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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Dec 2012 Number 376

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Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


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Extracted from our database for Dec 26

Family Events
1744 - Baptism: William LAWES-122183, Tilshead WIL UK
Tilshead WIL

1765 - Baptism: James LAWES-46877, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK
Bishopstone WIL

1773 - Baptism: John Coleman LAWS-43666, Portsea HAM UK
HMS "Victory" in Portsea Naval Dockyard

1773 - Baptism: John LAWS-42191, Portsea HAM UK
1780 - Marriage: James LAWES-1987 and Mary HOWTON-1988, Norwich NFK UK
Norwich Catherdral NFK

1788 - Marriage: James RUSSELL-121526 and Jane LAWS-121527, St George in the East MDX                UK
1790 - Baptism: Betty LAWS-41197, Billerica, Middlesex Co. MA USA (First Congregational)
1797 - Marriage: William LAWS-119866 and Sarah IGHAM-15712, Bexley KEN UK
1825 - Miscellaneous: Horace Charles LAWS-118731, 
1839 - Marriage: James John LAWS (Silk Weaver) -4038 and Frances Vanessa SMITH
           (Silk Weaver) -45145, Norwich NFK UK
Elm Hill, Norwich NFK

1847 - Marriage: Stephen HUNT (Ostler) -118217 and Christiana LAWES-3885, Longfleet DOR                UK
Longfleet DOR 
1854 - Occupation: Edward LAWS (Steward on Ship "TELEGRAPH" -51777, 
1860 - Death: Eliza Catherine LAWES-39419, Eton Square, Eton BKM UK
1864 - Birth: Arthur LAWS-8546, Fincham NFK UK
Fincham NFK

1870 - Marriage: John LAWS (Farm Bailiff) -3329 and Mary Ann GREEN-3330, Chatteris CAM                UK
Chatteris CAM

1870 - Death: William Wright LAWS-41942, Cape Town RSA
1874 - Birth: Caroline Gowler LAWS-28604, Chatteris CAM UK
1879 - Miscellaneous: William LAWS (Grocer / Innkeeper / Coal Merchant) -7436, 
1882 - Birth: Richard Arthur LAWS (Clerk for Merchant) -8505, Wandsworth SRY UK
1890 - Death: Grace LAWS-9328, Percy Street, Thornley Colliery DUR UK
1893 - Birth: Claude LAWS-42268, 
1895 - Marriage: Frank Edgar LAWS (Accountant) -35559 and Annie Elizabeth M BURLES-35556,            Southend on Sea ESS UK
Southend on Sea ESS (Longest Pleasure Pier in the World) 

1895 - Birth: Eva Mary Anne LAWES-14, 
1897 - Marriage: Charles John LAWS (Fishmonger) -125032 and Jessie CLENT (Confectioner)                  -125033, Bermondsey SRY UK
1900 - Marriage: William Walter LAWS (Ag Lab) -4647 and Emma Jane HOPKINS-121119,                      Feltwell NFK UK
Feltwell NFK

1903 - Death: Sidney LAWES-47861, Scone NSW AUSTRALIA
1906 - Birth: Archibald Vernon LAWS (Australia Army) -32305, Barradine, NSW AUSTRALIA                  (Presbyterian)
1908 - Marriage: Robert Richard DODMAN-42206 and Mary LAWS-42207, 
1909 - Birth: Frances E LAWS-42340, 
1910 - Birth: George Gordon LAWS (Reverend) -29952, Melbourne, VIC AUSTRALIA
1912 - Birth: Jesse Charles LAWES (Catering Advisor) -118590, 
1913 - Death: Miles LAWS-122233, Irish Bend, St Mary Co, LO USA
1913 - Death: E LAWS-120472, Sumpter Co FL USA
1913 - Death: E D LAWS-42352, 
1913 - Birth: Christine Elizabeth LAWS-37624, 
1914 - Burial: Henry James LAWES-120006, Nuriootpa, South Australia (Lyndoch)
1914 - Birth: Frederick Eric LAWES-118582, 
1916 - Birth: Lottie LAWS-50123, TX USA
1916 - Burial: Samuel James LAWS (Farmer) -48223, Hickory Grove
1919 - Marriage: James William Harold LAWS (Shipwright Carpenter) -47619 and May Victoria                  SALTER-50969, Ipswich SFK UK
St.Nicholas Street, Ipswich SFK 

