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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Jan 2015 Number 385

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Extracted from our database for Jan 04
Family Events
1789 - Baptism: Ann LAWS-27472, Stannington NBL UK
1792 - Marriage: John TURNER-34428 and Mary LAWS-34423, Rochdale LAN UK
1829 - Birth: Mary Ann LAWS-41282, 
1833 - Birth: Hilaray Frances LAWES-118792, 
1851 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Ag Lab & Gardener) -3856, Rosedale Villa, Litcham NFK
1854 - Birth: Robert LAWS (Carman) -3091, Chatteris CAM UK
Chatteris CAM

1862 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward) -20848, 
1868 - Admon: Mary LAWS (Widow) 630, Martin, Weakley Co., TN USA
1884 - Death: Agnes Elizabeth LAWS-118345, 
1891 - Baptism: Charles Walter LAWS-36243, West Hampstead MDX UK
1899 - Burial: Richard LAWS (Ag Lab) -33989, Methwold NFK UK (St George)
1909 - Marriage: James Robert LAWS (Slater & Roof Tiler) -43211 and Gertrude Edith                                CRANDLE-120905, West Hampstead MDX UK
1910 - Birth: Andrew Malcolm LAWS-32302, Madras INDIA
1911 - Birth: Clarence George LAWES-2124, Droxford HAM UK
1915 - Enlistment: James LAWS (Miner & ARMY Private 1608) -54456, 
1918 - Discharged: Harry LAWS (ARMY Private 23415) -54444, Kensington MDX UK
1918 - Death: Carlos W LAWS (Machinist) -48230, St James, Mississipi Co MO USA
1918 - Death: Mathias Robert Seppings LAWS (Army Officer) -8841, St Jean de Luz
           (Base-Pyrennes) FRANCE
1918 - Birth: Harry LAWS-4085, Anlaby ERY UK
1919 - Birth: George Malcolm LAWS Jnr (Professor of English) -39257, Philadelphia PA USA
1921 - Birth: Wilfred LAWS-45550, West Hartlepool DUR UK
HMS 'Trincomalee' at Hartlepool DUR

1926 - Death: Stella Jessie Waters LAWS-3968, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1934 - Birth: Kathleen LAWS-3256, London MDX UK
1947 - Death: Ada Isabella LAWS (Spinster) -27437, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
1948 - Birth: Victoria J LAWS-48487, 
1948 - Birth: Gareth LAWES (Company Director) -46343, 
1969 - Birth: Peter Brian LAWS-119108, 
1979 - Death: Vicki Elizabeth LAWS-35257, Coonamble, late of Dalswinton via Denman
           NSW AUSTRALIA
1986 - Birth: Ashley Elizabeth LAWS-40754, TX USA
1989 - Birth: Victor Lynn LAWS (Jnr) -40802, TX USA
1990 - Birth: Russell Edward LAWS-40816, TX USA
1998 - Birth: Natasha LAWS-43903, 

1806 - Birth: James Richard CATTLEY (Merchant) -12769, York NRY UK
1819 - Burial: Eleanor MACHELL-34583, Torpenhow CUL UK
1861 - Burial: Mary GERRETT-3883, Gas Works Road, Kinson, Bournmouth DOR UK 
Bournmouth HAM

1877 - Birth: Clarence A DENT-51774, 
1893 - Birth: Lena Alice CASSELDINE-45357, Switzerland IN USA
1896 - Death: Elizabeth Margaret TABRAR-123798, Peckham SRY UK
1896 - Birth: Bernice Maud BRUNTNELL-31822, NEW ZEALAND
1903 - Death: Esther COPELAND-5157, South Shields DUR UK
1909 - Birth: Ada Elizabeth AMPSON-119439, Mansfield NTT UK
1937 - Birth: Linda Lee HALL-119979,
1952 - Death: Charles Edward NEWCOMBE-119109, Liverpool NSW AUSTRALIA
1962 - Death: Polly MOSES-123475, Sidney OH USA
1967 - Birth: ??? JORDON-38713, Newton Abbot DEV UK
2009 - Death: Judith Ann NORTHLEY-124098, Whitby Town ONT Canada

One of the hottest topics hitting the genealogy circuit for the last few days has been the idea of doing a complete "Do Over".  If other researchers are like me, the amount of information that I gleaned from my first documents decades ago was far from complete.  It can be difficult to go back, find the documents, review them, and update an existing file. I am told that 'Clooz' offers users an indexed and easily searched repository 
As an extra bonus, for Legacy users who also use Clooz, a do-over is a far less labor intensive process.  
Every document that has been processed in Clooz can be transferred into Legacy, into all of the proper fields, tc.,virtually with one click per document.   

So if I join the "Do-Over" (which I really need to do, but have no time), I will start with a clean new Legacy file and then re-examine every document image or text file to be sure I have captured everything that could possibly help in the future.  Then, document by document, I will build my "Do-Over" file with virtually no actual typed data input required in Legacy itself.  If the Legacy marketers would think about it, this capability could be a huge boost for users of other family tree programs looking for a new home.