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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Jan 2015 Number 410

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Extracted from our database for today January 29

Family Events
1728 - Baptism: Sarah LAWES-42186, Coombe Bissett WIL (St Michaels) UK
Coombe Bissett WIL UK

1806 - Will Proved: George LAWS (Yeoman) -29809, Bill Quay DUR
1815 - Baptism: Joanna LAWES-422, Finsbury MDX UK 
1835 - Birth: Ellen LAWS (Servant) -41283, Chertsey SRY UK
Chertsey SRY

1849 - Marriage: Robert WANLESS-49426 and Jane LAWS-49425, Darlington NRY UK
1852 - Marriage: Henry RODGERS-117055 and Dinah Eleanor LAWS-116913, Ovingham,              NBL UK
1854 - Marriage: Thomas HINCKLEY-18773 and Maria LAWS-124422, Stepney MDX UK
1859 - Birth: Alice LAWS-31594, Fincham NFK UK
Fincham NFK

1862 - Marriage: Joseph LAWS (Coal merchant) -6777 and Anna CANEY-56527,                            Narborough NFK UK
Narborough NFK

1870 - Birth: Isabel Ann LAWS-32002, 
1888 - Baptism: Gertrude Lily LAWES-43243, Homington WIL (St Michaels) UK
1891 - Birth: Emma Louise LAWES-2887, Battersea SRY UK
1905 - Birth: Charles Scott LAWS (Grocer) -88923, West Hampstead MDX
1912 - Death: Hannah LAWS-48757, Barnsole Staple KEN
1916 - Death: Elizabeth Jane LAWS-56506, 
1917 - Death: Thomas LAWS (ARMY Private 41386) -45140, 
1918 - Death: William LAWS (Farmer) -7490, Gedney Hill LIN UK 
Gedney Hill LIN

1921 - Birth: Bill Ralph LAWS (MSGT US Army Air Forces) -37904, 
1929 - Birth: Clinton Thomas LAWS-122551, TN USA
1932 - Birth: John Gayhurst LAWS-122798, Manchester LAN UK
1934 - Death: James Thomas LAWS-47308, 
1936 - Birth: Herbert John LAWES-122144, Blyth SFK (Reg Dist) UK
1938 - Miscellaneous: Harry Alfred LAWES (Retired Mechanical Draughtesman) -161, 
1938 - Miscellaneous: Margaret Ellen LAWES-164, 
1949 - Birth: Robert Waldo LAWS (Systems Analyst) -39401, Chicago IL USA
1950 - Death: William John LAWS (Market Gardener) -5745, Buckland in Dover KEN
1960 - Death: Bertram John James LAWES-121904, Ashford MDX but resided at Sunbury              on Thames MDX UK UK
1977 - Birth: Lynea Nicole LAWS-40620, TX USA
1978 - Death: Dora LAWS-48723, Bighill, Madison Co KY USA
1993 - Death: Matthew LAWS (PFC US Army) -37864, 
2004 - Death: Larry Gerald LAWS (Logger) -34880, Hampton AR USA
2006 - Death: Josephine Idell LAWS-43656, Lexington NC USA
2009 - Death: Lucille Effie LAWS-124294, USA

1813 - Birth: Lewis MATHIAS (Gentleman JP & DL) -18591, Wells SOM UK
Wells SOM

1857 - Birth: Ida Ethel COMBS-31165, NH USA
1875 - Birth: Frances BERG-44101, Crown Point, Lake Co IN USA
1883 - Birth: David Coultart MCMINN-50417, Borgue KCB UK
Borgue KCB

1883 - Birth: William WEBB (Engineer) -45170, Aston WAR UK
1893 - Birth: Georges Edouard Marie Claude PETITPIERRE-115278, Redon, Ille-et-Vilaine              Brittany FRANCE
Redon, Ille-et-Vilaine

1917 - Birth: John Charters SMITH-34610, Leeds WRY UK
1937 - Death: Louisa HERTZEL-48504, Crown Point, Lake Co IN USA
1957 - Estate to: Ada M FOARD-43192,
1962 - Residence: Ethel Louise PENDLE-3361, Folkestone KEN UK
Folkestone KEN

1976 - Death: John Lyle CARPENTER-124613, Provo UT USA