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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Jan 2015 Number 386

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Extracted from our database for Jan 05

Family Events
1595 - Christen: Henry LAWES (Composer) -1226, Dinton WIL UK
1719 - Christen: Jenet LAWS-34415, Padiham LAN UK
1766 - Christen: Cuthbert LAWES-30696, Ryton DUR UK
1837 - Marriage: Robert BUCHTILN (Net Maker) -123283 and Sarah LAWS-53552, Southwark                  SRY UK
Southwark Catheral SRY UK

1841 - Marriage: John Calvin RUSSELL-45973 and Frances LAWES-2665, Mercer Co KY USA
1844 - Baptism: Alfred LAWS (Coachmakers apprentice) -3154, Wareham DOR UK
1851 - Birth: Jemima LAWES-32239, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK
Bishopstone Wiltshire

1853 - Birth: Emanuel Victor LAWES-47884, Adelaide SA AUSTRALIA
1858 - Marriage: George LAWES (Tailor) -52058 and Fanny Rebecca WALLIS-121416, Kingsclere            HAM UK
1861 - Marriage: William John LAWS-117770 and Jane PRICE-29371, Leichhardt, NSW                            AUSTRALIA
1872 - Birth: William E LAWS (Farmer) -42753, SCOTLAND
1892 - Death: Penelope Nellie LAWS-119192, St, Geneviere MO USA
1911 - Birth: John Morrison LAWS (Nurseyman) -41054, Timaru, New Zealand
1913 - Death: William LAWS-58311, Islington MDX UK
Islington Middlesex

1921 - Death: Ann LAWS-41039, 
1921 - Birth: Annie Lee LAWS-38147, Wilkes County NC USA
1923 - Birth: Amy Edith LAWS-119154, 
1928 - Birth: Stanley Vernon LAWS (S2 US Navy) -38085, 
1930 - Death: Roann LAWS-56452, Marshall, Calhoun MI USA
1938 - Death: Ellen Elizabeth LAWS (Apprentice Milliner) -7944, Ipswich SFK UK
 St Nicholas Street Ipswich Suffolk

1946 - Birth: John Edward LAWS-43910, Lidcombe NSW AUSTRALIA
1947 - Birth: Nigel Ian LAWES-32929, 
1948 - Miscellaneous: Wilfred Cecil LAWES (Coach driver) -48043, 
1948 - Miscellaneous: Percy Stanley LAWES (Lorry Driver) -48042, 
1948 - Birth: Kervin Noel LAWS-3522, 
1949 - Burial: Vincent William LAWS-41207, Osage Kansas (Pleasant Valley) USA
1953 - Birth: Albert Wayne LAWS-124895, 
1957 - Birth: David Ray LAWS-40388, TX USA
1958 - Birth: Susan Kimball LAWS-40401, TX USA
1958 - Birth: Maple Jean LAWS-40400, TX USA
1959 - Death: George LAWS (Smallholder) -7723, 
1962 - William John LAWES (Police Constable) -42198, Residence: Pluckley KEN UK Death: 
            Trowbridge WIL UK
1965 - Residence: Peter John LAWS (ARMY L/Cpl 23534968 RE) -50828, Bodinnick-by-Fowey                  CON UK Death Hamein, GERMANY & Burial: Hanover GERMANY
1970 - Birth: Martin LAWES-105329, 
1971 - Birth: Paul David LAWS-52087, Gloucester GLS UK
1995 - Death: Robert William LAWS-53069, Norwich NFK UK
1996 - Burial: Elroy Devon LAWS-31068, Riverton UT USA
2001 - Birth: Jack Ethan LAWES-48147, Gympie QLD AUSTRALIA


1794 - Birth: Mary KING-6590, Shipdham NFK UK
1812 - Christen: Jane Elizabeth CARTER-39685, Great Marlow BKM UK
1835 - Birth: Mary Elizabeth ROWELL (Lace Milliner) -7700, Brentford MDX UK
1852 - Death: Thankful METCALF-124765, Westminster, Worcester Co. MA USA
1878 - Marriage: John Richard James JAMES (School Teacher)-44117 and Bridgett GLYNN-44118,            Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1891 - Will Proved: Jane CHARTERS (Innkeeper Grey Goat PH Baggrow CUL) -34627,
1901 - Birth: Ivy STONE-55658, Stratford ESS UK
1903 - Death: Joseph FLACK-37646, Downham Market NFK UK
1912 - Birth: Kathleen Mary SQUIRES-30047, Arlsey BDF UK
1919 - Death: Beatrice CULLINGFORD-2893, Felthorpe NFK UK
Felthorpe (St Margarets) NFK
1920 - Death: Phillip Law SMITH-21296, Bath SOM, UK Will pr: 17 JUL 1920, Estate*2, 687 9s 4d
1933 - Death: Euphemia Moore GOOD-94099,
1939 - Birth: David Laws ERICKSON-9077, Kansas City OH USA
1942 - Burial: Emma Frances Loretta WATERS-42618, Camp Hill, Cumberland Co PA USA
1948 - Will  Proved: Louisa Maria HALL-48041,
1959 - Miscellaneous: Lavinia HUNTER-125008,