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1.LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Apr 26 Number 497

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Little Silver Bells

     by me
          Part 1    

 The road snaked up the valley following the river, after crossing it for the third time Robert spotted a narrow lane almost hidden by the dark majestic and yet mysterious pines. He steered the battered truck into the new lane which turned immediately sharp left and became rather steep and very muddy, almost immediately it skirted the grounds of an ancient shooting lodge, then wound up the hill, getting narrower all the time. Suddenly they came out briefly into a patch of sunshine and it was then that they saw the house.

This must be Dirrington, Robert thought, the track appeared to go no further. He parked the car and they looked into the entrance to what must have been in years gone by, a coach-yard, probably with stables with kennels behind, and at the bottom of the yard stood a cottage, just as it had been described on the telephone the day before.

"We have arrived." Robert said.
He got out and walked to the garden gate, took a step forward and knocked at the door, but there was no answer, so he returned to the car and his wife Laura, daughter Emma and her dog Ricky.

"No one here yet”? Laura asked.

"Don't think so,” he replied, and yet I feel there is someone here,”

As he spoke he heard a cough, he looked round to find a tall, well built man, with sandy hair, and a sour expression standing in the middle of the yard his hands planted firmly on his hips. Robert got out of the car, to be greeted by a gruff voice that demanded rather than asked.

"Come to buy cottage, have ye?"

"No.” Robert replied. "We've come to stay in it, just for a few days."

This seemed to placate the man who then strode off to the nearer of the two cottages, splashing through the puddles with gusto.

Robert turned back to his wife " Look here, Laura! As we're early, why don't I take the dog for a walk.”

"OK" she said, turning to their daughter who was wedged in the back of the truck along with the dog, and all the clutter of two days travel.

"Emma, be a love and pop the dogs lead on, will you? No, silly, put it on the dog.”

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A LAWS married to Linda SILVER (I believe in USA)
A LAWS lived at 1 Hyde Road, Harrow Middlesex circa 1928
A LAWS (Army Private 69603) comemorated on War Memorial in Baptist Church, Bower Chalke                      Wiltshire England.
A LAWS (ARMY Gunner 164403) 200th Siege Bty Royal Garrison Artillery buried St. Sever                             Cemetery Extention, Rouen FRANCE
A LAWS (Master of Screw Steamer 'Norman Monarch 1882-1884 London


Family Events from our database for today April 26

1670 - Marriage: Henry LAWES-2507 and Anne NUNN-2512, Hadleigh SFK UK
1718 - Miscellaneous: Nicholas LAWES-4912,
1744 - Death: Mary LAWES-30966, Milston WIL UK
1783 - Death: Bolitha LAWS-118723, Mispillion, Kent Co DE USA
1837 - Baptism: John LAWS-9037, Chertsey SRY UK
1838 - Birth: William John LAWS-117770, SRY
1876 - Birth: Ernest Edward LAWS (ARMY Private 4387) -5400, Bungay SFK UK

                                                                  Bungay Suffolk

1880 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS (Laundress) -3024, Hotham (Melbourne) VIC AUSTRALIA
1887 - Marriage: John STANNER (Labourer) -58423 and Emma  LAWS (Cook / Spinster)-8196,                Litcham NFK UK

                                                                   Litcham Norfolk

1889 - Will  Proved: John LAWS (Laundryman) -9189,
1897 - Marriage: Evelyn David SAUNDERS (Beer Seller) -120936 and Beatrice LAWS -3350,                    Little Ilford ESS UK (St Mary the Virgin)
1898 - Birth: Elnor LAWS-49983,
1898 - Military: William B LAWS (PVT US Army) -37726,
1898 - Birth: Vernon Cyril LAWS (Patient in Small Pox Hospital) -36970, Derby DBY UK
1903 - Birth: Allan George Holman LAWES (Australian Army) -32383, Petersham NSW                              AUSTRALIA
1903 - Death: Samuel LAWS (Yeoman) -7909, Ipswich SFK UK

                                                     St Nicholas Street, Ipswich Suffolk

1904 - Birth: May Florence LAWES-118594,
1905 - Miscellaneous: Richard LAWS (Gardener) -6669,
1909 - Admon: William LAWS-7790,
1910 - Birth: Hilda Isabel LAWS-114320,
1916 - Birth: Elizabeth Violet S LAWS-120150,
1916 - Burial: Christopher Columbus LAWS (School Teacher) -48212, Jenkins Cemetery
1916 - Death: J LAWS (ARMY Private 28347) -45088,
1916 - Death: Rachel LAWS-35581, Walthamstow ESS UK
1919 - Marriage: Augustus W LAWS (Clerk) -124372 and Ellen Mary BAGGET-124366,
           Merton SRY UK
1920 - Birth: Lionel Hugh LAWS-118672,
1923 - Death: David Crockett LAWS-167647, Alexander Co. NC USA
1924 - Birth: Gladys Ada LAWS (Personal Assistant) -103998, Kensington MDX UK
1931 - Birth: Arthur William LAWS-118203,
1934 - Will Proved: William LAWS-8531,
1948 - Miscellaneous: Angus Graeme LAWS (Accountant) -120230,
1948 - Miscellaneous: Walter LAWS (Commercial Traveller) -8604,
1948 - Will  Proved: Caroline  LAWS
1951 - Death: Edward Henry LAWES (Auctioneer) -24404, Devizes WIL UK
1963 - Marriage: Douglas L O'HAIR-114903 and Kathleen H LAWS-114902, Clark NV USA
1967 - Marriage: Edward BLIGHT-55270 and Nancy LAWS-55269,
1968 - Birth: Cynthia Kay LAWS-98118, TX USA
1985 - Marriage: Harry Ford LAWS (II) (Pysician) -33905 and Melany Ruth MAXON-33909,                      Colarado Springs CO USA
1994 - Burial: Robert John  LAWS (Beneficary) -49578, Christchurch NZ
1994 - Death: John William LAWS (Retired Accountant) -44304, Sacred Heart HM, Dunedin NZ
1995 - Marriage: Jon Kelly PEIGHTAL-37430 and Lynette Gae LAWS-37429, Spittalfields MDX              UK
1996 - Death: Rosina Ivy LAWS-125117,

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