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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Dec 2014 Number 375

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Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


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Extracted from our database for Dec 25
Family Events
1783 - Baptism: Thomas LAWS-31973, Portsea HAM UK
HMS 'Victory'in Portsea HAM 

1786 - Burial: Elizabeth LAWS (Pauper) -8752, Felthorpe NFK UK
Felthorpe NFK

1790 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWS-3879, Witchampton DOR UK
1816 - Marriage: James ARMINGER-30494 and Phoebe LAWS-30495, Norwich NFK UK
Norwich Cathedral NFK

1818 - Marriage: William BULLEN-20646 and Elizabeth LAWS-30477, Norwich NFK UK
1820 - Marriage: Meshack LAWS-49135 and Lucinda AYRES-49134, Wilkes Co NC USA
1823 - Marriage: Joseph LARMAN-54884 and Sarah LAWS-54885, Shoreditch MDX UK
1825 - Birth: Christopher LAWS-52159, Gateshead DUR UK
1826 - Marriage: Thomas FIDLER-31502 and Mary Ann LAWS-31503, Ealing MDX UK
1830 - Birth: John A LAWS-46274, Lancaster LAN UK
1834 - Marriage: Thomas (Bricklayer / Coachman / Groom) TWIN LAWS-3148 and Martha                          HISCOCK-3149, Wareham DOR UK
1836 - Marriage: Theophilus LAWES (Silk Weaver) -2683 and Mary Ann NOBBS-2977, Norwich              NFK UK
1841 - Birth: Miles LAWS-122233, GA USA
1844 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS (Watchmaker) -45886 and Charlotte SUMMONS (Spinster)                    -45888, Liverpool LAN UK
1844 - Marriage: John LAWES (Ag Lab) -722 and Frances JAMES-4044, Dickleburgh NFK UK
1847 - Birth: Fanny LAWES-32284, Bower Chalke WIL UK
Bower Chalke WIL 

1847 - Christen: John Milligan LAWS (Navy Officer) -3035, Lamphrey PEM UK
1850 - Marriage: James LAWES-118924 and Sarah SYVIER-118925, 
1851 - Death: William LAWS-30856, HMS "Penelope" Lagos West Africa a 46-gun paddle frigate
1854 - Marriage: William LAWS (Pig Dealer) -32201 and Sophia LAPHAM-5944, Newington SRY            UK
1856 - Marriage: Thomas LAWES-54068 and Ellen TANNER-54069, Hullavington WIL UK
1864 - Marriage: Henry STEPHENS-42074 and Rosetta Keen LAWS-42073, Notting Hill MDX UK
1866 - Occupation: William LAWS (Apprentice on Steamship) -38486, 
1866 - Birth: George Angus LAWS (Navy AB) -30909, Kintore ABD UK
1867 - Marriage: Thomas CHERRILL-5534 and Hannah LAWS-5533, Ealing MDX UK
1867 - Marriage: James LAWS (Hotel Contractor) -3556 and Maria NEWELL-35520, Ealing MDX            UK
1867 - Immigration: Ernest Albert LAWS-30065, 
1867 - Immigration: Lillian LAWS-30064, 
1867 - Emigration: Florence Annie  LAWS(Infant aged abt 8 mths) -30063, 
1867 - Emigration: William Frank LAWS (Foreman Shipbuilder) -9221, Brisbane QLD on the                      "Bayswater"
1871 - Marriage: Daniel CARTWRIGHT (Brass Pillar Maker)-62914 and Jane Elizabeth LAWS                 (Brass Polisher) -63301, Birmingham WAR UK
1872 - Birth: Helen Mary LAWS-3958, Cowra NSW AUSTRALIA
1873 - Marriage: John LAWS (Carpenter) -4901 and Annie JOSLIN-120918, West Ham ESS UK
1874 - Marriage: George LAWS (Bricklayer) -50380 and Emma Eliza PECK-4588, Folkestone KEN            UK
Folkestone KEN

1875 - Marriage: Stephen WHENHAM (Labourer) -120919 and Ann Rebecca LAWS-43118,                      Plaistow ESS UK
1879 - Marriage: Alfred LAWES (Soldier) -2885 and Emma IRONSIDE-2886, Charminster DOR                UK (St Paul)
1881 - Birth: George Emanuel LAWS-55193, Sunderland DUR UK
Sunderland DUR

1886 - Marriage: John James LAWS (Labourer)-6993 and Annie WHITMORE-36345, Litcham                  NFK UK
Litcham NFK

