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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Jan 2015 Number 399

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Extracted from our database for today January 18

Family Events
1759 - Will Proved: William LAWS-29812, Clare SFK UK
1807Baptism: Hannah LAWS  & Thomas (twins) LAWS (Bricklayer / Coachman / Groom)             -3148, Lychett Minster DOR UK
1809 - Death: Sarah LAWS-41600, Beckenham KEN UK
1815 - Burial: Martha LAWS-47493, Portsea HAM UK
HMS "Victory" in Portsea Naval Dockyard HAM

1847 - Will Proved: George LAWS(Labourer) -39579, Kemsing KEN UK
1860 - Baptism: Alice LAWS-31594, Great Yarmouth NFK UK
Great Yarmouth NFK

1869 - Military: John B LAWS (Naval Officer) -38615, Assistant Paymaster to 
           HMS "Mersey"
1875 - Birth: Aaron LAWS-52867, 
1891 - Death: Mary LAWS (Spinster & Schoolmistress) -26378, Ravensworth Road,                        Dunston (Whickham) DUR UK
1896 - Birth: John Joseph LAWS-119208, 
1898 - Birth: Frank Cadwell LAWS-48511, Hammond, Lake Co, IN USA
1899 - Marriage: John Haptin BISHOP-38294 and Lilly LAWS (Dressmaker) -38293,                        Sunnidale. Simcoe Co ONT CANADA
1903 - Miscellaneous: Sidney Russell LAWS (Farmer) -45867, 
1910 - Miscellaneous: John LAWS (Mason, Bricklayer) -45765, 
1911 - Marriage: William James LAWS-3892 and Mabel Gertrude COLLINS-7687,                          Moordown, Bournemouth DOR (St John) UK
Bournemouth DOR

1913 - Death: John William LAWS (Lamp Cleaner above ground) -122588, Wingate DUR 
1914 - Birth: Frederick William LAWS-52314, Timaru, New Zealand
1918 - Enlistment: John Frederick Albert LAWS (Salesman) -54478, Maidstone KEN UK
1919 - Residence: Ella Maud LAWS-124370, Wimbledon SRY UK
1919 - Marriage: James Anderson BROWNE (Bombardier in Canadian Artillery) -124371                and Ella Maud LAWS-124370, Wimbledon SRY UK
1919 - Death: Ed LAWS (Private, U.S. Army) -119989, 
1919 - Death: Lonnie LAWS-56542, Middle Creek, Wake NC USA
1921 - Birth: Ellen Steel LAWS-118710, 
1921 - Birth: Robert Earl LAWS (US ARMY Staff Sergeant) -47591, Altoona PA USA
1924 - Birth: George Watson LAWS-39871, Easington DUR UK
1924 - Admon: Thomas Clifford LAWES-2457, 
1942 - Residence: David LAWES-115504, Cardiff &  Death Penarth GLA UK
1944 - Death: Joseph William LAWS (Straw Hat Salesman ) -115680, Sunderland DUR UK
1945 - Residence: Richard James Humphrey LAWES-1135, Llanfairfechan, Anglesey CAR
           &  Death: Bangor CAR UK
1951 - Will  Proved: Frank Albert LAWS-58290, 
1954 - Birth: Robert Everett LAWS-40353, TX USA
1957 - Residence: Kenneth Cyril LAWS (Electronic Wireman) -96330, Barnet HRT UK
1963 - Death: Arthur William LAWS-7555, Toronto ONT CANADA
1972 - Birth: Timothy Deleon LAWS-40549, TX USA
1981 - Birth: Lillie Michelle LAWS-40670, TX USA
1987 - Burial: Dorethy Gladys LAWS-30145, Pinnaroo Cemetery, Cnr Graham Rd and                    Bridgeman Rd, Bridgeman Downs BRISBANE QLD Australia
1989 - Death: Lavinia Isabella LAWS-42235, Glenfield, Sydney NSW Australia
1996 - Death: Ada May LAWS-119157, Southwark SRY UK
Southwark Cathedral SRY

2009 - Death: Jayne Deborah LAWS (Bono Vacanta) -121335, 

1814 - Death: Mary IVES-39566, Newark on Trent NTT UK
1857 - Death: Maria MORGAN-122193, Brighton SSX UK
Brighton SSX

1857 - Birth: Rebecca THURSTON-6245, Hingham NFK UK
1893 - Death: Robert Seppings MOORE (RN) -40132, 
1937 - Naturalization: Dorethea Hedwig SCHNEKENBURGER-28715, 
1940 - Birth: Priscilla WATSON (American Writer) -39337, New York NY USA
1947 - Naturalization: Charles Walter SCHNEKENBURGER (Waiter) -28711, 
1951 - Miscellaneous: Ivy May HERSEY-58291,
1953 - Death: Eliza Bruce HURD-124051, Birmingham WAR UK
1964 - Birth: Janet Victoria KOLB (School Admin. Officer) 100794, Redruth CON UK
2010 - Death: Ngaire Elizabeth SHEARER-121671, Wellington NZ