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4.LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Apr 29 Number 500

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Little Silver Bells

By me

Part 4

That evening after dinner, despite the rain, Robert decided to take Ricky for his evening walk, so after putting on his waterproof jacket and turning up his collar, pulling on his gumboots and he walked to the car and took out a powerful flashlight.

They then set off up the lane splashing through the puddles, which by the time they got down to the shooting Lodge, had linked together to form a small stream, which tumbled down into the road. Robert and the dog turned up the valley so that the rain should not be in their faces on their return.

The road swung back and forth across the narrow valley, as they climbed higher and higher, and far below them the river gurgled, and roared.

Suddenly an owl hooted very close, almost too close for comfort. Robert swung the flashlight round and spotted it sitting on a power-line that crossed the valley. The bird turned its head to stare at them, hooted again, and flapped off into the darkness.

It was then, that Robert heard something that startled him and he stopped and listened intently.

When the wind and rain slowed a little, he could hear a man’s voice, singing a tune that he knew, but Robert couldn't recall its name. The voice came strong one minute, then weak the next, dependant on the wind and rain.

He then remembered the name “It's a lament called the Dark Island, though I never heard words to it before,” he said to Ricky. The dog looked up puzzled.

Robert tried to identify the direction the sound was coming from, but one moment it seemed to be far away, the next it appeared to be all around them. One minute deep and gruff the next high and crystal clear. He was reminded of the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle, where a lone piper plays high on the battlements.
Robert said to the dog. ‘Time to turn back let's get out of this rain’. Perhaps a wee dram, purely medicinal you understand,” the dog at his feet readily agreed, straining at his lead to pull him back down the valley.

          It was then that he heard something else, a laugh, long and sweet, the laugh of a young woman, then silence except for the wind and rain. Suddenly, as they came to a little rise in the road, a shaft of moonlight blasted through the racing clouds, and illuminated the scene, for one brief moment he looked down into the valley.
In the middle of a narrow footbridge that lay across a raging torrent, two young people clung together in an embrace. The man wore a kilt with a cloak flung over one shoulder which streamed horizontal in the wind, along with his golden hair. A long sword swung at his waist.

The girl had hair as black as the raven, which fell heavily to her waist; she wore a simple white dress that flowed over her lithe body to her bare feet. At her waist was a broad leather belt that glinted in the moonlight, with little silver bells that tinkled in the wind, behind them a huge white horse pranced and reared, struggling to escape from the man and flee from the storm.

          Robert stifled a gasp, when just as suddenly as it had appeared, the shaft of moonlight vanished into the clouds, suddenly he heard a cry and the sound of the horse at the gallop, and it appeared to be coming up from the valley floor in their direction. Robert felt it was almost upon them, and he pulled Ricky close to him, and pressed into the bushes that bordered the narrow road.

Just as the huge beast was upon them, he heard another cry or rather a screech and then something passed very close to them. Robert pulled out the flashlight and directed its beam towards the fast disappearing sound. He saw not what he expected, but there, sat on the top bar of a gate, not two yards from them sat the owl, slowly folding its wings.

When they got back to the coach-yard, he heard a noise he hadn't heard there before, the sound of a stabled horse. He rushed into the cottage and breathlessly blurted out what he had seen and heard. 

Continued tomorrow

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Family Events from our database for today April 29

1548 - Marriage: Johes LAWS-3345 and Dorethia COWNE-3346, Ugborough DEV UK
1770 - Marriage: John MAXWELL-8875 and Margaret LAWS-8515, Southwark SRY UK
1810 - Burial: Matthew or Mathias LAWS-4805, Rackham NFK UK
1813 - Burial: Cherry LAWES-47495, Portsea HAM UK

                       Nelson's Flagship HMS ' Victory' moored in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1838 - Baptism: Ann LAWES-32265, Bower Chalke WIL UK

