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2.LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Apr 27 Number 498

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Little Silver Bells

By me

Part 2

Robert went off with the dog in tow doing his level best to avoid the worst of the potholes in the track. When he got to the shooting lodge at the beginning of the track, he heard the growl of a 4x4 coming up the hill, and round a corner came a landrover which stopped alongside him, the nearer of the two occupants smiled.

"You must be Robert." the driver said. 

"Might you be Hamish?" Robert replied smiling.

The driver grinned and confirmed that he was. "This is my brother Patrick,” he said pointing to his companion, "If you meet us back at the cottage, we’ll let you in."
Five minutes later, they were inside the cottage and Hamish showed them round. There was a cosy lounge, next to a well-equipped kitchen, two bedrooms was next, then a study and of course a bathroom.

Hamish reached into the seemingly bottomless pocket of his waxed green jacket and withdrew a pair of rusty keys and handed them to Robert and said "Right I'll be off then, I'll pop over in a day or so and see how you're getting settled in.”

"Do that bring your wife, I’ve a bottle of Cardu, we'll have a dram, or two.” Robert replied.

Hamish smiled, thanked him, and then left them to settle in.

After he had gone Laura said, "Something odd occurred whilst you were walking Ricky.”

"What was that "? Robert asked,
"Well you remember the man in the yard, well after you took Ricky down the lane, he came back and stood staring at us, I was quite afraid and locked the car doors.

Later that afternoon Robert went out into the fading light of the autumn evening, and sure enough he saw the man again, this time stood near a barn, watching him despite the fact that his arms were piled with logs which were surely too heavy to loiter with, most odd Robert thought.  He then remembered that when Hamish had come to the cottage earlier, the man had stood in the shadows watching them then.
The cottage was homely and very soon they felt at home. The two bedrooms were both a good sizes, one with a double bed the other with twin beds. The cosiest room was the kitchen where an old boiler sat grunting in one corner, the room overlooked the back garden, where Hamish had explained there was a pond where ducks came.

The next morning after breakfast Robert, Emma and her dog Ricky explored the garden. The front garden had once been pretty with all the usual cottage garden plants, with honeysuckle and wisteria climbing along one wall. It was obvious that it hadn't been attended to for quite some time, as the wisteria had grown right over one of the windows.

The garden on the northern side sloped steeply down towards the river, which they could hear quite distinctly, despite the roar of the wind that howled through row of ragged pines at the western side, which looked out onto the moors. At one time someone had taken a lot of trouble planting out specimen trees and shrubs, but in recent times only the grass had been cut, by a ride-on mower that lurked in an old barn.

Later that first morning Robert decided to fetch a map from the car, and on crossing the coach-yard was confronted by a woman standing in a doorway to the old stable block, she was of a matronly appearance and wore a stripped butcher’s apron.

"Nice Morning,” Robert said.

"My husband say's you're staying the week," She replied indignantly.

"Yes we are," Robert said.

Her husband came out of the door that she was guarding, holding a broom in one hand whilst dragging a large bag of rubbish with the other.

Robert opened the car, and took out the map, as he did, the woman came right up to him, quite unpleasantly close, and he backed off a step or two. The woman intended to take up her conversation, but as her husband brought out several more bags of rubbish, and set them alight, the smoke drifting lazily across the yard and into her open kitchen door. Somewhere inside the smoke filled cottage a telephone started ringing, and as she turned walked away, her husband came round a corner and took up the one-sided conversation where she had left off.

"Got this place from the Duke, thou know, doing it up, thou knows.” He said with a heavy accent, and continued without waiting for any questions on Robert's part.

"In here's where carriage is kept and see this 'ere yard at the back." and walking round the corner he continued. "This was where the dogs and horses are kept, there's a pond over 'ere," he waved his arm in a general sweep across a fenced off area that was shoulder high in nettles.

Continued tomorrow

Can you help?

Who was Master of the Barque 'Devonshire' between 1864-1865, Was it My Henry LAWS
Who was Master of the Barque 'Nautilus' between 1865-1874, Was it My Henry LAWS
Who was Master of the Barque 'Nautilus' between 1874-1880, Was it My Henry LAWS  

If not Who? 

Lloyds Registers just say LAWS Henry had been Master of the following ships and should have retired 1864 I know he lived till 1880 and was missing at most censuses.

1833-38 Master of Barque 'Blanche' Owner Shepherd & Co
1838-39 Master of Brig 'William Fulcher' Owner Pochley
1839-40 Master of Barque 'William Greene' Owner Blythe & Greene
1842-43 Master of Brig 'William Fulcher' Owner Pochley
1843-50 Master of Barque 'William Greene' Owner Blythe & Greene
1864-64 Master of Barque 'Nautilus' Owner Blythe & Greene

This is my gg grandfather!

