bring you Cities of Andulasia but sadly that is not possible at this time so I thought I'd profile  some folk from the database, the data on whom we have incomplete records our email is on this blog if you know more and can help us with corrections etc we'd love to hear from you.

Henry LAWS was a 26 year old Private in the 9th btn Yorkshire Regiment serial number 6757855 he died 26 May 1940 we found him on the Dunkirk Memorial so by my reckoning he was born 1914 and I think he could have been born in South East London.

Henry George LAWS born 8 Feb 1892 in Stoke Newington Joined the Royal Navy his serial number was L10192. we know his father was Thomas LAWS a wholesale provisions manager (1861-1940) and his mother Ellen Elizabeth BETTS (1860-1906) who married 14 Oct 1862 in Stoke Newington MDX.

Frederick Stanley LAWS bn 1918 RAFVR 41431 Pilot Officer 142 Sqdn died 10 Jun 1940 found on
Grave 29. Petange (La Madelaine) Communal Cemetery in Luxenbourg probale pilot of Fairy Battle
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Family Events from our database for today April 22

1604 - Baptism: Thomas LAWES-53702, North Elham NFK UK
1797 - Baptism: David LAWS-6601, Southery NFK UK
1827 - Burial: Thomas LAWES-58449, Fincham NFK UK

                                                               Fincham Norfolk

1832 - Birth: William LAWS-66926, Chatteris CAM UK

                                                            Chatteris Cambridgeshire

1844 - Birth: Hannah LAWS-48757, Swingfield KEN UK
1852 - Marriage: Joseph SMALL (Coachman /Widower) -57817 and Elizabeth LAWS-57818,
           St Pancras MDX UK
1861 - Death: Charles Henry LAWES-997, Chelsea MDX UK
1867 - Death: Mary Eleanor LAWS (Spinster Dress Maker) -8036, Margate KEN UK

                                                                   Margate KENT

1873 - Marriage: John W MOLL (Butcher) -6890 and Honor Susanna LAWS (Silk Factory) -30052,            Great Yarmouth NFK

                                                           Great Yarmouth Norfolk

1878 - Birth: Walter Edward LAWES (RN 52485) -1130, Deptford KEN UK
1880 - Death: William LAWS (Merchant) -5246, Ovingham, Prudhoe NBL

                                                       Prudhoe Castle Northumberland

1885 - Burial: Mary LAWS-51828,
1887 - Birth: Don Burton LAWS-49157,
1887 - Birth: Thomas Norbert Eugene LAWES (RN Yeoman of Signals 222699) -45023,
           Coastguard Station, St Ives CON UK
1888 - Birth: Wilfred Ralph LAWES (Plumber & Gas Fitter) -32208, Freemantle HAM UK
1890 - Birth: Frederick George LAWS (RN K8760) -47630, Hastings SSX UK
1901 - Death: Elsie Elizabeth LAWS-50347, Southwold SFK UK
                                                                   Southwold Suffolk

1909 - Birth: Robert John LAWES-39152, Kingston ONT CANADA
1917 - Birth: Violet Lucetta LAWS-115402, Carroll Co TN United States
1917 - Death: Matthew LAWS (Able Seaman Kitchener X/299 RNVR) -52018, Died of wounds in                3rd (RN) Field Ambulance
1917 - Death: M LAWS (RNVR Able Seaman KX/299) -45113,
1917 - Discharged: Frank Walton LAWS (ARMY Gunner 37540) -36682, Charlton Park, Woolwich            KEN UK
1922 - Marriage: Alfred J BUCKLER-117775 and Irene Alice LAWS-117774, Burwood, NSW                    Australia
1925 - Death: William LAWS (Ag Lab) -28603, Chatteris CAM UK

                                              Chatteris Cam in the middle of the Fens

1931 - Death: George William LAWES-33441, Vancover BC CANADA
1936 - Death: Horace LAWS-117310, Leicester LEI UK
1938 - Miscellaneous: Louis Frederick William LAWES (Chemist) -123569,
1940 - Death: Henry LAWS (Commercial Clerk) -4484, Fareham DOR UK
1943 - Death: Dakin Stevens LAWS (Clerk to Fire Insurace Officer) -36395, Pinner MDX
1943 - Birth: Roberta LAWES-53288, Alton HAM
1943 - Death: Maurice Edward LAWES (RNZ ARMY Private 66771) -45010,
1943 - Death: Herbert Miller LAWS (ARMY Private 4348537 former Ag Lab) -30647,
           Holderness ERY UK
1944 - Death: Irene Alice LAWS-117774, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1944 - Miscellaneous: John Claude Bennett LAWES-234,
1946 - Death: Joseph T LAWES (Corporal US Army) -37873,
1950 - Birth: Rhea LAWS-34188,
1953 - Birth: Debra Lynn LAWS-40341, TX USA
1959 - Estate to: Edward LAWS-124832,
1966 - Birth: Marc Farrell LAWS-40480, TX USA
1970 - Birth: Tina Michelle LAWS-40533, TX USA
1973 - Birth: Christopher LAWES (Company Director) -46394,
1974 - Death: Geoffrey Reginald LAWES-167322,
1983 - Death: Jane Ann LAWS-34018, Manchester LAN UK
1986 - Birth: Colt Lee LAWS-29722, TX USA
1997 - Death: Wilfred Henry Bernard LAWS-120174, East Barnet HRT UK
2000 - Death: H Wyatt LAWS-38973, home at Platsburgh, Florida Keys FL USA

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