1888 - Baptism: Alice Maud LAWS-36242, West Ham ESS UK
1889 - Marriage: Joseph James POLLARD-37559 and Jemima LAWS (Bead Worker /Trimming                   Maker) -5999, Mile End MDX UK
1891 - Marriage: Ernest Charles LAWES (Warehouseman) -59274 and Ada MILLS-107636, West              Hackney MDX UK
1894 - Marriage: William Parkin LAWS (Coal Miner) -4257 and Susannah ANDERSON-34008,                  Dalton le Dale DUR UK (St Andrew)
1895 - Marriage: Alfred Arthur FURZE-122773 and Ann Margaret LAWS-5041, Shoreditch MDX              UK
1895 - Marriage: Alfred C B LAWS-41520 and Mae CAMPBELL-41521, Breckenridge,
           Summit Co CO USA
1895 - Birth: Bessie LAWS-105534, 
1896 - Marriage: James LAWS (Fruit Dealer on own account) -112275 and Emily Elizabeth                          KINGSHOTT-112276, St Mathews
1897 - Marriage: John James BEZZANT-41657 and Ellen LAWS-41656, Penrhiwceiber GLA
           (St Winifred) UK
1900 - Marriage: Albert Ernest LAWES (Timber Carman) -957 and Minnie Elizabeth FURNISH-                36337, Islington MDX UK
1900 - Marriage: Horace Edwin LAWES-457 and Beatrice Marion SLADE-32221, Eastleigh HAM
1900 - Birth: George Thomas LAWES (Australian Army) -32393, Colac VIC AUSTRALIA
1902 - Marriage: Cyril Edward LAWS (Bank & Stock Exchange Doorkeeper) -37056 and                              Marguerite Emma GODDARD-116021, Paddington MDX UK
1904 - Marriage: John DERRINGTON-124940 and Gertrude Beatrice LAWES-124939,                              Birmingham WAR UK
1905 - Marriage: James Warren LAWS (ARMY Private 1891) -54458 and Annie Caroline                            BROMFIELD-54459, Southwark SRY UK
Southwark Cathedral SRY

1905 - Birth: John Robert LAWS-118663, 
1906 - Death: John LAWS-7771, Coxhoe DUR UK
1907 - Death: Robert LAWS-7781, Crook DUR UK
1910 - Admon: Mary Ann Shilling LAWES (Spinster) -2765, 
1912 - Marriage: Fab JONES-56554 and Mamie LAWS-56553, Wake NC USA
1916 - Marriage: Joseph DEPLEDGE (French Polisher) -52374 and Elizabeth LAWS-52373,                        Sheffield WRY UK
1921 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869, 
1922 - Miscellaneous: Alfred LAWES (Steward & Cook on Ship) -45869, 
1923 - Birth: Lovie LAWS-123338, 
1926 - Birth: Verna Alma LAWS (Clerk) -3499, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1930 - Marriage: John Issac HARVEY-6297 and Jessie Murray LAWS-6296, Newcastle upon Tyne            NBL UK
1937 - Marriage: Arthur PECK-54115 and Violet LAWES-54114, Armley WRY UK
1957 - Birth: Lydia Katheryn LAWS-40399, TX USA
1960 - Birth: David LAWS-40422, TX USA
1967 - Birth: Megan Leila LAWS-46921, Queanbeyan NSW AUSTRALIA
1985 - Death: James Kenneth LAWS-47310, Texarkana AR USA
1986 - Death: John Kenneth LAWS (M D) -39305, Texarkana Miller Co. AK USA
2003 - Death: Hilda LAWES-41858, CON UK

1793 - Birth: Elizabeth LODGE-32272, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK
1796 - Birth: Maria Christmas CRICKMAY-45584, 
1809 - Birth: Martha HISCOCK-3149, Wareham DOR UK
1856 - Death: Jane LITTLE-45715,
1865 - Marriage: Robert SQIRRELL (Ag Lab) -43101 and Anna DEATH-43102, Hitcham SFK UK
1867 - Emigration: Sarah Sophia GOODALL-9222, On ship "Bayswater"
1884 - Marriage: William Charles HARDING (Solicitors Clerk) -34713 and Mary Ann                                  Rowell ELL (Drapers Assistant) -7698, East Dulwich, Camberwell SRY (St John) (Vol 1d                  Page 1315) (my Gt-Grandparents)
1899 - Marriage: Hebron Charles LAWES-2876 and ??? ???-45982, Neath GLA UK
1921 - Birth: Mildred ALLMARK-55928, Salford LAN UK
1938 - Residence: Elizabeth Buckland SIMPSON-36893, St Leonards on Sea SSX UK
1946 - Marriage: John WEBB-53682 and Daisey STRUTT-53684, Ilford ESS UK