====================================================================Family Events from our database for today April 27

Family Events
1695 - Marriage: John LAWS-1249 and Anne WILSON-1250, Norwich NFK UK

                                                          Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk

1752 - Marriage: Thomas EPPS (husbandman)  -15535 and Mary LAWS-7877, Canterbury KEN

                                                        Canterbury Cathedral, Kent

1777 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWS-41870, Ryton DUR UK
1824 - Marriage: Robert SMART-38760 and Mary Ann LAWS-38761, Upwell NFK UK

                                                                  Upwell, Norfolk

1828 - Christen: George LAWES-1741, Gosport HAM UK
1858 - Occupation: James LAWS (Steward on Ship) -51787,
1865 - Burial: Edward LAWS (PVT US Army) -37935, Philadelphia PA United States
1869 - Birth: George Ditter LAWS-45968, Pike County IN USA
1873 - Marriage: John LAWS (Shepherd & Widower) -5537 and Sarah BARKER (a Widow)                      - 58422, Litcham NFK UK

                                                                 Litcham, Norfolk

1882 - Birth: Dorhm Anders LAWS-42442,
1886 - Death: Henry LAWES (Gentlemans Servant) -2402, Devizes WIL UK
1894 - Admon: Robert LAWS (Furniture Broker and Publican) -9175,
1897 - Birth: Maud Emily LAWS-36185, Canning Town ESS
1899 - Birth: Percy Murray LAWS-30144, Cowra QLD Australia
1901 - Birth: Helen Harriet LAWS-2996,
1902 - Baptism: Alfred LAWES-53871, Headley HAM UK
1903 - Birth: Frederick John LAWES-124396, Martin WIL UK
1907 - Marriage: Alfred William DUFFIELD-37124 and Mabel Mary LAWS-4125,
           Stockton-On-Tees DUR UK
1912 - Birth: Sidney George LAWES-58410,
1912 - Birth: Vincent John LAWS (Australian Army) -32376, NSW AUSTRALIA
1913 - Death: Helena Jane LAWS-50961,
1915 - Birth: Robert Julian LAWS-54009, Docking NFK UK
1916 - Birth: Stephen George LAWES-118551,
1917 - Birth: Harold Burnett LAWS-120222, Northallerton NRY UK
1918 - Emigration: B LAWS-51565
1919 - Birth: Albert LAWS-47978, Tynemouth NBL UK

                                                          Tynemouth, Northumberland

1921 - Death: Samuel George LAWS (House Painter) -5401, Bungay SFK UK

                                                                     Bungay, Suffolk

1924 - Marriage: Ollie Madie LAWS-37675 and Lloyd HILDRETH-37676,
1927 - Marriage: Frank Goodall LAWS-30084 and Marjorie Rachel STAY-30116,
1929 - Marriage: William SUMMERS-3702 and Marjorie Elsie LAWS-115823, Farnborough KEN
1931 - Birth: Duane Marvin LAWS (Cert. marriage counselor Mich/ Educator) -39231, Provo UT
1935 - Birth: Bernadette LAWS-119158,
1942 - Marriage: Bernard Patrick LAWS-55743 and Leila Margaret TIMS-55742, Sale VIC                          AUSTRALIA
1945 - Birth: Charles Robert LAWS-40189, Franklin Co TX
1947 - Baptism: Maureen Elaine LAWS-115595, Chester le Street DUR UK
1955 - Birth: David James LAWES (Company Director) -46373,
1961 - Divorce: James Earl EVANS-122260 and Thelma Darlene LAWS-122259,
1961 - Death: Cecil LAWS-51054, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

                                                   Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland

1961 - Marriage: Grahamn Keith HARRIS-39912 and Jennifer Louise LAWS (Secretary) -39600,                Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1966 - Miscellaneous: Leonard Alfred LAWS-36443,
1966 - Miscellaneous: George Herbert Clifford LAWS (Innkeeper) -120305,
1976 - Burial: Marvin Richard LAWS-39229, Provo UT (City Cemetery, Block 12 Lot 50)
1977 - Death: Ellen Louise LAWS-3688, Horsford NFK UK
1985 - Marriage: Stephen Michael LAWES (Management Consultant) -100793 and Janet Victoria                KOLB (School Admin. Officer) -100794, Yeovil SOM UK
1994 - Birth: Sarah Emily MCLAWS-40795, TX USA

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