                                                     Bower Chalke, Wiltshire 

1864 - Birth: William Henry LAWS-41286, Staines MDX UK

                                                  River Thames at Staines

1872 - Will  Proved: John LAWS (Mole Catcher) -6696, 
1882 - Marriage: Charles William LAWES-118898 and Henrietta Maria LANG-118899, 
1883 - Christen: Edith Florence LAWS-3386, Folkestone KEN UK

                                                          Folkestone, Kent 

1887 - Miscellaneous: Henry LAWES (Drapers Assistant) -2403, 
1887 - Will Proved: Henry LAWES (Gentlemans Servant) -2402, 
1890 - Admon: Cuthbert John LAWS (Articled Clerk) -40142, 
1891 - Occupation: W LAWS (Master of ship "BALMORAL CASTLE" of London) -51778, 
1896 - Baptism: Christopher Ernest LAWES (Head Postman) -100784, Coombe Bissett WIL            UK (St Michaels)

                                                     Coombe Bissett, Wiltshire

1899 - Birth: Alice Edith LAWS-36426, 
1901 - Birth: Gladys Lela LAWS-45352, Half Rock MO USA
1904 - Will  Proved: Samuel LAWS (Ag Lab / Farmer / Innkeeper) -3664, 
1907 - Birth: Robert LAWS-48679, Hammond, Lake Co, IN USA
1907 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-48677, Hammond, Lake Co, IN USA
1912 - Death: Emily LAWES (Spinster) -1738, Clifton GLS UK
1916 - Birth: Mary Victoria LAWES-118796, 
1916 - Birth: Kathleen Isabell LAWS-58036, 
1917 - Birth: James Robert LAWS-122049, 
1918 - Death: James William LAWS (ARMY Private 35481) -45109, 
1918 - Military: William LAWS (PFC US Army) -37722, 
1922 - Birth: Arthur LAWES-120969, 
1924 - Birth: George O LAWS-123478, Zenia OH United States
1928 - Birth: William Robert LAWS-119978, Coleman, Coleman Co TX USA
1930 - Birth: Harry Edward LAWS (PFC US Army) -37966, 
1930 - Death: Vincent Archibald LAWES (Designer of Metal Artwork) -32951, 
1933 - Marriage: Bertie Allen LAWS (Groom) -9267 and Queenie Victoria HARRIS-37553,              NFK (Mitford Reg Dist)
1934 - Birth: John Harvey LAWS-54740, Andover HAM UK
1936 - Death: Henry Lloyd LAWES (Newsagent & Tobacconist) -42967, 
           8 Worthington Street, Dover KEN UK

                                                      Dover Castle, Kent

1938 - Birth: Edward Raymond LAWS (Neurological surgery educator) -39245, 
           New York NY USA
1945 - Death: Alfred Edgar LAWES (Army Sergeant) -1410, Ealing MDX UK
1945 - Residence: James Algar LAWS (RN Leading Seaman C/J 113444) -45097, Chatham            KEN UK Death HMS "Goodall"
1945 - Burial: Cecil Albert LAWES (ARMY Private C/612520) -44904, Arnhem HOLLAND
1945 - Death: Theodore Herbert LAWS-40962, Los Angeles CA United States
1948 - Will  Proved: Bernard Courtney LAWS (Naval Architect) -4849, 
1949 - Birth: Ezell LAWS (PFC US Army) -37949, 
1959 - Admon: Walter Charles LAWES-118297, 
1961 - Marriage: Harry L CHALLIS-114890 and Nancy E LAWS-114891, Clark NV USA
1967 - Marriage: Stephen G LAWS-114864 and Jane E FREDETTE-114865, Marin CA
1972 - Marriage: Laurie KERR-125279 and Janette Judith LAWS-125278, Chermside QLD              AUSTRALIA
1988 - Death: Dorethy Olive LAWS-31829, NSW AUSTRALIA
1991 - Death: Allen Lee LAWS-45803, Orange CA USA
1994 - Cremation: John William LAWS (Retired Accountant) -44304, Dunedin NZ
2004 - Death: Daniel J LAWS-34532, Memorial Medical Center, Woodstock IL USA
2004 - Burial: James Russell LAWS (Hospital Administrator) -34475, Maryville MO USA

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