1922 - Death: Jane LAWS (Spinster) -18780, West Hampstead MDX UK
1926 - Birth: Edward LAWS-121265, 
1930 - Birth: Josephine Mary LAWS-118745, 
1934 - Marriage: Walter Richard LAWS Plasterer) -124381 and Doris Ethel BRADSHAW                           (Waitress) -124382, Virginia Water SRY UK residence Sunningdale BRK UK
1938 - Residence: Benjamin Elijah LAWS (Retired Boat Builder) -7972, St.Leonards SSX UK
1942 - Marriage: Cyril Nicholas Bulman LAWS (Postman) -115359 and Mary Janet BROOKS-                    115360, Basford NTT
1946 - Birth: Arthur Grant LAWS-124614, 
1949 - Marriage: Ronald LAWES (Draughtsman) -110909 and Beryl (School Teacher)                                    HOLLENDER-110910, Barfrestone KEN UK (St Nicholas)
1958 - Birth: Jane LAWES-59301, Southend on Sea ESS UK
1960 - Death: Harry Mead LAWS (Reverend) -33893, Sturgis MI USA
1973 - Death: Richard  LAWS (Postman & RN F16271)-47648, Barnet HRT UK
1991 - Birth: Jonathan Alexander LAWS-29426, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness INV UK
1993 - Death: Gaines Augusta LAWS (Jnr) -42358, Dothan, AL USA
1995 - Birth: Kayla LAWS-43922, 
2003 - Death: Dorethy Emily LAWS-35214, Sussex Inlet NSW AUSTRALIA
2005 - Death: Tina Maria LAWS-43433, Brummitts Creek Road, Green Mountain NC USA
2011 - Death: Charles Richard Thurlow LAWS (Stockbroker / Company Director) -103807, 

1800 - Baptism: Nancy PEEL-43964, Caldbeck CUL UK

1806 - Baptism: George JENNINGS-50088, Wakefield WRY UK
1857 - Marriage: Thomas WORSFOLD (Lath binder & Nail Maker) -52031 and Jane HATTON-                52030, Newnham GLS UK
1868 - Occupation: Robert P AUSTIN (Former Gardener / Widower) -24732,
1880 - Birth: George Talbot SEELEY (Steel Works) -44084, Cemetery Street, Brumby LIN UK
1897 - Residence: Jessie CLENT (Confectioner) -125033, Bermondsey SRY UK
1919 - Birth: Grace Myrtle PARRIS-52092, North Weald Bassett ESS UK
1920 - Birth: Joan Doreen MARCHANT-117747, New Southgate MDX UK
1931 - Marriage: Frederick Charles SAVILLE (Engineer Jig Maker) -34745 and Kathleen Emily                  TWITCHET-34746, Camberwell SRY UK
1934 - Residence: Doris Ethel BRADSHAW (Waitress) -124382, Virginia Water SRY UK
1934 - Death: Albert Nelson HOLGATE-42226, West Ham ESS UK
1935 - Marriage: Charles Henry BLANCHARD (Shunter) -44090 and Lillian JOHNSON-44092, 
1938 - Birth: Florence Gale LAWSON-118718, Eureka, Humboldt CA USA
1938 - Death: Elizabeth Buckland SIMPSON-36893, Municipal Hospital, Hastings SSX UK
1951 - Burial: Harry DACRE-46592, Stanley cum Wrenthorpe WRY UK
2003 - Death: Dorethy Emily LAWLER-55224, Berry NSW Australia