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Little Silver Bells

by me

Part 3
Later the same day Robert and Laura decided to go down to the beach, while there they met and talked to a couple, who were exercising their dogs, Robert thought that their faces were familiar, but couldn't put a name to them.
"Are you on holiday?" the man enquired pleasantly.

"Yes we are," Robert answered.

Robert told the man that they had holidays in Scotland for years and adored it, but one day they would do it, move in for good.

His wife, if wife she was, stood shyly behind him, always in his shadow so that Robert couldn't get a good look at her, she appeared to be slim, with long raven hair that streamed out across her face in the freshening wind.

Laura asked, "Where are you living.”

The woman replied in a soft lilting voice not unlike her own "We're at Scarlaw, by the Watch Water, not far from Longformacus, you'll not be knowing it!"

"That’s odd,” Robert replied. "I know it very well; it's where the old man sits on the seat outside the cottage.”

He remembered past years walking up the valley to the reservoir, and repeatedly seeing an old man sitting outside the ruined cottage on the other side of the water. They had even thought of buying it but had decided that to restore the cottage would probably cost more than it was worth.

“We’ve a seat outside the front door, but there are no old people thereabouts, we're the only ones living up there, now."      
Robert explained that they were staying at Dirrington, not one mile down the valley from Scarlaw, Robert was sure he was not mistaken about the old man, but rather than cause an argument decided not to pursue the matter, then a few spots of rain fell so they said goodbye and made their way back to where the truck was parked.

The wind by now was blowing hard, and before they had gone many yards, the weather turned suddenly very cold, the sky clouded up, and steady rain started to fall. The journey back was uneventful, and when they got to Dirrington, the rain was falling like stair rods, the coach-yard had become a mass of puddles, and they dashed into the porch, to avoid getting soaked.

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Family Events from our database for today April 28

1538 - Death: John LAWES-2236, Lincoln LIN UK

                                                    Lincoln Castle Square and Cathedral

1708 - Christen: Bridget LAWS-8144, Norwich NFK UK

                                                           Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk

1751 - Baptism: Mary LAWS-18735, West Dereham NFK UK
1751 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWS-8280, West Dereham NFK UK
1771 - Marriage: Thomas LAWES-42166 and Cassandra JAY-42167, Broad Chalke WIL UK

                                                          Broad Chalke, Wiltshire

1808 - Birth: John LAWS (Iron Moulder) -47416, Swalwell DUR UK
1811 - Christen: Esther LAWS-7865, Dover KEN UK

                                                              Dover Castle, Kent

1834 - Marriage: Edward HEASELL-30486 and Mary Ann LAWS-30487, Lakenheath SFK UK
1837 - Baptism: Jane LAWS-9022,
1850 - Marriage: William LAWS (Ag Lab & Vermin Destroyer) -7319 and Ann SYMONDS-7561,              Mitford NFK UK
1862 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward) -51774,
1863 - Death: Thomas LAWS (PVT) -42503,
1867 - Birth: Frederick Urwin LAWS (Machineman Ordnance) -4242, Neatishead, Morpeth  NBL
1869 - Baptism: Guy Featherstone LAWS (Boarder & Scholar) -3207, Tynemouth NBL UK

                                                           Tynemouth Northumberland

1876 - Birth: Frank Charles LAWS-30068, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1880 - Burial: James LAWS-51825,
1880 - Burial: Elizabeth LAWS (Laundress) -3024, Melbourne, VIC AUSTRALIA
1893 - Birth: Laura LAWS-54774, Stakeford NBL UK
1894 - Birth: Lennis D LAWS-167520, KY United States
1897 - Death: Benjamin Elwood LAWS-34231, Johnstone, Kane Co. UT United States

                                                                 Johnstone UT USA

1899 - Birth: Wallace LAWS (RN J76534) -47633, Bradford WRY UK
1899 - Birth: Alice Edith LAWS (Scholar) -36426, Acton MDX UK
1902 - Birth: Wilfred James LAWES (RN K62414 / J79644) -47679, Hoxne SFK UK
1902 - Birth: William James LAWES (RN SS125413) -47676, Hartismeres SFK UK
1903 - Birth: Genevieve I LAWS-48673, Hammond, Lake Co, IN USA
1904 - Birth: Florence Mazeppa LAWS-46912, Binnaway NSW AUSTRALIA
1909 - Birth: John William LAWS-116860, Penshaw DUR UK
1915 - Death: John William LAWS (Private 14472) -45107,
1915 - Birth: Harry Ernest LAWES (Australian Army) -32395, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1916 - Discharged: James Robert LAWS (Slater & Roof Tiler) -43211,
1917 - Birth: Dora Cleo LAWS-123839, Bethany Tns NC USA
1918 - Death: Charles Albert LAWES (Sgt 355186) -2462, Vladivostock RUSSIA
1920 - Marriage: Robert LAWS (Shipwright & Widower) -57850 and Minnie Love BARNES-                      57851, of Chalk Farm MDX at Haverstock Hill MDX UK (Holy Trinity)
1920 - Will Proved: Henry LAWS-9296,
1921 - Admon: Hilda May LAWS-36883,
1921 - Miscellaneous: George Henry LAWS (Carpenter/Builder Retired) -4859,
1922 - Birth: Reginald Noel LAWS-118393, Lambeth SRY UK
1934 - Marriage: Arthur Thurlow LAWS (ARMY Lt. Colonel) -96273 and Fiona MURPHY-96274,            Kensington MDX UK
1934 - Death: Berry LAWS-41449, Bell Co KY USA
1934 - Miscellaneous: George Edward LAWS (Railway Clerk) -8746,
1934 - Will  Proved: Cuthbert Turner LAWS (Railway Locomotive Driver) -4006,
1940 - Death: Harold William Allen LAWES (Landscape Artist) -56407, Hampstead MDX UK
1943 - Burial: Dakin Stevens LAWS (Clerk to Fire Insurace Officer) -36395, Pinner MDX UK
1944 - Death: Kels LAWS (2nd Lt U.S. Army Air Forces O1703136) -120030,
1945 - Death: Cecil Albert LAWES (ARMY Private C/612520) -44904,
1947 - Death: Lucinda LAWS-56191, Carroll Co TN United States
1962 - Estate to: Bernard John Alfred LAWES-124200,
1979 - Birth: Kelly Lynn LAWS-29707, TX USA
1992 - Death: Bernice LAWS-120470, Ocala FL USA
2009 - Cremation: George LAWS-57143, Wakefield WRY UK
2013 - Death: Donald Arthur LAWES-125400, Hungerford WIL UK

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